Fry Wall Splatter Stopper

Fry Wall inventor Yair Reiner likes to cook. From the sound of things, he gets pretty fancy in the kitchen, too. One day, while frying a duck breast, he splattered oil all over the stove top. If you ever cleaned up after frying, you know it’s a real mess. Once he finished cleaning up, he […]

I Nirv Smart Stove Knobs

I Nirv inventors Ranjith Babu and Akshita Iyer have a solution for folks who mistakenly leave their stove on. It turns out, there’s an app for that. The pair created stove knobs that, when paired with a sensor, automatically turn the stove off if it detects smoke or gas. You can also turn the stove off […]

Elliptical – Stepper Stroller

Pier Paolo Visconti, creator of the Elliptical Stepper Stroller, is no stranger to dealing with wealthy “shark-types.” The Italian born entrepreneur sells investment properties and high-end residential real estate in the booming Miami, Florida market. In 2016 he listed Miami’s most expensive residential property: a $39 million waterfront estate on nearly two acres. It’s safe […]

BirdDogs Let Men “Go Commando”

Peter Baldwin got the idea for BirdDogs while experiencing a wedgie on a sales trip to London. He was in a suit, crammed into an airplane seat and his undies were bunching up. It was then he decided he wanted to leave his job as an IBM sales executive and start his own business. He […]

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