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Entertaining Entrepreneurs

I get a lot of emails from readers, but this reader authored a book called Entertaining Entrepreneurs. His name is Daniel Horowitz, a Mary Huggins Gamble Professor Emeritus of American Studies and History at Smith College.  He’s a historian and the author of numerous books that analyze American culture, including, most recently, Happier?: The History […]

Casting for Shark Tank Season 14

ABC has announced that they are casting for Shark Tank season 14. If you think you have the next great business idea, this could be your chance. The odds are not the best that you’ll be chosen. Usually 40,000-60,000 people apply to be on the show, but only about a hundred and thirty are chosen […]

Tristen Ikaika Rings

Tristen Ikaika Rings are the brainchild of Tristen Amal Ikaikamaikai’ikaneokalani Persons. He started making them when he was 12. When started the business in 2017, he amassed an almost cult-like social media following. He started on Instagram taking photos of his travels around the world. Now, when he travels, he searches for the raw materials […]

TA3 Swim – Swimsuits for Women

Leila Shams created TA3 Swim out of anxiety. Before going on a beach vacation, she’d feel pressure to diet so she’d look good in a swimsuit. It took the joy out of vacationing for her. She was so concerned about it, she had liposuction. While recovering from the surgery, she had to wear a surgical […]

Tania Speaks Skin Care

Tania Speaks started her organic skincare brand because she was getting bullied at school. She had very bushy eyebrows and her schoolmates were relentless in teasing her about them. She’d come home crying and begging for her mom’s help. Her mom simply told her to be proud of herself. One day, Tania was so upset, […]

Hicc Away – Cure for the Hiccups

Dr. Ali Seifi invented Hicc Away to solve a very common problem: curing the hiccups. There are lots of home remedies like holding your breath or drinking a glass of water with your nose plugged, but they don’t always work. He first became concerned about curing hiccups as an anesthesiologist 20 years ago. He noticed […]

Roq Innovation – Headlightz Caps

Raquel Graham started Roq Innovations because her kids wouldn’t wear their scarves in the winter. She sewed together what looks like a plush buff and a business was born. That product is called Nekz and she eventually brought it to the Home Shopping Network where they sold out in about an hour. That led her […]

RomperJack – Rompers for Men

Justin Clark, one of the co-founders of RomperJack is a pretty savvy business man. His LinkedIn profile lists five businesses he’s involved with. His biggest business is Whiz Tutor, an app that matches students with local tutors. It’s a very successful business, but things slow down in the summer when school’s out. Back in the […]

Va-Broom – Broom & Vacuum Combo

Trevor Lambert and John Vadnais hope to clean up in the Shark Tank with Va-Broom, their broom with a mini vacuum attachment, in Shark Tank episode 1309. The guys have a lot of experience bringing products to market. Trevor and John are principles at Enhanced Innovations, a company that is “a manufacturer and distributor of […]

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