Do Valuations Matter?

This guest post on valuations was written by Dan Casey of PurchaseOrderFinancing.Com During negotiations with the Sharks, no amount of experience and passion can bridge the gap when an entrepreneur can’t explain why the company is worth the valuation. Valuation tells prospective investors the potential worth of the company in the future. It’s the cost […]

Ice Age Meals Review

I was getting ready to go shopping when I was writing up my post on Ice Age Meals and I decided I’d order some and do an Ice Age Meals review. They came in just two days and I ordered 14 meals to get free shipping. I ordered Thai Meatball Curry, Butternut Squash Lasagna, Tri-Tip […]

Frozen Meals with a Paleo Twist – Ice Age Meals

Culinary Ninja Nick Massie first started experimenting with frozen meals to create a healthy, athlete friendly, and convenient alternative to the standard frozen meals one usually finds in the grocery store. The approach he takes – making meals in small batches and testing the “freezability” before going into production led to a product that is […]

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