Latest Scott Jordan Apology Doesn’t Ring True

The latest entry on the Scott Jordan apology tour is more detailed than the first, but still sounds about as shallow as the man. Jordan, who is famous for his season three Shark Tank appearance, raised the ire of conservatives across the nation when he called Fox News viewers “@#$%ing idiots” (among other insults), is […]

Scott Jordan Opens Mouth, Inserts Foot

Scott Jordan appeared in season three of Shark Tank in what was, at the time, the highest watched Shark Tank episode to date. It was a wild and entertaining episode. He refused to say the name of his business – ScottEvest – because if he did the producers would have a claim on 5 percent […]

Shark Bites

Shark Bites is a brand new book about Shark Tank that just published today – the same day as the airing of the season seven premier. Shark Bites is all about how Shark Tank has changed the lives of dozens of entrepreneurs who have appeared on the show. It features in-depth interviews with entrepreneurs who appeared […]

Scott Jordan and Scott E Vest on Indie GoGo

Scott E Vest founder Scott Jordan pissed a lot of people off this week. To read about that, check out Scott Jordan Opens Mouth, Inserts Foot.Scott E Vest on Indie GoGo? Isn’t the crowd funding platform used for start-ups seeking seed money? Scott Jordan, founder of Scott E Vest doesn’t think so and he’s using […]

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