SleepStyler – Laser Focus Your Deal and Win

In a little over a year, Tara Brown of The SleepStyler took her idea from inception to production to sales. Most would assume she was solely focused on launching her new business. In fact, she was balancing a medical career, raising a family and learning a new industry concurrently. A modern take on sponge curlers, […]

Mama’s Milkbox Eaten Alive by the Sharks

Elena Petzold of Mama’s MilkBox is on a mission to support nursing moms, but she needs to first understand how her business works. As a breastfeeding apparel subscription service she is using a business model that requires buying inventory upfront. It’s painful to watch someone trying to use passion and enthusiasm to mask their ignorance […]

Pumped Up Bar Bell Apparel Falls Flat

I love it when people surprise you. Take for instance Bar Bell Apparel owner Karl Workman. It would be easy to categorize him as a jock, meathead, beefcake, or he-man. Look beyond his muscular build and you’ll find a brilliant entrepreneur that just cracked the code on a new niche in the competitive apparel market: […]

Sharks Went Easy On Brazi Bites Cheese Bread

Guest post on the Brazi Bites cheese bread deal with Lori Grenier – by Dan Casey Bread that is cheesy AND gluten-free? What’s not to love? Introducing Brazilian cheese bread as a healthy snack option. Cameron MacMullin and Junea Rocha built Brazi Bites in 3 short years to $600,000 tripling sales each year. With only 50% equity […]

Purchase Orders Make “No Deal” a Good Deal in the Tank

With Purchase Orders, Walking Away Without a Deal Is Better Something keeps happening on the Shark Tank and I’m curious to see if you’ve noticed. I’ve got a short quiz to see if you’ve been listening carefully to the show. (Don’t worry, it won’t affect your business’ credit score!). QUESTION: In this past week’s Shark […]

An Unexpected Shark Tank Winner

When is a Shark Tank loser a Shark Tank winner? When the product has open purchase orders when taping, that’s when! Sales trumps all in the Shark Tank, but Soapsox left without a deal, even though their sales were good, because they stuck to their valuation. Heart Pup was a Shark Tank winner too, but […]

Will Lori’s Financing Fly with Angel Lift?

It seemed like a heavenly deal. Kelly and Aaron Bruce presented a product that naturally smooths the skin for youth crazed consumers. It’s priced affordably at $49. It boasts an impressive $3 million in sales and $1.2 million in profit after a limited market test. If the story ended here, it would be the golden […]

Ask the POF Expert

This week we asked Dan Casey, our finance expert, more questions about purchase order financing, or POF. Since the Sharks have mentioned this financing tool several times this season, we want to make sure you fully understand it. It’s a powerful tool that can help take your business to the next level…maybe you’ll even swim […]

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