WYP Wingboard – Wakeboards for Airplanes

Aaron Wypyszynski first envisioned his eponymously named WYP Wingboard while watching Disney Talespin’s  Kit Cloudkicker as a child. The cuddly bear flew around on a wakeboard in the sky. Aaron, who was always interested in airplanes and aviation (he was a pilot by age 12), wanted to fly like Kit. After being turned down as an […]

Meditation App – Simple Habit

When Yunha Kim wants to unwind, she reaches for Simple Habit, a meditation app she developed after working at an internet start-up. Kim found after working 18-20 hour days, she needed something to help her relax. Like many young professionals, she couldn’t break away from her job and get a little “me time.” After learning about […]

Nube Hammock Shelters by Sierra Madre Research

The Nube Hammock Shelter is the flagship product of Sierra Madre Research. Husband and wife entrepreneurs Richard and Juli Rhett hope to wrap up a deal with the Sharks when they pitch their outdoor gear line in the season 9 premier. The couple are avid adventurers: Juli ran tours in the Yukon and Richard spent many […]

Locker Boards – Recycled Mini Skateboards

Carson Kropfl and his Locker Boards roll into the Shark Tank in the season 9 premier. Locker Boards are miniature skateboards (17 inches long) designed to fit into a school locker or backpack. They’re made from old skateboards and factory seconds he picks up from other skateboard manufacturers. He cuts the old boards to size, […]

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