Pop Pacifier by Doddle and Company

Doddle and Company’s Pop Pacifier is the result of an intercontinental entrepreneurial partnership. Nicki Radzely and Janna Badger developed the product – a pacifier with a “disappearing nipple,” while Radzely was in the New York area and Badger was in Korea. Badger actually came up with the idea while working in design in San Francisco. Her […]

Lost Pacifier Solution – Pully Palz

Whether you call it a binky, sussy, or paci, it’s a pacifier and babies always spit them out. A pacifier does what it says: it pacifies babies by inducing the sucking reflex that calms and soothes them. Unfortunately, babies are always spitting out their pacifiers, which causes them to squirm and fuss. When this happens, […]

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