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 Shark Tank Auditions & Casting

Learn about Shark Tank Auditions & Casting times right here on the number one resource for the hit TV show.

Fans requesting Shark Tank auditions & casting information increase eachyear as the hit TV show continues to increase in popularity.  Fans of all ages want to know how they can get on and share their ideas and products. Many need funding to seed their fledgling businesses.

The Shark Tank Auditions and Castings Guide is not affiliated with The Shark Tank on ABC, but we aim to be helpful. We have put together this page to show people exactly how to request  auditions and hopefully be cast on the show.

If you want to know how to get on Shark Tank, this is the place for you.

Open Auditions and Casting Calls: TBA

Shark Tank Open Casting Call Application Form.

Before you apply for an audition, you should do the following:

One of the first things the Sharks ask any entrepreneur with a physical product is “do you have a patent?” If you plan on getting on Shark Tank, you should, at the very least,  file for a provisional patent; this protects your invention and allows you to tell the Sharks it is “patent pending.” You can file for a provisional patent at the US Patent Office Website. If you find the information on the Patent Office site confusing, there are a couple of online guides that provide all the forms necessary for filing for a provisional patent and they come with instructions.

The first provisional patent guide provides a complete written instructional walk-through of the entire process and comes with all forms for filing a provisional patent. You can get the first Provisional Patent Kit by clicking HERE.

The second provisional patent guide provides written and video instructions along with all the updated forms. You can get the second Provisional Patent Kit by clicking HERE.

Many people will want to contact an attorney to complete the patent paperwork. You can consult a local Patent Attorney or check out LegalZoom, an affordable online law firm that specializes in Patent Applications. You can find out more about LegalZoom by clicking HERE.

While you are getting your patent applications out of the way, you will need to apply to the show. According to the ABC website:

“The producers of the ABC reality series Shark Tank are on a nationwide search to discover the next successful – and possibly wealthy – entrepreneurs, inventors, businesspersons, dreamers, promoters, creators and innovators. In each episode, budding entrepreneurs are given the unprecedented chance to make their business dreams come true.

Whether you just have an idea, are a start up, or are already operating successfully and looking to expand, if you feel you have a lucrative business/idea and could use financial backing then Shark Tank is just the show for you. Casting is looking for aspiring entrepreneurs who can pitch their breakthrough business concepts, products, properties and services to moguls in hopes of landing investment funds. If selected, five self-made, brilliant, but tough investors (the Sharks) could be willing to part with their own hard-earned cash and provide you the funding you need to jumpstart your idea. But the Sharks aren’t just out to invest; they too have a goal — to own a piece the venture.

Your business idea should be top-notch and something the Sharks will really want to sink their teeth into. It might even spark a bidding war between them. Who knows – you could be the fortunate entrepreneur who gets the Sharks to reveal the true level of their interest and bid up the price of your investment!

Apply now for your chance to enter the Shark Tank and see if your idea is good enough for a Shark investment.”

Casting usually starts after the first of the year with potential contestants getting contacted throughout the spring. Compelling businesses can submit an application at any time, however. Taping usually starts in June and finishes in September. For  complete information on Shark Tank casting, read the entire Shark Tank Casting Information page HERE. Open call information is HERE. You will also need to agree to the ABC/Disney TERMS OF SERVICE. You may apply to the show via email at
Please include your name, age, contact info, a recent photo, and a brief, NON-CONFIDENTIAL description of your idea. You may also want to fill out an application form for Shark Tank.

So now that you have all the paperwork complete, you should go back and watch as many re runs of Shark Tank as you can. Take notes. See what entrepreneurs did well and see where others messed up their pitch. Get a bead on the different Sharks’ “hot buttons” and see how they respond to different pitch approaches. Make sure you know all your financial figures. Don’t be afraid if you don’t have a lot of sales, it is more important to have a good product and a great attitude. The Sharks look for that “never say die” attitude as much as they look at financials. Make sure you present your product or service in a clear and concise manner and let those Sharks know how they can make money with you.

That’s how to be included in Shark Tank Auditions & Casting.


  1. season 5 is alive
    cmon sharks

    jeff larson

  2. Do the Shark Tanks invest in businesses outside the USA?
    Can a business in UK, or Africa apply?


    • I believe it is USA only for Shark Tank. The UK has a similar show called Dragon’s Den, as does Canada. Not sure about Africa – maybe “Lion’s Den?” 😉

  3. todd whitacre says

    ok you aim to inform people on shark tank. then help me out! the beverly garden LA says no camping out, no lining up before so how the hell do you insure you are the one to get the wristband?

  4. Todd, are you going to the LA audition tomorrow? How are you going to go about “lining up”?

  5. Dukins venord says

    I need to find when , they are going to have
    A invention show, in Boston Ma.
    Why can the little people can get a break,we
    Could create companys.only if we know how

    I you know how go to

    • Hi Dunkins, I attended the casting call in L.A. for a product. What I don’t understand is the message above says that the casting calls are not affiliated with shark tank ABC, but offers information. I am also from the Boston area.

      • Diane Dominice says

        Kim, casting agency’s are separate company’s , They are hired to cast folks. into the Shark Tank etc.
        Therefore Shark Tank cannot be held liable for their actions.

  6. so the casting call in L.A., is that casting call not affiliated with with ABC shark tank? above it mentions that it’s not. Am I misunderstanding??

  7. I have been calling everywhere I can imagine trying to see if my application has even been addressed. Is there anyone who can give me any information?

    • Diane Dominice says

      I’s just submit your application again. I understand that you most likely won’t get a call till spring. so it’s a little off. you have time to sell more prior to getting on the show.

  8. I have a heritage item, very upscale collectable series i created thats good enough for Roman Abramovichs kids. I would be honored to show whoever’s in charge .


  9. Hello blog world, I need contacts like one or two guys has on the Shark Tank.
    I am now manufacturing, my patented, trade mark register invention, and so far it’s been all me. I am not a marketer, or a worldwide sales expert.
    I do know every person in just the USA could use four (4) of my Bug Not’s, so the sales numbers are over the 300 million, for the USA, with profits of half that.
    Give me a poke, by email and let’s start to make this happen

    • Diane Dominice says

      since you have a patent, I’d just cold all all the company’s that you think that will be interested in your product.
      All they can do is say not now, later. Then call the next day and speak to someone else. and Call all the company’s that could use it. as well as go in person to the locations near you that could possibly have a use for your product.

  10. I need help getting my idea off the ground. I need a working prototype made so that I can present my invention to the SharkTank and manufacturers. My invention will be a solid hit worth millions. My invention does not exist anywhere in the US or abroad. If you are able to help me please contact me. Thank you.

  11. I have a patent 2/6/2013 , on a engineered seal for all types of respirators and surgical masks, that tested ( 7/31/2014 Test outline created by independent testing firm and NPPTL, NIOSH, CDC ) a 459% improvement Fit Factor on human faces . With Ebola , other Viruses and any hazard, you can’t have personal protection equipment ( PPE ) that leaks unfiltered hazard between face and respirator or mask ( Inward Leakage ) , My seal eliminates Inward Leakage witch present day application show a 33.5% or more failure ( published 3/31/2013 Health News ) and respirator manufactures don’t seem to care as long as they sell what they have. We have developed a special skin adhesive that has past all skin sensitivity tests and allows easy application to all masks and respirators . With Ebola viruses or any hazard PPE must be fully disposable , inexpensive to produce, easy to ship and for the masses of people, are seal is . this needs to be out and available now . Need help in all aspects
    Thank You

  12. Robert Vincent says

    As a student of patent law, I think this website provides some incredibly misleading advice regarding patent law. First of all, not everything is patentable. See MPEP 2106. Second, it is strongly recommended that these people consult with an attorney before disclosing anything to see if they want to try and keep their method of production a trade secret instead of attempting to patent it.
    Most importantly, a provisional patent APPLICATION provides NO patent protection, it is merely a place holder for an applicant to file a non-provisional patent application and begin patent prosecution. Furthermore, “patent pending” only signals to buyers that there MAY be a patent on the product on the future, but provides no recourse for infringement until a patent finally issues. The damages clock also would not start UNLESS and UNTIL the patent issues.

    I have seen at least one or two episodes where a person who has been selling their product for more than 1 year attempt to say they had a “provisional patent”. The on-sale bar will always prevent a patent in that situation where a person attempts to patent their invention more than one year after their first sale. See MPEP 2133 If an applicant makes a false statement on Shark Tank, i.e. “I have a patent”, this may constitute fraud and the applicant will have his or her offer revoked and their company may be sued.

    Patent law is an extremely complicated field and requires significant expertise, especially since the passage of the America Invents Act, switching from a first to invent to a first to file system. Anyone seeking to protect their intellectual property should see an attorney and should not attempt to file for a patent application on their own. Even if they are successful in securing a patent, they may still find themselves making one or more rookie mistakes in drafting patent claims, which can make or break any prospective licensing deals.

  13. sergio lopez says

    And I would love to be at the shark tank show !!!!

  14. Right now the Shark Tank website says that there’s open Casting Calls for Vegas Jan 8, and Miami Jan 15. Does anyone know if they do any other Casting Calls held in the spring or do they only do it at the beginning of the year? Is it better to attend a casting call or just apply via email to shark tank casting? Thanks kindly for your response. ~Tami

  15. Also, if you show up to live casting calls will you for sure been seen? Do they extend they days of open calls if they have too many people to see?

  16. Hopefully Shark Tank will have more people of color on the show, as much as I love watching it is amazing that you can go an entire season with maybe one person of color but most times non at all. I have attended 2 open calls the number of people color out numbered everyone there so its odd that they havent come across any great ideas or business from spanish, african americans, korean, oriental , indian or native americans. Just m thoughts and observations we would like to live the american dream as well.

    • How often do you watch the show? I have it DVR and watch it regularly – I would not agree with you, since multiple people of color are not only on the show, but have received great deals!

  17. we can apply shark tank email thru and attend an open casting call we can do both or only one way ?and if we get phone call interview from shark tank how long its take still I can attend casting call?

    • You can do both. Many people apply multiple times. You won’t hear from them unless they’re interested – it’s a “don’t callus- we’ll call you” deal.

  18. A few questions (since the answers to a few of these were asked a few years back):
    1. It says on the website not to line up prior to noon…but a previous blogger wrote that they got in line at 3:30am. Is it alright to line up this early, or will you be turned away until noon?
    2. It also says that you will have 1 minute for the audition. Is this exact and timed? Is it a straight minute of just your pitch, or is there somewhat of a back and forth dialogue with the casting director?
    3. If they really like you/your idea, do they let you know right away whether you will be continuing onward, or do they have to stay hush hush until a later date?

    Thanks for your help!

    • Answers:

      1. Each open call has time and rules. They don’t allow people to line up too early anywhere to avoid conflicts.
      2. One minute is about it – with thousands of people at open calls, they need to keep things moving. Some of the people I’ve talked to have had a dialouge – they’re the ones that made it!
      3. If they like your idea, you’ll be asked to submit a video, then there is an application process. Once you are picked to tape, mum’s the word.

  19. Thank you!
    Are you discouraged from bringing promotional materials/samples to the audition (the way that people bring samples for the sharks) or is this a good way to get the Casting Crew to remember you?

    • You are there to SELL your idea. Better to ask forgiveness instead of permission in this case! Good Luck – would love to hear your story about the call….

  20. Hello,

    On March 19th I submitted an audition video after I was contacted by the Shark Tank producers and was asked to send a pitch video. (I first applied online).

    How long should I wait before I hear back from them, of course if I get selected to go to LA?

    Thank you very much.

  21. Maybe…check our Facebook page for recent updates

  22. Christy Wilders says

    I am attending an open call at the end of this month, here are my questions:
    1- I filled out the online downloadable application, now what? DO I email it, send it snail mail?
    2. In the application it has a “Submitted Materials Release” form, do I need to send a video of myself of my products? Cant I do all this at the Open Call? DO I take this application to the open call? or will I have to fill it out again?
    3. What are some good tips for attending the open call? Should I get there the night before and camp out ? Will they turn away people after seeing the first 500?
    4. Do I need to bring anything with me? Or are they just looking for personality?

    Please anyone that has attended, let me know.

    • I would send it email AND snail mail. Send everything (even a video) and BRING everything to the open call- it can’t hurt. Do bring samples of your product to give to producers. ALSO check the “Interviews” page on this site and read through them- lots of good info from people who’ve been there

  23. Jerry Anderson says

    Hello all I had h opportunity to make the oklahoma city casting call last week. I was told that they would contact those who would go on to LA. In two weeks. That was one week ago last monday. So is it two weeks from last monday. Is it about two weeks from last monday. Or is it if I don’t hear from someone by next monday forget it or what. I’m just looking for general feedback .. thanks

  24. Dawn howell says

    I applied for shark tank for 2016 and sent in my audition video. Have they already did their pick for this season. I have a patent for a dog hunting vest and a dog diaper wrap along with a dog disposable diaper. Very unique and different but can’t seem to get the attention of the sharks.

    • If they are interested, they’ll cal, if not, they won’t. Over 50,000 people applied for season 7 – You actually have a better chance of being struck by lightening than getting on Shark Tank!

  25. When you say the taping of the show starts in June and finishes in September, are there two separate tapings? Or they tape all throughout? Thanks!

  26. Hi Rob. I can’t believe I haven’t run across this blog, or that you’re not swamped with emails! (since 2013!) Especially since, as you mentioned, 50,000 people have applied for 2017 (?!) So how are you so knowledgeable? There are so many questions, I wouldn’t know where to begin, but love reading all the questions and responses!

  27. Rosemary O'Brien says

    I watch Shark Tank all the time, but I don’t see many service businesses on the show. Is it worth applying if I run a service business? It’s one of those concepts that needs to catch on and isn’t that profitable right now.

  28. Marc Cantillon says

    how old do you have to be to be on Shark Tank?

  29. Leeza Davis says

    Hi Rob. I just sent in my submission video. Can I post on Facebook that I made it to the 2nd part and was asked to submit a video? I know I can’t say anything if selected for the show. But what about at this point? I think it will spark people’s attention but don’t want to do anything to hurt my chances.

  30. Keven Carpenter says

    Hi Rob, my wife and I will be attending the upcoming NYC audition. I plan to get in line early and have her sleep in a nearby hotel until it gets close to the audition. My question is – is it 1 wristband per team? Or do both of us need to be in line for a wristband even though we are cofounders and presenting the same one product?

  31. Went to the casting call January 7th in Vegas. Do you think we still have a chance of being called?

  32. Kiley Doll says

    Hi Rob, I’ m on the plane to the NY open casting. Excited! Thanks so much for all the advise and comments. Any last minute words before taking the plunge?

  33. Tal Simhoni says

    Yesterday morn at 9am I got a green wristband and returned after 3pm to pitch — I was one of the last of the day. You get to speak to one judge for a one-minute elevator pitch. My judge didn’t even want to see the ugly dish mat I brought as a prop. I hope my patent doc for a special dishrack was exciting enough but she seemed fast. She wrote down on my application of paper with my contact info but when I asked her the process, she said “they” may call within 2 weeks, I said I preferred by email and she said they don’t email, they call. I got the feeling now she won’t be handling my application and it’ll be in someone else’s hands. What’s the selection process now from all the casting call applications? Will the girl who heard my pitch prioritize my application if she thought it was good? Or will my application be handed in at the bottom of a pile because I got there so late?

  34. I received a call today from an online application I submitted a couple of months ago. The lady said she loved the idea and concept. She asked where I was at with the company, and I told her I’m getting ready to launch the website in late June. Then she said it was too early and for me to call back in 2-4 weeks. Can you shed some light on what to expect when I call her back? How does the whole process work? What should I be doing to prepare for that call?

  35. Amy Paniagua says

    I attended a Shark Tank audition a couple years ago in LA. I hired someone to stand in line, overnight, paid them $100, then my daughter and I took over at 5 a.m. outside. We were about 10th in line, and were SO excited for our hopefully, big break and a chance to share our amazing products. As we approached, a gentleman directed us to a young woman sitting at a table. As I anticipated, it was a bunch of young people sifting the good from the bad, in their eyes. WELL, I walked up to this young girls table, and started my pitch. I have an amazing, award winning, GLUTEN FREE, ready to bake, Chocolate Souffle. As I was into my pitch, about 15 seconds, she stopped me!!! I was in shock. She said, you know, I just ate my breakfast, not hungry, and don’t do desserts, SO, as she reached for a paper, she handed it to me and said, “Do me a favor, read this and go home and make a video”!!!! I was speechless. SO, as shocked as you can imagine, I said, OK, well, you wanna take all these amazing items I made ALL from my one gluten free chocolate soufflé batter? She said, sure. I will give them to our staff. UGH. It was like getting kicked in the stomach. I know that many of the Sharks, especially Mark Cuban (he and his wife eat Gluten free) and Lori Greiner would have loved this product! I also have had to product on QVC twice, in Whole Foods, Costco, and many other stores. We just ran out of money, and need infrastructure to be successful. WE need the Sharks!!!

  36. I submitted an application packet via both mail and email submission back in February 2016. I haven’t heard from them since. Does shark tank send out acceptance and rejection letters on all submissions.


    • If they are interested, they will call. They don’t call to say you didn’t make it. Keep trying. Many people get on the show after trying out 2,3, or even 4 times.

  37. My husband and I are launching a new stove safety device together. Do we need to fill out 2 separate applications?

  38. My company was accepted to submit a submission video which we did in March 2017. We haven’t heard back and the contact person at shark tank is no longer there. Her phone number is no answered by a different division of Sony Studios with no idea who I should call.

    So you know how I can find out the status of my video submission? I heard that they will send a rejection letter if not interested but we haven’t received anything.

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  40. Hello,
    Besides going to a live casting call the ABC website just has an email submission. Which states to send in a description of product, your name and age. Do I need to fill out a submission form anywhere, I’ve seen some online but the ABC website doesn’t say to do that, I’m confused. Is that something you do once/if they contacted you. Do you send in a video with a youtube link when you submit by email?

  41. what if our patent is in my brother and my nephews name . can i still get on the show and represent .

  42. rameris hinojosa says

    i have a invention with a patent . called homefirefighter .it is to save homes and lives

  43. Would love the opportunity to be on SHARK🦈 TANK. My company has two universal products: DOC HOLLIDAY’S BASKETBALL 6 SHOOTER & MAGIC GAMING WAND (BIODEGRADABLE).

  44. Patrick Douglas Richmond says

    Hey. I am 61 years old and what if I have an idea for how to take an over the road truck and to turn it into a bus. But if I am at the age of 61 and I want to be on the show, is there a maximum age limit to be on the show? I know it sounds stupid but I am not sure if they allow senior citizens with ideas or inventions to be on the show. If someone who knows more about the rules, then that would be great.

  45. Hi, Do you know if there are multiple casting calls per year? I see one on January 12th 2024 in Las Vegas. That’s not far off.

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