Xeroshoes Daylite Hiker Review

Steve Sashen sent me a new pair of Xeroshoes so I could do a Daylite Hiker review. The company aired in season four as Invisible Shoes and changed their name to Xeroshoes after their original air date.  Since then, they created many different versions of their original Huarache sandals. My personal favorite is the Amuri […]

Tower Sunglasses Review

Last week, I spoke with Tower’s Alex Resnick – the guy in charge of growing the Tower Sunglasses business as the first stage of growing the Tower brand. Tower wants to become a $100 million dollar company by creating “Tower Made,” a complete line of beach lifestyle products. The first line they are coming out with are Tower […]

WatchOff Review

One of the cool things about writing Shark Tank Blog is I get a lot of neat products to review, whether the company was on the show or not. This week, I’m taking a closer look at WatchOff. WatchOff is a watch designed for people who work. The model I received is called “The Worker,” […]

Plated Review

When I saw Plated had a Shark Tank Special the night they originally aired, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to do a Plated Review. After all, it would give me an opportunity to get back to my “foodie blogger roots.” Plated is a service that sends chef designed meals directly to your […]

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