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Entertaining Entrepreneurs

I get a lot of emails from readers, but this reader authored a book called Entertaining Entrepreneurs. His name is Daniel Horowitz, a Mary Huggins Gamble Professor Emeritus of American Studies and History at Smith College.  He’s a historian and the author of numerous books that analyze American culture, including, most recently, Happier?: The History […]

Love & Pebble – Ice Pop Face Masks

Love & Pebble co founder Lynda Truong suffered from bad acne as a teen. Since her family didn’t have any money for extras like skin care, she began mixing up skin care remedies in the kitchen with readily available, all natural ingredients. It’s something she’s done since then and in 2018, she decided to make […]

Zach & Zoe Sweet Bee Farm – Raw Honey

The Johnson family didn’t originally set out to make Zach & Zoe Sweet Bee Farm into a business, they just wanted to escape city living for the countryside. Unfortunately, Zach developed severe allergies in the bucolic Kingwood Township countryside. His parents, Kam and Summer tried everything: allergy medicines, steroids, even a few trips to the […]

Sheets Laundry – Sustainable Cleaning Products

Chris Videau started Sheets Laundry Club after being discharged from the military to help combat the plastic wastes problem we have here on Planet Earth. He saw a lot of plastic waste on his tours of duty and even experienced the choking smoke of plastic burn pits. He wanted to do something about it, so […]

Pink Picasso Kits – Paint by Numbers for Grown Ups

Ashley and Brittany Silfies created Pink Picasso Kits, their paint by numbers kits for adults, as a spin-off of their other successful business, Modern Monet Kits. Once completed, it looks as if Picasso (or Monet) painted the picture. The kits are an expansion on adult coloring books which were all the rage a few years […]

Hidrent App – Hire a Firefighter

Dave Heimbuch created his Hidrent App to help off duty firefighters earn extra money. It’s basically a niche gig app. There are others out there, but this one has a unique twist: only actively working firefighters can provide services to homeowners. This can put homeowners at ease because firefighters go through a far more rigorous […]

Hello Pre-Nup – Online Prenuptial Agreements

Julia Rogers, a practicing family law attorney in Boston, created Hello Pre-Nup to make prenuptial agreements accessible and less uncomfortable for soon to be married couples. Her CTO, Sarabeth Jaffe, joins her in the Shark Tank as they seek to persuade the Sharks to invest in their business. As a family law attorney, Rogers has […]

Fish Fix – Frozen Fish Delivery

Fish Fix, Melissa Harrington and Emily Castro’s frozen fish subscription box, was born out of Melissa’s desire to eat fish twice a week. Since she was a mother of two and salesperson for a seafood company, it wasn’t always convenient to make fish, so she started vacuum packing servings of fish and freezing them. If […]

Deux – Vegan Cookie Dough

Sabeena Ladha created Deux (pronounced “dough”), her line of vegan cookie dough, as a delivery mechanism for the supplements she was taking. She wished aloud to her friend and business partner “wouldn’t it be nice if I could have all my supplements in a cookie?” When they went looking around for cookies with vitamins in […]

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