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Entertaining Entrepreneurs

I get a lot of emails from readers, but this reader authored a book called Entertaining Entrepreneurs. His name is Daniel Horowitz, a Mary Huggins Gamble Professor Emeritus of American Studies and History at Smith College.  He’s a historian and the author of numerous books that analyze American culture, including, most recently, Happier?: The History […]

Transformation Factory – Sea Moss Gels

Transformation Factory founder Alexiou Gibson was over 500 pounds at age 19 and his doctor told him he’d be dead by age 30. Even his doctor said it was unlikely he could make significant changes, but he did. The former NASA intern and recipient of the Buick Engineering Scholarship became completely vegan and seaweed was […]

Players Trunk – Memorabilia Marketplace

Charles Matthews, Hunter Pomerantz, Austin Pomerantz and Jason Lansing, along with former Michigan basketball player and current member of the NBA’s Oklahoma City Thunder, created the Players Trunk to help collegiate athletes. College sports stars collect a lot of gear over their careers. There’s a market for that gear as memorabilia, but there was really […]

Project Pollo Restaurants

Lucas Bradbury started his Project Pollo restaurants out of a food truck to give him proof of concept. His plant based “chicken” sandwiches were an instant hit. Since that fateful day in 2020, he’s grown from the single truck to 12 brick and mortar stores with four more in the works by the end of […]

Aqua Boxing Gloves

Tony Adeniran invented Aqua Boxing Gloves to give people a boxing workout without going to the expense of buying and installing a heavy bag. Boxing is a good workout for anyone, whether you’re a pro or just want to get in fighting shape. Boxing improves balance, helps posture,  strengthens upper body and core, boosts endurance […]

Chill and Reel – Fishing Koozie

Jake Rutledge invented Chill and Reel because he likes to do two things while he’s at the beach: drink and fish. In 2017, while vacationing in Destin, Florida, Jake was wading in the Gulf of Mexico and he noticed a crap-ton of fish swimming around him. He didn’t want to use his fishing pole because […]

Make Up for Men by Stryx

Devir Kahan created Stryx, his make up for men, because of a zit. His cofounder, Jon Shanahan, sought Devir out for the same reason: a zit. Devir was about to get married when a rather gnarly pimple appeared on his face on his wedding day. He says the zit is memorialized in dozens of wedding […]

Springer Pets – Doggie Water Bottles

Springer Pets actually is a spin off business of another company. Brother and sister team Griffin and Shannon Ross, along with their mom, run the business. Since 1983, their dad has been running a business called Highwave. That business makes eco friendly water bottles and all sorts of other products. They used to sell a […]

Drifties – Driftline Boardshorts

Wes Horbatuck and Greg Orfe created Drifties Boardshorts to solve a very real problem they were having. The guys are both surfers. In the summer, they wear regular boardshorts and in the winter, they wear wet suits. They wanted something for fall and spring when the water is too warm for a wet suit and […]

The Plunge Tub – For Cold Therapy

Michael Garret and Ryan Duey want the Sharks to take the plunge and invest in Plunge, their cold therapy tubs, in Shark Tank episode 1322. Cold therapy has been around for a long time. Athletes have used ice baths to help with pain and physical recovery for years. It has other benefits, too. Cold plunging […]

The Handy Pan – Pan + Strainer

Josh Conway and Adam Chaudry, inventors of The Handy Pan, have been buddies since grade school. They share a love of inventing things and one of their inventions earned them a trip to the Shark Tank. Their business is called  Chaudway Innovations LLC and they have “several other kitchen products aligned with the Handy concept” […]

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