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The Beebo – Hands-Free Bottle Feeding

the beeboMartin Hill, inventor of The Beebo, seeks an investment in his hands-free baby bottle feeder in the season seven premier of Shark Tank. Mr. Hill and his wife created the Beebo after they literally had their hands full with their second child. They wanted a way to free up one hand while bottle feeding, so they made the Beebo.

The picture above describes the product perfectly. It’s basically a soft, rubber clamp that holds a baby bottle, leaving a second hand free. You can adjust it to any angle and use it whether your a southpaw bottle feeder or a righty. The patent-pending product is BPA free and costs $39.95. They’ve been in business since 2013 and they’ve already sold a ton of units. The product is in-stock and ready to ship from Amazon.

In a picture on Beebo’s Facebook page, Mr. Hill is seen posing in front of thousands of boxes of product in his home. The Hills are ready to ship product for when the Shark Tank effect kicks in!

My Take on the Beebo

The Beebo is another baby product that makes a parent’s life a little more convenient. As a father of five, I can appreciate that! My kids are all well beyond bottle feeding age, but I still remember juggling two and sometimes three feeding babies at a time. There was more than one occasion where I could have used two Beebos to feed two kids at a time – I’m glad those days are over!

This is a product that would be a hit at any baby shower and it’s something moms and dads would love. Having that free hand to hold a book while feeding could help ease the many stresses of caring for an infant. I think parents of infants (and the people that buy them stuff) will go nuts for this product. Mr. and Mrs. Hill are going to have their work cut out for them after they air, because they are going to get SLAMMED with orders. Good luck to The Beebo, I am “IN!”

Will the Sharks have a (hands-free) Feeding Frenzy?

The ABC promo of Martin’s pitch shows positive reactions from Ashton Kutcher and Lori. My initial reaction was this is definitely a “Lori Product.” The Beebo would fly off the shelves at Bed Bath & Beyond and many of the other retailers she has relationships with. It would also do well on QVC.

Robert, Kevin, and Mark will likely pass on the Beebo, but new dad Ashton Kutcher could make a play, too. It wouldn’t surprise me if he teamed up with Lori on a deal. I predict the Beebo gets a deal with Lori, with a potential “second shark” pitching in.

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