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The Tucky Belt

Entrepreneur Brooke Knaus created The Tucky Belt because she was noticing a fashion trend on Tik Tok. Women were tucking in their tops to their bras to get the “tucked in look.” Brooke says the look made her feel better about her body after having her second child, but tucking her top into her bra […]

Tones of Melanin Apparel

Ashley Jones created Tones of Melanin Apparel in her dorm room at Norfolk University. She was a sophmore at Norfolk University and she didn’t like the styles of University braned clothing that were available at the school bookstore. Like any self respecting entrepreneur, she saw a need and filled it. Her first tees were sold […]

Influencers in the Wild the Game

George “Tank” Resch is just the right guy to invent Influencers in the Wild the Game. After all, he’s a well known influencer himself. The ABC press release for this episode says some of the Sharks recognize him during his pitch, so he must be pretty well known if he’s on the Sharks’ radar. He […]

Eyewris Readers

 Mark Singer created Eyewris Readers because he was always caught without readers when he really needed them. His strategy was to go to the dollar store, buy a dozen readers and leave them all over his house and workshop. Even that didn’t work as he still frequently found himself without his readers. He wanted a […]

You Go Natural Head Wraps

Monique Little invented her You Go Natural Head Wraps to keep her textured hair soft and protected. She brought in her brother, David Dundas, to supercharge her marketing. When that happened, the company became a thriving business. Monique starrted making the satin lined head wraps in her mom’s living room. They aren’t there any more. […]

The Way I See

Sophie Nistico first started making her See The Way I See apparel as a way of letting herself and others express their mental health concerns in an open and healthy way.   She suffers from anxiety brought on by recurring migraines she’s been suffering since age 15. At first, she just put her expressive art on […]

Noshi Food Paint

While most parents don’t want their kids to play with their food, Noshi Food Paint inventor Tomo Delaney  encourages it. Tomo’s kids were picky eaters and he was looking for a new career path. A friend suggested presenting food to kids by color instead of taste and Noshi Food Paint was born. It lets kids […]

Nature’s Wild Berries

Hank Watt and Juliano Bonanni did not invent Nature’s Wild Berries, but they did make them go viral on Tik Tok. The berries are actually Ledidi Berries which are a native plant in West Africa. Hank and Juliano grow theirs outside of Miami on their farm. They also freeze dry and package them there. Their […]

Tia Lupita – Healthy Mexican Foods

When Hector Salvidar first started Tia Lupita Foods, he just sold hot sauce. He got the recipe from his mother and his friends wanted him to make it for them. In the beginning, he thought he’d be just selling hot sauce to small retailers out of his trunk. He used his experience in the food […]

Play Maysie Dollhouses

Kayla Lupean got the idea for Play Maysie Dollhouses on Christmas Day, 2020 when she saw her daughter playing with her dollhouse. Kayla thought it would be a good idea to have a portable dollhouse. She looked at a suitcase and thought it would be cool to have a dollhouse in something like that. After […]

Honey Bunchies Bars – (Now Bon Bee)

By the time Honey Bunchies Bars entrepreneur Kendra Bennett pitches her healthy snack bars in Shark Tank episode 1417, the company already rebranded. The new name, Bon Bee, premiered one week before the original air date. The company Facebook page says they changed the name “to make sure that we had a trademark that would […]

Dapper Boy Clothing

Charisse and Vicky Pasche initially created Dapper Boy clothing to express a sense of pride in the LGBTQ lifestyle. They wanted gender neutral clothing that fit them properly. Prior to creating their line of clothing, they either shopped for clothes in the women’s or men’s department. Neither suited their tastes or fit properly (or both). […]

Parting Stones – Cremation Alternative

Entrepreneur Justin Crowe first thought about Parting Stones after his grandfather died back in 2014. He started the business in 2019. Parting Stones offers families who’ve lost a loved one an alternative to cremation. They take people’s ashes and turn them into smooth stones, like you might find at the beach. They look a lot […]

Burlap & Barrel – Fair Trade Spices

Burlap & Barrel founders Ori Yosef Zohar and Ethan Frisch decided to get into the spice business back in 2016 when Ethan started bringing wild cumin back from his trips to Afghanastan. As previous food entrepreneurs, they were well awar of the “fair trade” movement and the growing concerns people were having about where their […]

Cincha Travel Belts

People who travel a lot like, Cincha Travel Belts founders James H. Baker and Ashley M. Sharma, like anything that makes traveling easier. That’s why they created their product. When traveling, both of them were tired of wranging both a carry-on and their rolling luggage. Cincha Travel Belts are basically a belt that straps your […]

Milkify Freeze Dried Breast Milk

Dr. Berkley Luck created the process for Milkify freeze dried breast milk after she had her first child. She wanted a shelf stable way to store her “liquid gold.” As a doctor, she knows that breast milk is better for babies than formula – it helps their immune system. The problem is, breast feeding isn’t […]

Ice Cream Canteen – Ice Cream Anywhere

Jordan Stern invented his Ice Cream Canteen because he likes ice cream. What he didn’t like was how ice cream doesn’t travel well. Stick a pint in your cooler for an hour or two and you’ll see why. You’ll end up with ice cream soup. Jordan had the same experience on a nationwide camper van […]

Lava Box – Portable Camp Fires

Lava Box creator Joshua Thurmond created his protable campfires in response to Colorado’s ban on open camp fires in 2020. It was simply too dry to safely have an open fire in the wilderness. That’s when Joshua got the idea for a durable, easy to transport portable campfire for his river/camping adventures. Joshua is a […]

Happi Flossers

Happi Flossers inventor Dr. Staci Whitman is a pediatric orthodondist and she cares about the environment. Platic flossers or floss picks are ubiquitous. That’s part of the problem. People use them and discard them just about anywhere. In fact, when Dr. Staci was at a conference in Hawaai, she saw flossers in the marina water […]

Bleni Blends – Smoothies Vending Machines

Stuart and Peter Shapiro invented their Bleni Blends Smoothies Vending Machine after a couple of years in the frozen yogurt vending machine business. They saw the value of having convenient, healthy vending options in a world of unhealthy vending snack options. Instead of an empty calorie soda and chips, their vending machines offer fresh fruit […]

Ski Bikes by TNGNT

Tngnt (pronounced “tangent”) ski bikes are a labor of love for co-founders and friends Bill Pierce and Scott Carr. They’ve been riding ski bikes together since the 1980’s but ski bikes have been used in the Alps as a mode of transportation for over 150 years. They first surfaced in the USA when a man […]

Crispy Cone Franchise Opportunity

Jeremy Carlson started his first Crispy Cone trailer while he was still a student at BYU. At first glimpse, you might think “big deal,” but it isn’t the soft serve ice cream that makes this ice cream shop franchise opportunity special, it’s the cones. While doing missionary work in Czechoslovakia, Jeremy saw what would become […]


Mike Cherkezian and Justin Barad created ChubbyButtons to solve a problem: operating your smart phone with gloves on. Imagine you’re skiing down a slope, listening to music on your phone and you want to change playlists. You’d have to stop, take off your gloves, take your phone out of your pocket and punch a few […]


Imagine you are on a road trip and you activate your AutioApp. The next thing you know, Kevin Costner is telling you a story about the area you are in. If it isn’t Costner, it could be John Lithgow, Phil Jackson, an historian or a local indigineous leader. The AutioApp is part podcast, part history […]

Woof App

Woof App creator Arsalan Khodabandelou has three dogs that he loves. Who doesn’t love their four legged friends? One day, he was almost in an accident and he got panicked. He worried what would happen to his dogs if he were unable to make it home for some reason. Theoretically, they could be there for […]