Melni Connectors Update

I talked to Mark Melni not too long ago to get a Melni Connectors update. Since making a deal with Mark Cuban in season 6, there hasn’t been a lot of news in Shark Tank circles about this deal. It wasn’t a typical Shark Tank deal, in fact, Mark knew nothing about the business of […]

Melni Connectors: Key Ingredients of a Successful Pitch

Melni Connectors walked away with a coveted deal from Mark Cuban, but they came dangerously close to wasting this golden ticket in front of the Sharks. The Sharks unanimously bashed their presentation. As potential investors, the Sharks need to understand the product and its potential. Let’s look at the key ingredients in a successful pitch. […]

Electrical Connectors – Melni Connectors

Even though Mark Melni runs a family electronics store, he probably never thought he’d be making and selling electrical connectors. Mark’s a concert pianist – not an electrician. Nonetheless, his familiarity with electronics led him to an “AHA moment” when he saw how much labor went into crimping wires for making electrical connections or splices. […]

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