Baking Pans – Baker’s Edge

Matt and Emily Griffin pitch their innovative baking pans to the Sharks in the Shark Tank season 5 finale on May 16. The couple been making their baking pans and cooking up profits for more than ten years with their brownie and lasagna pans. They’ll be showcasing their past successes and introducing their newest product, […]

Tie-Not – Water Balloon Tying and Filling Toys

Wayne Sikorcin and Scott Smith pitch their water balloon tying device, called Tie-Not, in the Shark Tank season 5 finale on May 16. Sikorcin created the Tie-Not in 2011. It’s basically a plastic device that does the stretching and tying for you when you want to fill up a bunch of water balloons. This instructional video explains […]

BZ Box – Fold Up Box

College Junior Kaeya Majmundar pitches her  product called BZ Box to the Sharks in the Shark Tank Season 5 Finale on May 16. BZ Box is a “patent pending, innovative, space-saving, and unique storage solution” that Kaeya created while still a student at Emory College. She hasn’t come to market yet, but she’s won lots […]

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