The Dude Robe – The Robe for Everything

Howie Busch calls the Dude Robe and its associated accessories “towel-lined lounging apparel for men.” That pretty much says it all. He set out to make a better bath robe in 2017 on Kickstarter and IndieGoGo and the dudes ate it up. The bathrobe is a utilitarian piece of “clothing” at best, but Busch made […]

The Long Hairs – Hair Products for Men with Epic Flows

Lindsay “El Moreno” Barto and Chris “El Rubio” Healey are two long hairs who decided to make a business out of selling products to men with long hair. They’re also responsible for the best Shark Tank press photo ever (see above). In order to get the guy sharks in the long-haired mind-set, they brought them […]

Greatest of All-Time Pet Speaker

The Greatest of All Time (GOAT) Pet Speaker is one of many products in the GOAT Pet Products line. “Petrepreneur” Michelle Winowich initially started the company to give pet owners a place to buy quality pet products at good prices. While the business is primarily focussed on selling the pet speaker, GOAT also sells dog treats. […]

Joe’s Gourmet Fish Fry Mix

Joe and Maranda Dowell first created Joe’s Gourmet Fish Fry Mix way back in the 1990’s when Joe opened four restaurants focussing on his fried delicacies. Two of those restaurants, both in New Orleans, were destroyed by hurricane Katrina in 2005. That’s when Joe started focussing on more event style catering to drive his business. […]

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