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Entertaining Entrepreneurs

I get a lot of emails from readers, but this reader authored a book called Entertaining Entrepreneurs. His name is Daniel Horowitz, a Mary Huggins Gamble Professor Emeritus of American Studies and History at Smith College.  He’s a historian and the author of numerous books that analyze American culture, including, most recently, Happier?: The History […]

The Magic 5 – Custom Swim Goggles

Bo Habber and Rasmus Barfred, two of the three co-founders of the Magic 5, created their custom swim goggles to solve a common problem for swimmers: swim goggles. Goggles can be a pain. They leak, they’re too tight sometimes and hurt, they fog up or, worse, they fall off when you enter the water. Michael […]

Tabby Dates – Dating App for Cat Lovers

Leigh Issacson and her sister Casey got the idea for Tabby Dates from their other business: Dig Dates, a dating app for dog lovers. The sisters both love dogs and got the idea for the Dig app because Casey broke up with a guy who just wasn’t a dog person. They made Dig Dates to […]

The SoaPen – Soap You Draw With

Amanat Anand and Shubham Issar started designing the SoaPen to save lives. They were shocked to learn that 1.5 million children needlessly die of infectious diseases every year. These deaths can be prevented by simply washing their hands. They met as students while studying industrial design at the Parsons School of Design in New York […]

African Made Skin Care by 54 Thrones

Christina Tegbe named her African made skin care line after the continent itself. Africa has 54 countries, so she named the company 54 Thrones. All the products are made in Africa by local artisans. The product line is as varied as the different cultures throughout Africa. There are things like an Egyptian lavender and Moroccan […]

Edible Spoons by IncrEDIBLE Eats

Dinesh Tadepalli got the idea for IncrEDIBLE Eats, his edible spoons, while taking his kids out for ice cream. He was shocked by the amount of plastic spoons in the trash. He did some research and found out people throw away over 100,000 plastic utensils every day. Dinesh is an engineer and he wanted to […]

Flower Flask by Flasky Flowers

Kelly Moynihan created the Flasky Flowers flower flask to make weddings a little more bearable on brides and bridesmaids. They always have to hold their flowers and it’s tough to take a drink without setting them down. Whether you have a margarita or just water, it’s a novel way to have a drink at a […]

Oat Haus Granola Butter

Ali Bonar started experimenting with making granola butter after a ten year battle with food disorders. She studied nutrition at UC Berkeley and her meticulous nature forced her to try and eat perfectly. It didn’t work. She developed an intolerance to nuts during that time. When she finally beat her food demons, she wanted a […]

Sparketh – Online Art Classes

Dwayne Walker didn’t have online art classes as a kid. In fact, he didn’t have art classes at all; his parents couldn’t afford them. Still, he managed to teach himself and win many art contests on a local, statewide, national and international level. Even though he was able to master his talent, he felt professional […]

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