KwikHang – The Easy Curtain Rod Holder

KwikHang is a product that solves a problem. Anyone who ever hung curtain rod brackets knows it can be a pain in the neck. You have to measure, make sure the brackets are level, then drill holes in your wall for the brackets. Sometimes, the drywall gives way and you’re left with a mess. Even […]

Mir Mir Celebrity Photo Booth

Mir Mir creators Sean Spencer and Ryan Glenn are the darlings of the celebrity party set. Their photo booths are THE must-have addition to any glamorous bash thrown by the rich and famous. Mir Mir (pronounced “meer merr” which is short for “mirror mirror”) gained fame and cache when the Kardashians hired them for a Christmas […]

The Human Bobber – Multi-Use Life Jacket

Justin Rietema and Doug Schultz, creators of the Human Bobber, are two buddies from the Fort Lauderdale area who enjoy boating, water sports, hanging out, and generally enjoying life. As Floridians, their life revolves around the water – the ocean is the state’s greatest resource. Boating is a big part of their lives. If you […]

Ash and Erie – Clothes for the Little Guy

Ash and Erie founders Steven Mazur and Eric Huang had a different name for their business back in 2016: Ash and Anvil.  Their product arose from the Detroit Fellowship program, an entrepreneurial incubator contributing to Detroit’s renaissance. The idea for their business, clothing for men five foot eight inches and under, came from Mazur’s girlfriend. […]

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