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Why Shark Tank Live Sucked

Let’s face it, if you’re a fan of Shark Tank like me, you probably thought Shark Tank Live sucked. I do too. While I understand the novelty of it, it came off like an episode of The Price is Right. I half expected Rod Roddy to be the announcer. Now I like The Price is […]

The Boarderie

Aaron Menitoff and Rachel Solomon started The Boarderie due to Covid-19. Aaron was running an extremely successful catering and events company with his wife, Julie. They had a stable of celebrity clients, but when the world shut down due to the pandemic, they went to zero. They had to do something, so they brought on […]

Legacy Shave Brush

Mike Gutow and his brother Dave invented their Legacy Shave Brush twenty years before bringing it to market. Their invention is a shave brush that attaches to any shaving cream can with a universal adapter. They invented it, ordered 3000 units, assembled around 200 of them, then kind of put the project aside. 17 years […]

Action Glow

Garret and Dakota Porter invented Action Glow when they were teenagers. Now, ten years later, they’re bringing their global brand to the  Shark Tank. The guys make LED lights for sporting equipment: snowboards, skis, surfboards, skateboards and more. They used to like snowboarding at night and they hated the whiteness of the slopes: white snow […]


Entrepreneurial brothers Donovan and Trey Brown are two of the five founders of Ride FRSH. The other three, Garrick Mitchell, Martin Weiss and Dean Parker, do not appear in Shark Tank episode 1407. All five are childhood friends who, after college, were living and working in Los Angeles. They were hanging out in their apartment […]

3 Valuable Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn From the Sharks

Watching Shark Tank is like taking a course in business: every episode is jam packed with valuable insights that can help you become a successful entrepreneur. If you pay attention to every episode, you will see the Sharks emphasize key business factors such as knowing your numbers, scalability, tapping into a trending market, customer experience, […]

Wondry Wine

Wondry Wine founder Whitney Gates grew up watching her uncle make wine out of everything from apples to corn on the cob. After a long career as a brand manager for Fortune 500 companies, she decided it was time to manage her own brand. When you think of wine, you probably get visions of Napa […]

Square Keg

Tim Louks created his Square Keg to make having tap fresh beverages easy to fit in the fridge or to take on the go. He knew traditional, barrel kegs were unwieldy and full tap systems were expensive, but lots of folks wanted to be able to tap their favorite drink. The Square Keg fits neatly […]

Banana Hats

Sean Adler’s company makes banana hats. You heard that right, Nana Hats are literally hats for bananas. They’re even patented! The successfully Kickstarted business will be showcasing their whimsical, crocheted hats in Shark Tank episode 1408. Sean keeps a pretty low profile online, so I couldn’t find out much about him beyond the banana hats […]

Collars and Company – Dress Golf Shirts

Collars and Company founder Justin Baer is no stranger to entrepreneurship. He’s founded six companies prior to his latest venture, one of which – a niche texting business – he still runs. The shirt business he’s pitching in Shark Tank episode 1408 started as a small test with a 500 shirt order in 2021. Little […]

PrettyRugged Apparel

Tracy Slocum started PrettyRugged to stay warm and dry on her boat on Lake George in upstate New York. She has boating in her blood. Her great great grandfather, Captain Joshua Slocum, was the first man to sail alone around the world. When Tracy went looking for something to keep her warm and dry, she […]

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