Bon Affair Preview Interview with Jayla Siciliano

I spoke with Jayla Siciliano to get a Bon Affair preview before she introduces the world to her new line of wine spritzers in Shark Tank episode 525 this Friday. Jayla graciously sent along two bottles of her Bon Affair Sauvignon Blanc and one bottle of the Syrah (pictured on the left). I cracked open […]

Wine Spritzer – Bon Affair

“Winetrepreneur” Jayla Siciliano hopes the Sharks drink in her pitch for her unique wine spritzer, called Bon Affair, in Shark Tank episode 525 on May 9. Jayla is health conscious, but  she likes a cocktail too; that’s why she created a wine spritzer – so she’d have something lighter and healthier to drink when she […]

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