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Welcome to The Shark Tank Blog’s Shark Tank episodes page. All Shark Tank episodes are listed by season, episode number and original broadcast date. Click each season for a complete list of Shark Tank episodes.

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Beyond the Tank

As of the end of season 5, there were a total of 91 Shark Tank Episodes plus the “Swimming with Sharks Special.” There were 14 episodes in season 1, 9 in season 2, 15 in season 3, 26 in season 4, and 28 in seasons 5, 6 & 7. The 100th episode also aired during season 6. At the end of season six, Beyond the Tank premiered – a new show featuring in-depth updates on past Shark Tank businesses. By the time season 7 ended, Beyond the Tank became a popular and regular show, but ABC didn’t renew Beyond the Tank during season 8. The show has its 200th episode in the season 10 premier.

Shark Tank Episodes


Shark Tank Episodes on CNBC

In January, 2014, CNBC started airing syndicated reruns; with 91 episodes in the can and season 6 going into production, there should be years of reruns. CNBC scored big airing Shark Tank reruns; the show has catapulted the network to tops in Tuesday night ratings.

The show had a niche audience during its first two seasons and in season three, viewership took off. Shark Tank OWNS Friday nights, but ABC was considering a move to Thursdays for season six; it never occurred.

Over 570 businesses appeared on the show during the first 7 seasons, making it the premier business reality show on TV. Over 40,000 businesses applied for the show during season 7 and the momentum continues to get stronger. In season 5, a clause in the entrepreneurs’ contract allowing for a 2-5% producer’s option on all sales was eliminated from the appearance contract, allowing more businesses to appear without the fear of losing a lot of money in sales.

Shark Tank Season 8 and Beyond

Season 9 casting is underway and the show continues to grow in popularity. Many businesses see Shark Tank as a good PR vehicle. ABC thinks it’s good entertainment. Fans watch to see the Sharks fight and to get ideas about businesses of their own. The show first premiered during the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression and it struck a hopeful, entrepreneurial chord with the entire nation. We here at Shark Tank Blog hope for a long run for years to come.


  1. Would like to know how to buy the S.W.A.G. product for men’s faces that wasn’t backed by any of the sharks last night!

  2. Patricia Johnson says

    I would like information on the company that the Shark Tank invested capital.
    The comapny pitched thier business that gives capital to merchants and use the merchants credit card service to pay back over a agreed time’
    Patricia Johnson

  3. The background music is too distracting and too loud. It’s difficult to hear the presenters present their ideas. Is it possible to turn it down or off. ?

  4. Kenny marallo says

    Please e-mail me mastro795@gmail.Com I have a lot of great idea I know they will make money,please e-mail me please,

  5. Mitchel Bass says

    What’s the deal regarding Trunkster? No contact has been made since I placed my order months ago. Would be nice to make contact with customers and touch base on when to expect delivery or at least when shipping will begin. No word, no phone number to contact trunkster and get answers. They got there Shark (investor) and still no product and no word. Not the way to do business. Please advise. Thank you.

  6. Way to go Kevin! That Maneesh from Pavlok just destroyed his company. If he doesn’t lose his job over that, he should. Who knows what his ultimate goal from being on your show. It definitely was a black mark toward his company. Our family loves you and Reader Rabbit helped my kids love reading. Best wishes and here’s to many more lucrative investments!

  7. Dorothy Langston says

    Episode 103 on CBC TODAY. why did no one go with playing cards. That would sell millions.

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