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Lit Handlers Contest – Win a Lit Handler

Shark Tank Blog is doing a Lit Handlers contest! We haven’t had a contest here for a number of years, but they are coming back and we’ll be doing more throughout the summer and season 13. If you recall, Lit Handlers appeared on the season 12 finale episode of Shark Tank – episode 1222. The […]

12 Awesome Shark Tank Father’s Day Gifts

These 12 Shark Tank Father’s Day Gifts will blow any father away, whether he’s a Shark Tank fan or not. Father’s Day is just around the corner, so make sure you get something for dad now! All 12 of these gift ideas are products I own and have used. I NEVER recommend anything unless I’ve […]

The Super Potty Trainer – Potty Seat Replacement

Judy Abrahams invented The Super Potty Trainer because her daughter wanted to learn to go potty but was afraid of falling in. Traditional potty training toilet seats are cumbersome and those mini training pottys aren’t much more than a bucket you do your business in. They’re a pain to clean, too. There had to be […]

Copper Cow – Single Serve Vietnamese Coffee

Debbie Wei Mullin created Copper Cow Coffee so she could enjoy her favorite drink: Vietnamese Coffee. Debbie’s grandmother came to the USA in 1975, around the end of the Viet Nam War. Debbie grew up enjoying traditional Vietnamese food and drinks; her favorite was/is Vietnamese Coffee. This coffee uses Robusta beans grown in Vietnam. Robusta […]

LitHandlers – The Littest Handlers Around

The timing of bad weather for LitHandlers creator Destiny Padgett couldn’t be worse. She’s on the season 12 finale of Shark Tank and it’s raining in her hometown of Buna, Texas. It’s raining so hard, her warehouse flooded! It looks like no inventory was damaged, but they still had a lot of water to clean […]

DinoDon – Life Sized Dinosaurs

When Shark Tank producers asked if Don Lessem would like DinoDon, his life sized dinosaur business, to appear on Shark Tank, he had one condition. That condition was his wife, Valerie Jones, had to appear with him. Jones is a non profit fundraising professional who’s used to asking for big bucks. She also speak the […]

The Pluto Pillow – Custom Pillows

Susana Saeliu created the Pluto Pillow because she didn’t have a pillow she liked. She, along with business partner Kevin Li, want to disrupt the pillow industry in the same way companies like Purple have disrupted the mattress industry. The Pluto Pillow is a pillow that uses an algorithm to customize a pillow design to […]

Fling Golf – Golf/Lacrosse Mashup

Fling Golf inventor Alex Van Allen and his childhood friends were an imaginative bunch. They’d combine sports to make a new game. That’s how Fling Golf came to be – they combined lacrosse with golf and he’s convinced he’s going to change golf forever. What it is is a golf “club” that lets you fling […]

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