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Eyewris Readers

 eyewris readersMark Singer created Eyewris Readers because he was always caught without readers when he really needed them. His strategy was to go to the dollar store, buy a dozen readers and leave them all over his house and workshop. Even that didn’t work as he still frequently found himself without his readers. He wanted a way that he could always have reading glasses with him. His solution was Eyewris. Eyewris Readers are reading glasses you wear on your wrist like a watch. They fold so they stay snuggly secured around your wrist and when you need reading glasses, they’re right there.

When Mark was tinkering with the idea, his son, Kenzo, was chomping at the bit to help him develop the glasses. Kenzo is a structural engineer who was designing skyscrapers and dabbling in jewelry design when his dad told him about the new project. Kenzo claims there’s as much design in these readers as there is in a skyscraper! Together the father and son forged ahead through various prototypes until they had a workable product.

The result is an elegant looking, functional pair of reading glasses. Unlike their Dollar Store counterparts, they’re smudge and scratch resistant and offer 100 percent UV protection. They’re designed to last, too, so you may never need another pair of reading glasses. They come in men’s and women’s styles and cost $110 per pair. You can pick them up on the company website or Amazon.

My Take on Eyewris Readers

For my “reader strategy,” I use Mark’s original strategy: glasses all over the house. I have a pair of readers in every room and in each of our vehicles. I also almost always have a pair tucked in a pocket, too. So far, this has worked for me, but I see the problem Eyewris is solving.

For a guy used to spending a buck on a pair of glasses, $110 seems a bit  steep to me, even if they are built to last. That said, I’d still like a pair, but I’ll have to drop some hints with Father’s Day coming  up! I’ve found a great new way to drop hints, too. When I want to leave a hint, I search for it on Amazon and my wife sees the recently searched tab, she knows what I want!

Do Sharks Like These Readers?

While I am sure the Sharks will think the glasses are cool, I don’t think there will be any offers. Mark Singer doesn’t really need the money. He invented Gorilla Glue for crying out loud! When he sold the company, he must have gotten a substantial 7 (or more) figure check. He also owns Giati Designs where he makes and sells high end furniture pavilions and other things. He’s not strapped for cash, to say the least.

If the Sharks find this out, which they will, there won’t be any offers. While I’m sure Mark and Kenzo are fine people, they’re in the Tank for the commercial.

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  1. Mark Singer says

    Hi Rob,
    Mark Singer here. Thanks for your take and kind words. Your piece was well thought out and written.
    Can’t say what happened but all will be revealed tomorrow night.
    Appreciate your taking the time to write about EyeWris.
    Mark Singer

  2. Janine Henschel says

    Well Rob was WRONG!!! The glasses was for his son’s legacy and moved the sharks so much that LORI CRIED !!! THE ALL MADE AN OFFER and he got $125K for 20 % LOL

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