Baker Mills Cameron Smith Interview – Kodiak Cakes

Baker Mills was originally “founded” in 1982 when then 8-year-old Joel Clark peddled pancake mix his mother made up from his grandpa’s recipe around his neighborhood. In 1994, Joel’s older brother John made a “real” business out of the old family recipe and Baker Mills began selling their Kodiak Cakes pancake mixes. Joel came into […]

Whole Grain Flapjacks – Kodiak Cakes

Cameron Smith and Joel Clark pitch Kodiak Cakes, a line of flapjacks and waffle mixes, in Shark Tank episode 528. Their whole grain flapjacks mix was what started it all. They’re made from a recipe Joel’s grandfather handed down. One day in 1982, then 8-year-old Joel canvassed the neighborhood with bags of the mix his […]

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