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Beyond the Tank

Beyond the Tank Season One Episodes

Beyond the Tank Season Two Episodes

beyond the tankBeyond the Tank Season One Episodes

Beyond the Tank Season Two Episodes

The first episode of Beyond the Tank premiered Friday, May 1, 2015. The much awaited show features behind the scenes interactions with the Sharks and the entrepreneurs they invested in. The first three episodes were shown on Fridays following Shark Tank in the final three weeks of season six. So far, they’ve taped ten episodes and the show returns on Tuesday, September 29 at 10 PM.

Once a deal is made on the show, that’s only the beginning. There is a due diligence process where the Shark and the entrepreneur disclose financial information and discuss plans for the future. During this process, either party may back out of the deal made on the air. If both Shark and business owner agree to move forward, that’s when contracts get signed and things really start to happen.

As Shark Tank gained popularity, more and more fans wanted to see the “back story” of what happens “Beyond the Tank.” In season five, ABC gave Shark Tank fans a taste of what they were asking for with the Swimming with Sharks special, hosted by Lara Spencer. In the special, Ms. Spencer acted as host for interviews with the Sharks and some of their more successful companies. The show was a ratings success, and the predecessor to Beyond the Tank.

Beyond the Tank Premiere

For three weeks, beginning on May 1, 2015, Shark Tank fans will get a glimpse of what happens Beyond the Tank! Future episodes could air during season seven if the show is popular. Some of the featured businesses in Beyond the Tank season 1 include: Lollacup, Tipsy Elves, Bubba’s BBQ Ribs, Define Bottle, Frill Clothing, Chord Buddy, Bantam Bagels, The Coop, Red Dress Boutique, Q Flex, Drop Stop, Scholly, CordaRoys, Mission Belt, and Wicked Good Cupcakes.

Each week, during the initial three-week run, the Shark Tank Blog will recap each segment and provide additional insights and updates about the featured businesses appearing on Beyond the Tank. We’ll also provide links to additional resources about each business. At The Shark Tank Blog, we’ll provide links to specific information, updates about each business, and “behind the behind the scenes” insights on featured businesses.

Beyond the Tank Season One Episodes

Beyond the Tank Season Two Episodes


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    In 2013 we were the Grand Prize Winner of the Mark Burnett produced Web series ” Get on the Shelf ” We would now like to get on Shark Tank or Beyond the Tank. Can anyone tell me how to do that ?

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