DrainWig Disposable Drain Unclogger

When you have five daughters with long hair, you need a DrainWig. Hair tends to clog up the bathroom shower drains; the more hair, the more frequent the clogs. Jennifer and Gifford Briggs had this problem and got sick and tired of not only clearing the drain, but handling the yucky sludge hair clogs create. That’s […]

Morph Foam Roller by Brazyn Life

The Morph Foam Roller by Brazyn life is the brainchild of former NFL player Nate Lawrie. Shark Tank must’ve done an NFL casting call – Lawrie follows Chris Gronkowski and his brothers from a few weeks ago. Lawrie created the Morph Foam Roller after suffering back injuries while playing in the NFL. He used a […]

FatherFigure – Clothes for New Dads

Google “fatherfigure” and you’ll come up with multiple results for George Michael’s hit song from 1988. Scroll down a bit and you’ll find former Google employee Andrew Bentley’s new lifestyle brand aimed a millennial dads. Bentley did a lot of research and found “dads are craving for companies to understand their needs and produce dad-centric […]

The Novel Effect – Interactive Reading App

The Novel Effect is an interactive reading app that automatically adds sound effects and a soundtrack to stories as you read them aloud to your kids. Imagine you’re reading The Cat in the Hat to your kids. As you read, there’s playful music in the background and the sounds of breaking glass as Thing 1 […]

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