Mush Oatmeal – Breakfast on the go

When most people think of oatmeal, they don’t envision what Mush oatmeal is. The creation of Ashley Thompson and  Katherine Thomas isn’t your father’s (or mother’s) oatmeal. Most people think warm, comforting mush when they think of the ubiquitous breakfast staple. Nobody thinks of oatmeal as an “on the go” breakfast; it’s meant to be enjoyed […]

Everly Well Home Health Test Kits

Julia Cheek created Everly Well home health test kits to take the hassle out of getting lab work done and to put more choice in the hands of consumers. If you ever had blood work done, you know you make an appointment with a doctor or lab who draws the blood. Then they ship it […]

CocoTaps Coconut Drill

Vincent Zaldivar likes coconut water so much, he invented a tool, called CocoTaps, that turns a fresh coconut into its own bottle of coconut water. His patented kit includes a drill that makes a hole in the coconut and two bottle-top-looking caps that twist in. The caps can be re-sealed, so you can tote your […]

The Hater App

Brendan Alper created the Hater app to help people connect. Most dating apps work on matching people by what they like in common. The Hater app does the opposite: it connects people based on what they hate. Hater doesn’t condone hate, in fact hate speech and anything most people consider hateful isn’t allowed on the […]

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