SWAG Essentials Update – Interview with Lydia Evans

There is a Swag Essentials Update segment in Shark Tank episode 704. If you recall, entrepreneur Lydia Evans’ memorable line in her initial appearance was quite humorous. Lydia, a happily single woman, told Daymond she likes “long, romantic walks to the bank!” Despite her cheery nature and quality product (glycerin-based soaps embedded with loofah particles), […]

Skin Care for Men – SWAG Essentials

Lydia Evans created SWAG Essentials, her skin care for men product line, when her brother asked her to make a product to relieve ingrown hairs and razor burn. Evans, a Licensed Medical Esthetician, pitches SWAG Essentials in Shark Tank 613. The bold and brassy entrepreneur makes quite an impression and may forever be remembered in Shark Tank lore as the […]

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