Kickstarting The Comfy

Brian and Michael Speciale hope to start their business in the Tank when they pitch The Comfy, their sweatshirt/blanket, in the Shark Tank Holiday Special – episode 910. Their product, a humongous hooded, fleece-lined sweatshirt that doubles as a blanket, isn’t even in production yet. They’ll be pitching a prototype when they enter the Shark […]

The Rok Blok Portable Record Player

Rok Blok inventor Logan Riley hopes to resurrect the golden age of vinyl when he pitches his portable record player in Shark Tank’s Holiday themed episode 910. Unlike record players of old, Rok Blok is smaller than the records it plays. Essentially, it’s a block that rides around on top of a record. Simply lay […]

Mid-Century Modern Christmas Trees

Modern Christmas Trees were originally envisioned by Lawrence “Bud” Stoecker, the grand father of Matt Bliss. Matt enters the Shark Tank in the Shark Tank Holiday Special to pitch his version of the product. Sadly, Mr. Stoecker died in 2012 from Alzheimers, which inspired Mr. Bliss to market Modern Christmas Trees to the world. Mr. […]

Fix the Fake with a Christmas Tree Hugger

Christmas Tree Hugger inventor Ryan Kenny always took Christmas very seriously. As a child, he wanted his trees to look perfect so Santa would be impressed. He even went so far as to sleep under the Christmas tree after decorating it! As an adult, Ryan’s fascination with Christmas trees turned to consternation. When he and […]

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