Quevos Egg White Chips

Zack Schreier invented Quevos Egg White Chips because he constantly has to watch his carbohydrate intake. Zack is a type one diabetic and has to monitor his blood sugar level constantly. This means snacking on a bag of chips requires an insulin shot. He wanted a snack that satisfied his craving for chips without sending […]

Swipe n Snap – Diaper Cream Applicator

Swipe n Snap inventor Alina Kravchenko created her invention to keep her son safe. When he was in diapers, she was always afraid of letting go of him while he was on the changing table. She knew this was a problem for many parents, so she set out to solve it. Since she was little, […]

The BruMachen – Portable Single Cup Coffee Brewer

Ross Smith and Kweku Larbi invented The BruMachen because they like their coffee. They like it so much, they want to bring it everywhere they go, but not in a thermos that lets it lose its heat. No, they want a fresh brewed cup of coffee whenever and wherever they are. the two are an […]

Aura Bora Sparkling Water

Paul and Maddie Voge created Aura Bora Sparkling Water while experimenting in their kitchen. They like sparkling water so much, they have their own Soda Stream. The couple decided to start experimenting with some herbs they had in their pantry and concocted some funky flavors. They decided – perhaps foolishly -to start selling their creations […]

A Slice of Sauce – Ketchup Slices

Cole and Emily Williams want a Shark to bite into a Slice of Sauce, their ketchup sheets, in epiosde 1211. The way Emily claims she invented the product as when she had a lot of leftover tomatoes while attempting to replicate her father’s barbeque sauce. He owned a restaurant when Emily was growing up, whicg […]

LunaMagic – Latina Inspired Make Up

Sisters Mabel and Shaira Frías seek a Shark to invest in LunaMagic, their make up line inspired by Caribbean & Latin American culture. Mabel worked for years directing online sales of beauty products for Macy’s, Nordstrom and other big brands. She wanted brighter, bolder colors in some of the lines, but the big companies were […]

The Love is Project Bracelets From Around the World

The Love Is Project started when Chrissie Lam wanted to ask the world to  spread more love. She’d left the corporate world in 2012 and was living amongst the Masai tribe in Kenya. The love the women she met had for each other and the beautiful beaded bracelets inspired her to start her business that […]

The Bubbly Blaster – Champagne Gun

The Bubbly Blaster takes the art of spraying Champagne to a whole new level. Sprayinng Champagne all over each other is a symbol of victory in the sports world. The practice began in the 1960’s when race car drivers decided it would be a fun way to celebrate. Now, it’s a right of passage in […]

Trophy Smack for Fantasy Sports Leagues

If you ever played a sport, you probably got a trophy at some point in time. Trophies are a part of American culture and they make people feel good about their endeavors. There are iconic trophies for the winners of the World Series, Stanley Cup and Super Bowl and then there are the kind doled […]

His and Her Bars

Jennifer and Michael Gallagher created His and Her Bars to have themselves a healthy snack and to spice up their sex life. The bars are billed as “aphrodisiac bars” and contain ingredients that will make you “ready to go” after munching on one. The idea came to Jennifer, a former sales and marketing executive, while […]

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