Luminoodle Basecamp

Luminoodle Basecamp is the latest innovation from the folks at Power Practical. Back in season 5, Mark Cuban invested in the business when they presented the Power Pot – their thermo-electric generator that charges electronic devices with heat. Since then, they’ve continued to innovate with new products and new ways of bringing them to market. Last year, […]

Kickstarter Fraud

Kickstarter fraud is a growing problem, and it’s something any small business trying to raise money on crowdfunding sites should be concerned about. Kickstarter is “becoming the best way to get on Shark Tank. They’re recruiting heavily from Kickstarter and if you have a successful campaign, they want you on the show.” Those are Caleb Light’s […]

Freaker Feet – Whoop!

Zach Crain pitched Freaker in season four and now HE’S BACK with Freaker Feet! Whoop! Freaker Feet are socks, done up in the wacky, sometimes irreverent, and colorful fashion of the original Freaker. You may recall Zach didn’t get a deal for his knit koozies, but he is a Kickstarter superstar. His 2011 campaign for […]

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