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  1. I get asked a few times every day about getting on the show. I have had a few hundred people state the same on the shark tank face book page. What is it I can do at this point to increase my chances if anything?

    • Have you applied for season 5? If you have, it’s out of your hands. If you haven’t, APPLY!


          • Fred Asbury says

            Hi Rob my name is Fred Asbury I have a very good invention that me and my father-in-law invented. It is a device for a automobile to use during ice and snow storms there’s other ideas like that out there but I have two main factors that differs mine from a lot of the other ones and I would like to introduce you to it and maybe send you some pictures my phone number is 304-939-8442 my name is Fred. Please feel free to call me anytime you get a free moment and I could explain it to you in a very short brief conversation. By the way your guy show is my favorite show today love watching it every night at 8:00 up until 11:00.,,thank you so much for your time Rob I know you’re a very busy man Fred

          • Ronald Akers says

            Rob what is the actual name of the keto weight loss product on the show and how do you get it

          • There is no keto weight loss from shark tank. They’re all scams

      • Vivian Terry says

        We were watching Shark Tank Monday May 3, 2021 and. Noted that Kevin called two black contestants “cockroaches”. This is beyond contempt! He needs to be taken of the show for his racist remark. I will also tell ABC as well. He needs to get fired right now! I will let everyone I know and on Facebook and Twitter to stop watching this program.

        • He calls everyone cockroaches

        • I may not have seen the episode your talking about but I do recall he calls lots of people that, in the context that they are scammers, trying to scam people. I personally like to use the term “catfish” because catfish are bottom feeders that eat the scraps others leave behind.

    • hello, I am a kid that goes to school and I am a fan of shark tank and want to be an investor or entrepreneur. Our assignment is to write a letter to anyone and hopefully get a response. I was already going to write a letter but this is better, so does anyone know an address I can send my letter too?

  2. eleanor burkett says

    My line of designing wear is truly one of a kind , we designed it , and i sewed some of them by hand. It took a lot of hours and sore fingers to get them finished. I only hope that this line can be appreciated. I have yet to have them patened yet, that is why i keep them hid away. I do have the original design patterans. So this is truly me and my sons imagination working together as a team to make this work. This idea was made in 2009. I only hope that you will consider me and my son John to bring this idea forth , to make a lot of money. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this message. P.S. Just an old fashion person with a few modern ideas.

  3. Clea Maclean says

    I have an opportunity to get into a ” New industry” in Canada”. Without going into great detail, I will say that this is a ground floor, muti billion dollar Industry . I have expert knowledge of the production ( small operations ) of this product and work with a small team of women in their 50’s . Heath Canada is about to open the door to this opportunity by introducing new regulations and allowing commercial production. Due to sloppy current Government Regulations and inability to control product inventory have inadvertently expanded the illicit market.
    I am not a business woman but I see a big bisiness opportunity. I have a very powerful team of female producers, all in our 50’s. We would love to create a future with you as partners in commercializing our Canadian product. What we need are experts to help us create a business model that fits this industry, no amount of money can do that for us. I am reading ” Business Model Generation” by Alexander Osterwaler and The Lean Startup” by Eric Ries. My head might blow up in this ” discovery stage” but I love learning.
    I would be so honored to hear what you have to say and modest enough to accept no response at all . Regardless , we will carry on and hope that we don’t get blown out of this opportunity by the superpowers of corporations

    • Cheryl Tamplin says

      I am curious about your product.
      I am 55 years old and looking to market a product I can fall in love with.
      I am located in Penticton, B.C. Canada.

      • Nathaniel Lincoln says

        Good day. My name is Nathaniel Rawle Lincoln. I am from Trinidad and Tobago, a small Island in the Caribbean. I am a Copywriter by profession, but I have a product idea that I have confidence will be a success. I have no way of getting on the Shark Tank show because of the distance, and because I have no means to travel to the USA at this moment. You said you are willing to market a product that you can fall in love with. I do not want to disclose the product because of its simplicity, and how easy it will be to produce. Can you contact me please at 1868-382-1609. Thanks.

  4. i have a brand new patented product, check it out @ put me on your show please, thank you

  5. Katherine Rutherford says

    I have a patent product that I would love for you or your staff to look at to see if you or anyone from your show can help me to manufacture and distribute this product.

  6. StephanitelyStyles says


  7. I just watched shark tank and see the little boy selling dog treats. My family and I would love to buy some. Our dog is our best friend. We even take him to a spa every 2 month. We were informed by out vet on things he can’t eat and I love his product. My daughter always has to feed the dog at dinner. She holds her nose cause she can’t stand the smell. If he makes dog food we would buy that to. Good luck honey and let me know how I can get my baby some good treats. Email ppppllleeeaaassseee!!!!
    Thank you, katie

  8. renee cardoso says

    Could anyone tell me why they have a man talking in the background as to what is happening. It is so annoying. It make you feel like a child. “Now there walk out the door” I can see that. Just had a thought….Is the reason for blind people to get involved. thanks

  9. Mechele Baggenstoss says

    I challenge the sharks to do something as the secret millionaires do.. get out and get dirty… help a community… and not just donate but help.. work along side of the people… the sharks have kids… live a day or two in the life of others who need hope..
    There are many products in the world for consumers to buy… dreams of having yours out there is great..
    however, so people are trying to help in areas with limited resources …I believe the sharks should include one each week that each one of them has personally went and put time and sweat into….
    I challenge them to walk in the life of others…
    It would be a great addition to the show also…
    Be sharks that attack poverty issues,, youths that struggle to get out of a bad area..who my be the next person on the shark show someday..

    • To build on your idea–I would like to see a twist in some of the shows. Sharks giving back !they have been abundantly blessed and it would be good to see how the various personalities deal/view with philanthropy Have some of the participants ask for fund for their non profit organizations. then based on the needs etc. they give donations and bring light to non profits that are doing a good job—–I volunteer for a number of organizations that do a good job given the resources This would give light to scams and what people should look for when donating .

  10. i watched shark tank the night the horse was on the air with pants on i did not find it funny and for the owner he must of needed money awfully bad to do this to his animal how disgraceful!

  11. Disappointed and disgusted that one of my favorite shows would give the Obamas to use it as their platform to speak to your viewers. Do your research. These people have no respect for the United States of America. What they have done to our military is despicable. Having them on this particular show is insult to injury. This person has bowed to 8 dictators. Sharks you are now tied to this tyrant who is trying to “destroy this country from within”.

    • Dave Delishaw says

      I felt the same way…..Obama’s “military” has savagely terminated active service people with dear John letters while they are still abroad. The only Federal pensions that have or ever will be cut are those of the military. Now sending thousands of troops to deal with Ebola as if this is the Peace Corporation is a travesty. If anyone does the research Obama has endless Military leadership and hollowed out our military….My guess is that the connection was made via the network and not the Sharks….When the Sharks speak about the economy, limited access to capital I have to believe that they understand how anti-business, unamerican etc Obozo is..I will say one final thing-his wife whose images are controlled completely by the media looked positively freakish.

  12. Michael Markarian says

    Hey all,

    I too would love to be on Shark Tank someday! In the mean time, here is a way to test if people are interested in your business ideas before you go on the show (or start your business). We’ve seen it so many times when the entrepreneur steps up, then Mr. Wonderful says “The problem is NO ONE WANTS THIS!” So my new company is trying to help entrepreneurs make sure that consumers want the product before they dump their savings into it.

    Just wanted to share! Thanks and God bless.


    When are you going to replace Kevin O’Leary? I just got through watching him brow beat the inventorof the ki0yrchen lock. He is a bully! What kind of message are we sending to our children that you alowl this type of behavior to be seen on TV? This is just the sort of bullying that leads to individuals going home, getting their guns and shooting up their abusers and innocent bystanders. I love your show, but not him. I am not alone in my thinking either. Send him back to Canada and let him bully his way on Canadian TV, SHAME ON YOU FOR ALLOWING THIS!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I saw one episode of Shark Tank were one guy was offerd money buy one of the Sharks to expand his businees.
    The problem is inorder to get the money the Shark wanted the guy to move his manurfacturing over seas.
    Thease Sharks are supossed to be there to invest in American Inventers — that means American pruducts and American manurfacturing ;; Not outsourceing our jobs to a forien country !! The Sharks need to put the money into making American invented products here in America !!
    Our economy sucks because Our manurfacturing has been out sourced to forien countrys and putting Americans our of work.

    • Who says the Sharks are supposed to invest in American inventors, American products or American manufacturers? The Sharks are in business to make money! They repeatedly convey that it makes the most sense to get the lowest price for anything, sell it en mass for the greatest profit. Make it, master it, and then matter to more people in the long run. American companies that outsource their work to foreign countries are trying to profit the best they can. The loyalty is to the lowest bidder. It’s not personal, it’s business.


  16. Has Kevin O’ Leary been diagnosed Asperger’s syndrome?

  17. m bowen says

    Funny story- while watching the program my husband asked for some romance. I realized later that my instant response was “Really, in the middle of Shark Tank’. I share this as I also think it would make a great commercial.

  18. Shelia J. Puckett says

    I want to start my own business. It is a food item that will sell in grocery stores. I do not know how to package or market this item. It is something wthat I can start in my own home until it takes off. I do have some start up money, but I do not know how to get a patent, package or label or market. I have been a Social Worker for 36 years and don’t know much about business as far as who to trust and not to trust., because this is something that can be copied. Any advice and help you can give me will be so appreciated. This is a product that will sell great. Cell number 205-399-6567. I have recently retired so I do have the time to put into this. I just don’t know how.Thank you, Shelia J. Puckett

  19. Ajay Dogra says

    I have designed a new product – Accessory for passenger cars which helps the occupants to enjoy their meal/refreshment while driving without fearing of spoiling their Executive Suits or Party Dress from the spiling of food/beverages due to sudden brakes of speed barkers jump. I am ready with the Business Plan, looking for a investor to fund my project. Opportunity is unique and sure of a 100 million $ turnover in first year of launch. FOr fuerther discussion of project presentation please mail me at
    [email protected]

  20. I tried posting a comment twice about Mob Craft but it was never added.

  21. RAUL boribor says

    i had design a trailer plug innovation in which the metal to metal contact was eliminated, a innovation patent was granted and looking for an investor to help me take it to the next level as i have no experience in marketing i had made a few prototype for testing and presentation purposes,

  22. Connie Bednar says

    I will never watch Shark Tank again. The program is fascinating but I can not abide Mark Cuban and his politics
    His gloating about getting a front row seat at the up coming debate was the last straw for me. The American
    people deserve to see and hear the candidates, If he is there to agitate instead of listen and learn what both
    candidates are offering shame in him.

  23. Would LOVE to see episodes where the shark tank crowd goes BACK in time to be asked by Henry Ford, PT Barnum, Edison, etc for loans to start up their enterprises… All could wear period costumes and speak in terms of money/circumstances of the time.

  24. Just a note: YEARS ago I put together a prototype model for teeth cleaning which really works well .. one cavity in 12 years.
    BUT was told:
    Since I made a prototype, anyone could and it was not patentable.
    Once I had it built and designed the chinese would simply copy it
    NO safety testing would make it uninsurable.

    SO I assemble them for friends who dare use em.

  25. Georgia Palazis says

    Hello, I would like to speak to someone whom can listen about my invention. I have patterned my invention idea for my youngest baby named Nikos Palazis, who is diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and I would like to make his life style and many other diabetics easier and simpler to manage there insulin. So I have invented, created a devise named it The Diabectica Jumbo Pen. It is very easy to put together. First is the monitor on the top, second part twist and put together the insulin which has different color keys the various insulin needed. You must put insulin into their compartments. Example Red key lantas, Blue key novolog and white key Glugogoen. the third part is the needle to inject it into your bloodstream. This is very important for diabetics never to forget anything., fill up for 28 days plus chip memory and Last is the insolated cover to be at temperature. I hope for the best for his future and many others that forget things. Now you cannot… All put together and good for days …to many diabetics life is good…

  26. Doris Russell says

    I almost was scammed by an ad on AOL for the product AVIQUA…touted as something all of the SHARK TANK invested in? This was to be FREE TRIAL size of this wrinkle removing product, by paying shipping only of $4.99. When I ordered it on line, and came to the end to see the final bill there was another product tacked on. Lucana Eye Cream…shipping $4.98. I immeditely (2 minutes) called the toll free number to cancel the whole order only to be told it was too late, it had already been processed. After a lot of talking it came out that the free trial was really a full size AVIQUA….and if you didn’t cancel within 14 days you would be billed the full amount, AND every 30 days you would get a new shipment. I finally got the cancellation numbers, the next day when I was checking my e-mail I found out that I would still be charged the shipping costs for these products that I did not want. After much haggeling and threating to call my lawyer they did agree to credit my visa card with the postage amount. I watch Shark Tank all the time, and I can not believe that anyone on the show would be a party to this BAIT and SWITCH operation. I am 83 years old and I did not need to waste all this time fighting for my refund. I am sorry that this spoiled the program for me.

    • The product wasn’t on the show. Thanks.

    • Beverly Ruesewald says

      I’m 80 and something similar happened to me, only different names on the cream, i ordered one and got product called coal,I thought i had messed up so was going to let it go till i got bill, and when i called was told about the 14 days also, but i raised a little cane and hopefully i got it taken care of, but in the mean time i kept getting a ad. on my face book page and before i knew i had been being taken, i order the cream, it came Youth Renu but was able to find the ad and found a phone # in Canada so will be calling them in the morning , the only thing i can say don’t order anything from the ad’s on face book .and by the way Coal and Youth Renu has the exact same ingredients

  27. The creator of grease bags is a Genius! How can we order so.e! Love it!

  28. ELEANOR COHEN says

    PARISIAN GLOW IS A SCAM!! WATCH OUT!! I CAN’T BELIEVE THAT SHARK TANK PARTICIPATES IN THIS SCAM!! I ordered the Free Trail of Parisian Glow on 2/17/17. It arrived on 2/21/17. I was charged the $4.97 by a company called ULI on 2/17 AND $4.99 by a company called BeanSkinCream on the same day!! From reading the disclosure had 14 days free trial and then charged – I was charged on 3/2/17 $84.95 by ULI AND $89.92 by BeanSkin (automatically from my checking account by my credit card)- I called today 3/5 to complain and was told I had to pay both bills!! I didn’t have my 14 days – If I did I would have returned the product and cancelled, as I haven’t seen any difference at all! I am 74 years old – it should have done something by now! I want my money back, at least the extra $4.97 that was charged and the 2 $80 plus charges – I don’t want this product at all!! When I called the number given on the Parisian Glow bottles, I was told that they are all the same and they were completely in their rights to charge me everything!! Please help me – I cannot afford all of these payments! I was bilked! HELP????

  29. OMG, I was also scammed by Aquiva. They said FREE but it cost me over $300 and they won’t let me return for refund. If this product was not on the Shark Tank than that is fraud. If anyone else was scammed by this company and would like to seek legal action for a possible class action lawsuit, please contact me.

  30. Patricia OConnell says

    I have purchased Keelie face products, i cancelled my order and i was billed for and additional $212.00. I called customer service at 1 401 466 4883 the end of
    february 2017. I returned the product as requested. I asked when to expect the refund, I was told 5-7 business days….it is now 4/12/2017 and after being treated rudley and being hung up on by sveral costumer service reps, Brian, Ava Solomina, I asked to speak to the manager his name is Frank Wilson and he was never there or just to busy to take my call. can you help !!! Never have I been treated so poorly, can’t imagine it being contected to this product…..any suggestions

  31. I have purchased trial of hydroluxe and am disgusted that after receiving it they took yet another payment out of my bank account which I never agreed to an have the contract to prove it. When I emailed and asked them to refund the money they refunded very little of it and said they would refund the rest when I return the produce they shipped. Well they never shipped the product they took the money for as I never received a tracking number for it nor have I received the product. I emailed again and have not heard back. Not a great way to run a business and social media is everything now a days. I want my full refund back now. Doesn’t look good on Shark Tank when this is how customers are treated!!!

  32. Rita Graham says

    I ordered a free sample from bellskin cream and eye serum deep extract that flash on the internet with a picture of all members of the shark tank with their endorsment and paid for postage. Received the samples and found a bill on my credit card for $174.48. And by the way they are under the name of Avalure.
    they will not let me return these items. They were very rude and said they would call me everyday until I paid this amount. I contacted my credit card company and hope they can help. Hope the Shark Tank will give some thought to who the endore.

  33. Josh Haas says

    I am writing you with a special request. My family enjoys watching your show “Shark Tank” and have been fascinated by the concept of the show.

    My oldest daughter Grace is in 6th grade at Brookville Intermediate School here in Brookville, Ohio. Grace’s science teacher, Jill Lenser does a project every year called “Shark Tank”. In this year long project, students divide into teams and create “products” to submit to guest “sharks” in order to learn things like resources, cost, profit margin, presentation, advertising and critical thinking. She was even able to learn how to create a website. This is both very fun and educational.

    Yesterday, Grace and her partner Chelsea won 2nd place in the entire 6th grade. As you can imagine, her mother and I are incredibly proud! I was wondering if there is any possibility Shark Tank could send a letter of congratulations to my daughter. Please let me know and I would happily give you my contact information.

    Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to consider helping with this.


    Josh Haas
    Grace’s Proud Dad

  34. Christy Compton says

    Please know that the people marketing “Aviqua” face cream are making false claims. Since they have a tie in with Shark Tank, I think you should be aware and disavow them. They have bogus “reviews” on their website. Plus, they claim to have gotten a standing ovation. I searched that using Google, and it does not appear to be true.

  35. Get rid of the Uber guy
    Has no personality

  36. I have been an avid Shark Tank watcher, since the very beginning. Back in November (2016) I saw the Biem. This was the first time I ever said, “I want that” and ordered it. I think about this awful experience every time I watch Shark Tank now. It’s ruined the show for me. I received several emails about delays and new delivery date promises. I finally got it in June! It worked once! I contacted customer service. I was told I’d receive a label to return it. I waited a week, contacted them again – this happened 3 times. The third time the girl ( Julie) says, returns and replacements are on hold for a few days while the engineers try to figure out what was wrong. She says they found an issue and are working on it. That was at the beginning of August, I have not heard from them since! I am so disappointed.

  37. Does the so called Mr Wonderful ever shut his mouth? He is out of a deal and keeps sticking his nose in. SHUT UP

  38. John Schnatterly says

    Do you know if there is a list of applicants to Shark Tank available anywhere?

  39. wantrepreneur says

    Hello everyone, i love watching shark tank, i have watched every episode so far. I love entrepreneurship a lot, and i can see myself being an entrepreneur one day. i just actually had a question about the music soundtrack. I love instrumental musicals/orchestras and other. I fell in love with shark tank’s very beautiful and inspirational instrumental music soundtrack. tried looking for it online but i can only find the intro/theme music of the show, just that one song. But actually i am looking for all the instrumental music that plays during any/every episode of the show. I’m talking about the entire soundtrack. i obviously don’t need every single song in the soundtrack, i just need to be able to find the ones i like. Please help me find it.

    Thank you for your help

  40. Adam Knouff says

    I love the website with the details on the businesses but the website has way too many ads for you to make money. Clutters up the pages.

  41. I’m trying to find this weight loss stuff that you guys are advertising there’s so many different post on Facebook you don’t know which one it is

  42. I ordered the Shark Tank Keto diet pills online today and had 18 fraudulent charges applied to my checking account. It was advertised on Facebook. Please forward to the proper people to inform them.

  43. Donna Chavez says

    Keto why does it look like the adds for the keto pills look like they are drinking something other that water. looks like runny clear tapioca. I need the real thing I already have purchased the pills but they didn’t work for me

  44. Kim Twomey says

    The web site ketobhbreal that Shark Tank personalities endorse ripped me off for $207.99!!!!! It is a scam. I am not alone there are many victims however our voices cannot be easily heard. There is no contact information that works, there is no direct customer service. Norton and Facebook do nothing to prevent scammers and nothing to help people that are scammed. YOU ONLY GET THE RUN AROUND WHILE THEY HAVE YOUR MONEY.
    I placed a $39.99 order for keto pills, in order to proceed boxes that say things like “RUSH ORDER NOW’ or “ORDER SAMPLE” must be clicked. When I got to the final page the charges were $199.99. No itemized list, no explanation, no going back, no customer service, no working phone number, zip, zero nada, nothing.
    The scam continued they attempted to get another $80.00 the next day. To add insult to injury I received 5 “Congradulations” emails.
    The web site begins with beautiful photos of Shark Tank personalities, leading one to believe it is legitimate. Do you want your photo on a rip off web site? Is this your web site? Now that you know can you help us get our money back?

  45. Has the Shark tank ever backed a product called Vialis?

  46. Paul Rifenberg says

    Not much I can do about Mark Cuban deciding to ban the National Anthem from his Dallas Maverick games. But I will do what I can do…..which is to never watch the Shark Tank again, or buy anything from their sponsors. I hope others will do the same. When it is perceived that love and respect for your country is commercially offensive to your customer base, then you need a new customer base.

  47. Harry Burchell says

    Just read that Mark Cuban has verified that the Dallas Mavericks will not be playing the National Anthem before it’s games. I was never a fan of his on the show, so this stunt of his has completely turned me off to the show too. I’ll watch again when I hear he is no longer on the show. I’m sure that I’m not alone on this.

  48. I have been an avid Shark Tank viewer for some time. Now that I see the true colors of Mr. Cuban, I will not watch the show any more. Mr. Cubans distain of the national anthem is an example of stupidity of people who bite the hand that feeds them. Without the freedoms that America provided Mr. Cuban, he would be just another middle class worker bee. Too bad that the people who invite Mr. Cuban on the show don’t see his hypocrisy, his presence will harm a lot of good people.

  49. Katherine Fettis says

    I whole heartedly believe in all the SCAM remarks about products supposedly marketed by Shark Tank investors. What a scheme they have going. If you order a product “free trial” you are automaticly enrolled in a MONYHLY YOU MUST BUY PLAN. The same products are marketed with several names (same exact) promos, and advertizing to included pictures of the same people and “stars” but there is never anyway to call or email to refuse the monthy must buy plan. No paperwork with the product, no return address info, no wayt to contact anyone associated with the product. I contacted my bank to put a “dispute” on the charge and was told how many, many, many people get sucked in by these products. And if and when you do get ahold of someone by phone (the only way to get the problem heard, never n email address or postal address) it is buy a limited speaking person who can’t find if the product is even handled by there “company or tthey cannot find any information either by name, phone number, zipcode, or anything else that indicates that you acually purchased the FREE TRIAL FOR SHIPPING ONLY COST from them. THIS IS TRULY A SCAM, and someting needs to be done about it. I am going to tell everyone I know and tell them to tell others so no one else gets caught in this fraudullant sceme. Be sure that I am also going to contact the Better Business Bureau and any other regulating organization I can think of.

  50. Patricia Benton says

    I am very disappointed I had ordered some keto pills and I’ve been continuing to receive them I’ve contacted the fulfillment center and I keep being told I’m not being charged but I am being charged you guys back this product now get your fulfillment center that you deal with to stop sending me these pills. This is getting to be a little ridiculous that I have to deal with this every month

  51. Hi, some one is running a scam and using Shark Tanks name to sell a erectile pill and charging 6.96 for a free bottle and adding other products and charging you for them without your consent. Please be aware of this. Sincerely Ron Roth

  52. Terreasa Spiese says

    To Whom this may concern:
    I am trying to find the keto diet that was on your program and have not been able to find the legit one on line? Can you please help me with this, thank you!


  53. John Doucette says

    I see many ads on social media that report as fact that the “Sharks” endorse and are invested in a variety of questionable products, like CBD. Checking other sources to verify, I find that it’s a scam. What do the Sharks not do something about this? It badly tarnishes their reputations.

  54. Matt Macdonald says

    I invented an overhead disinfection system to help fight COVID and to help us be prepared for the next pandemic. I had an attorney do the patent search, file the 1 year patent, filed the final patent. I have the draftsman’s drawings, hired a company to make a 3 minute animated video showing how it works, The University of Georgia built the prototype and it won 3rd place out of 104 projects in their engineering competition. The system has a lot of good parts to it. The buyer/user can set it on the timer, it has a human sensor in case a human is near by it will cut off and then restart, you can swap the disinfectant head out with a UV light option, it can disinfect most of the area and our breathable space from 7 foot to 2 foot. This could be great for doctors waiting rooms, public transportation, stores, etc. It also has a grocery cart disinfection option. I’ve been trying to get in on Shark Tank and in front of the right people.

  55. Shake it Pup – Spent over $40, a year later,and over a year later, never got a refund or product. I’ve emailed, called and ‘online chatted’ with their help, which always immediately shuts off. (Months later, they had a Black Friday sale! WTF) So a real scam.

  56. I ordered gummies that help with quitting smoking and COPD from Facebook. They advertised they were on your show and it was Your Choice Company for $29.99. They charged for this and then tried to hit my account for $200 for nothing. I had never received the product at this point. They are a scam.

  57. I am currently watching an episode from Season 5. Just watching that one episode has again brought up the fact that some of your sharks are so rude. Why do they need to be that way on TV? The episode I’m watching has Mark, Barbara and Kevin being so mean to the entrepreneurs. Laurie and Robert are being nice and called the other 3 out, but the other 3 don’t give a rip. It’s embarrassing.

  58. Any chance I can get in contact with the legal team of the Shark Tank show? It seems that there are a few companies that are using the Shark Tank team for a bait and switch product. I am taking about the Keto weight loss products that use the episode that melts body fat as a substitute. I have receipts of the products, the products, the websites and contact information of the companies that sold the products to me. So, if the Shark Tank team has never sold the rights to use the Shark Tank team to these companies in the first place, then I would like to team up with you and give you everything I have to take these companies to court with. On the other hand, if you did sell the rights to these companies to use the Shark Tank team for a bait and switch product then your studio could be help liable, in that case I will understand why you wont contact me. It is true that I have tried to get on your show to help me get my business started, but I have been finding out that taking companies to court is a much faster way to get the funds I need to get my business started. I have already won 3 other cases in federal court so I don’t need to even be on the show now. But thanks anyway.

    • All those CBD oil, keto diet and skin care scams are just that: SCAMS. Both Mark and Barbara have sued a couple of these companies, but they go bankrupt then reopen under a new name with the same scam. I think Google, Facebook and other platforms that allow these ads are complicit.

  59. Fred Asbury says

    My name is Freddy, and I would like to introduce you to a new invention I have, I think it differs from all the others out there. For two main important factors. It’s called Sno-Gozzz. Please call me at 1-304-939-8442. I will explain it all in a very short conversation. I love your guys show. It is my absolute favorite show today. Thank you guys for your time. I don’t have a website yet but I will be getting one soon..

  60. Watching Shark Tank I have seen many people come on telling people to eat plant based products. Products containing soy are NOT good for those of us that have or had cancer.

  61. I would like the names and email contact the two women who were presenting on 7-22-22 for plant based food product I believe called Umaro that was suposed to be used for bacon. I have some information they might be interested in.

    I am an inventor who might try to get on the show in the future.

  62. Jay Kantor says

    Shark Tank: As a ‘Pioneer’ in the Biz-Op Franchise industry, I have written a very folksy approach to the industry: Same premise – but simpler times. This article has gotten huge national attention; proud of that and I would like to share it with you.

    * If interested please GOOGLE Vocal Media/Jay Kantor: The story is entitled ‘POLYESTER’ and way before Shark Tank was a glimspe in your viewer’s eyes.
    Nothing ulterior; just hoping you might relate?
    Jay Kantor, Chatsworth, Cal
    ‘Senior’ Vocal Media Author

  63. I am trying to find a legit place to purchase keto + acv gummies luxe, I do not trust any Facebook advertisements because I was burned once. Pluse there are so many other products with the same name it’s frustrating to know who to trust. Where can I buy them?

  64. Hi,
    I have few products and need to participate in Shark Tank. What is the proper process to participate in this program.

  65. Thomas Wheeler says

    Shark Tank is Big on the Keto Diet. Well I have now been ripped off twice and have lost over 500 dollars because of a fraud and scammer. I’m not at all happy.

  66. How do you always find out what businesses will pitch on the upcoming Shark Tank episodes? Do you get early access?

  67. Scott Aaron Camuto says

    I have noticed that alot of your information for whether businesses are operational and revenue numbers can be significantly out of date for some of the businesses.
    Would you be interested in having a dedicated fan help you keep the business pages updated so that the most updated information is available?

  68. Kathy Turner says

    I got scammed by a company and named PINCH. It was for gummies to make you lose belly fat. I was to get 1 free bottle and they charged me for 5 for $199.88 each. My bank was able to get two refunded, but I have to wait until the other 3 to be processed tonight. I called PINCH and they won’t do anything about it. Keeping my fingers crossed for the three.

  69. Veronica Cunningham says

    I would like to know every time I order keto never gets what I ordered , I ordered keto for weight loss I was sent xtremefit all one color the others are multi colors 525mg so do I have a weight loss product please give me a response I’ve purchased several bottles taken 1 hold bottle. Haven’t seen any difference I am 380 lbs need to start from somewhere. Thank you

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