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Shark Tank Keto Scam

shark tank keto scamThere have been a lot of emails in my inbox about a new Shark Tank Scam – the Shark Tank Keto Scam. Just like the Shark Tank Skincare Scam I reported on a few years ago, this scam is designed to part you from your money by offering a “risk free trial offer.” DON’T BELIEVE IT!!!!!

The scammers try to lure you in with the photo above, a picture of Anna and Samantha Martin, the women on “the most watched episode in Shark Tank history.” The scam site looks like an entertainment site claiming the product was featured on the Today Show, Oprah, The New York Times and others. The “article” goes on to say that all five Sharks invested over a million dollars each in “the biggest deal in Shark Tank history.” The funny thing is, two years ago, two sisters named Anna and Samantha Martin got the “biggest deal in Shark Tank history.” Imagine that, two years apart two sisters with identical names got the biggest deal ever? The photo in the ad (which is at the top of this page) is actually Megan Reilly and Sarah Nuse from Tippi Toes who aired in season 2.

The Shark Tank Keto Scam pitch goes on to say “they celebrated the success with champagne and cake when the episode wrapped.” The picture they used for that false claim was a shot from the 100th episode celebration. Where are the winning sisters? Nowhere, because they don’t exist!

shark tank keto scam

The scammy ad copy goes on to say how they sold out of inventory in five minutes after airing and a bunch of other lies and ridiculous claims. The copy is littered with links to the “company website” where you are redirected to a site touting “Ultra Fast Keto Boost.” I am NOT linking to the site because they are such scammers.

How The Shark Tank Keto Scam gets your money

The reason this company uses the lead in from a fake Shark Tank contestant is it gives the product credibility. Once you are redirected to the Ultra Keto Boost site, there’s no more mention of Shark Tank or the Martin sisters. The “risk free trial offer” sends you five bottles of Ultra Fast Keto Boost for the price of three. One bottle costs $69.99, so you will be billed $209.97!

But wait, there’s more. Every month, they will bill your credit card for whatever you ordered the first time and send you more product. It’s the same as with the Skin Care Scam. I’ve had emails from people who literally had to cancel their credit cards to make the charges stop.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is

As another note of caution, do not believe outrageous claims made by “miracle” diet products. This scam site has claims that people lose thirty pounds in a month just from taking their supplements. That is ridiculous and it would be very unhealthy, unless you are on the heavy side. Diet and exercise are the best way to achieve weight loss.

The Keto diet IS a real thing. It’s short for Ketogenic Diet, a high-fat, low-carb diet which  causes your body to burn more fat. A simple Google search will get you plenty of information on how it works. And if you ever want to check if a product has been on Shark Tank, just search the company name on this site with the search box. If you still believe a pill will melt thirty pounds off you, you probably deserve to get scammed.

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  1. So again I’m buying the wrong one this is ridiculous I must have paid $1,000 or more for different keto products would somebody please send me the damn name of the right one for send me a sample of me see if it works for me good grief. Is there any honest people left in the world dammit. I’m on my last leg I am ill I am overweight I have tried everything to lose this weight I have to live on prednisone a steroid to survive which makes me eat and makes me fat the only chance I have is something like this and I can’t get my hands on it yeah I’m getting damn mad and I’m not rich I have very little money and it’s I’ve spent $1,000 trying to find the right product. Can anybody help me find the right product before I’m gone thank you

    • There never was a “miracle keto product” on Shark Tank. There is no “right one.” They’re all scammy.

      • I’m so confused! Are you saying there is no One Shot Keto or are you saying the buy 5 bottle thing that keeps charging your credit card is the scam???? I understand the obvious credit card scam is a scam but there was an episode with the product. And yes, I recognized that cake from the 100th episode!! Bottom line for me……Is the One Shot Keto product a scam???

        • Yes it is a complete and total scam.

        • Shopaddict88 says

          The pills are a scam. He’s saying they don’t work.

        • He’s saying all of the above Lisa. There is NO PRODUCT THAT WAS IN SHARK TANK LIKE THIS, & ALL OF THEM WILL SCAM YOU‼️ Follow him & go on I think it’s or something like this & you will see all the scams that are currently out there, you can also sign up for updates from them on “the new scam of the day. Hope this helps‼️🙏🏼🫶🏼🇨🇦

      • I skipped this product and had bacon &eggs instead. KETO friendly. Nice article.

    • Are you okay? Like damn. Go to a doctor if you’re that worried about losing weight or trying to see if Keto is any good for you. Don’t be that naive.

    • I. C. Sims-Rodriguez says

      Have you tried pulling away from the table? The more of these things you ingest, the more weight you will have to lose or contend with. So, go back to your mirror, find out when did all of this started happening/begin, step back and listen to your heart. Good Luck. !!!!

    • Sherry smith says

      i never received right product with my first keto strong I was supposed to get the powder not pills now with the keto prime purchase now when you click on free bottle at ABC website Shark Tank website all the sites the emails that they send you each and everyone and of them you are not allowed to leave feedback anything you click on even search brings you back to get the free bottle supposedly they are offering and then when you try to claim free bottle they go and charge you $199 it shows no shipping no nothing and acts like it’s processing free bottle and then it brings you back to the page where it says rush my order in fact there’s scamming you they processed $199 on your card there is a few kinds of ketos I’ve tried to order one they sent me another cost me few hundred dollars on top of that they try to charge you an extra 90 for detox pills that I did not order just now dealing with my bank alerting me a fraudulent activity thank God I would not have known I then went to receive a text message from optimal max telling me all you forgot to finish your order we still have your battle reserved will even give you a discount first shipping and handling is on them and I told them straight out that they should be ashamed of themselves I’ve already been scanned once by you guys I’m not getting scammed again basically anything that comes off of Shark Tank as far as I’ve seen it’s been nothing but a scam like I said I did not even receive the first key to the powder yeah I paid a few $100 and ended up getting something else it’s sad to know that they are taking in transition people like me who are low income disabled under budget and they try to scam us

    • Alan Gold says

      you can call make a complaint with your credit card who will stop the charges and investigate for you…have you called the credit card yet

  2. Why doesn’t ABC or the cast of Shark Tank do anything about these scammers using their names.

  3. Tina Perrin says

    OMG.. I was just about to get suckered into this scam when I remembered to check out your blog. My son’s girlfriend is on the keto diet and was looking for something,
    Thanks for letting us know whats up.
    Now go get some sharks & pompanos
    Your biggest fan in Boston : )

    • hi Tina!

    • Mac McDonald says

      It says, “Speak Your Mind”…so here goes: There are no miracle cures/potions…NONE…for any such of weight loss/reduction, whether in “pill” or “special foods” or liquid/”shakes” form, et al. That is, none that are healthy and not terribly risky, but rather only to play on people’s gullibility and desperation in taking their money. The only way, bar none, is through self-discipline and perseverance in reducing the intake, timing and quantity of healthy foods (eating habits) to include more water (no sodas or similar, not even most “juices”) in conjunction with regular daily exercise (walking if fine/good…even stationary exercises if regular/daily). For most, the biggest aspect of all this is just getting started…to start slow and build up…no snacks, no late meals (nothing after about 5 or 6 at latest and even earlier between 4-5 as possible, and begin to practice some fasting under a like-minded physician’s care, plus again, healthy foods all in a 4-6 hour period, increase water intake and exercise. Check out (read) the dietary/diabetes books by Dr. Jason Fung, MD.

      • Leenan williams says

        So let me get this right. These two women Samantha and Anna Martin are actresses and the Shark Tank panel was was not really there. That doesn’t make sense how did they get film of the shark tank peoples part? Celebrating all that. So these people also had people editing film? How can you create something happening if there is no film of them ever doing this before? Now that’s some kind of editing.So there was never a product that really worked? That is Why hasn’t the Shark Tank people renounce this dispicable rape of the American people. It’s so disconcerting that there are that many bad people out there that can justify their actions because they have no moral compass. God help the people that love these bastards.

        • LOL Scammers defending themselves on a blog exposing them. Things don’t get any more interesting than this! LMAO!

  4. I WANTED TO help sharks who wanted to distribute the products globally i am not getting any email id to reach.Mrs lorie it self having 400 products.

  5. I totally baited for this stuff, Im a fat desperate sucker I guess. Damn it, there goes my money…..

  6. Rebecca Byrd says

    So the mind tech product is running the usual scam. I ordered the free sample (I know – red flag). Then I got caught in a stream of screens offering extra products that I didn’t want. But apparently just passing thru the screens (but I didn’t see any way around it) generated orders for these products. When I hit complete order, it initiated a set of debits to my checking account for the original item plus two others. I never actually saw an invoice screen with a detailed or even a summary of the charges. Just a notice with a phone number to call, and a notice that in 10 days I would be billed for a full order at $108.00. The phone number was not the correct one. The phone system Which answered at the advertised number provided the correct number. I immediately called and cancelled my order and any future memberships. What a scam. The Shark Investors should be really proud of themselves for bankrolling this sham of a product/ membership. Thanks for listening.

    • Elizabeth Vick says

      To Rebecca Byrd this investors are not behind this nor do they support it. Did you even read the article? The scammers are just saying it was on shark tank but it was not.

    • would you even click to complete the order without looking over what you were charged with first? Maybe next time you’ll save yourself some time and make sure you get a summary of charges before confirming your order. And BTW, Shark Tank and all the investors have nothing to do with this SCAM. Their names are just being dragged in the middle of this BS so it looks like the product is credible but it’s not, it’s a SCAM!

  7. I too am a willing victim because it stated money back guarantee, so you cannot lose right? Yeah, product did not work and nope never got my money back. Last email I sent did not even receive a response. Oh well, lesson learned.

    • R.P.Hughes says

      The article said money back only 30 days , I, to was tempted to buy the big package but they didn’t tell you how much you would have to pay before you checked out so then I went back to check out this page and found out it was a scam, so I did not buy it. Thank you for letting us know that it was a scam it just didn’t look right .

  8. I had just clicked on it and it took me to an article from FoxNews. I thought that was odd for FN to have such a detailed article and the pills called My Keto Boost. There was no price listed at all and it only says to give your info as “Where can we send this order to?” I looked on ebay to see how much these pills would cost there but didn’t find them on ebay at all, My Keto Boost brand. I then tried to google the pills and found the Shark tank picture, again with the story of the sisters but with the pills having a different name bran, Life Choice!! And when I clicked on how to order it came up with the Free Trial blinking tab, again, no price listed at all. I then saw on Google search the article about the scam. That article may have just saved me a bunch of money. I thought the scam was about someone else using the pictures to attract their brand but then realized that it is about the whole idea of the pills, the sisters and that one show not ever happening, period. If scammers would only put this much energy into being honest people the world would be such a much better place! Thanks for the heads up!

  9. Ok so I bought 3 different products all claiming to be approved from shark tank and none of them are correct wow I was scammed of lots of money thanks for all the fake stuff

  10. James Vanzant says

    They “rebranded” and are now Advanced Keto 1500 on their fake website. Don’t fall for the new name either. I found it on a FB post and followed the link. It isn’t even a real website.. It should be something like or something… it’s just a string of symbols in the address bar. Big Red Flag!!

  11. Linda S Pollock says

    Why the hell are these scammers allowed to put these nonsense ads on the internet? Why can’t something be done? This shit can’t be legal!!!

  12. I must have seen images of the fake episode of Shark Tank, and those images stayed with me, for years. The amazing footage of fat melting away, the lady with lots to lose shaking her junk, the somewhat appetizing pill that bubbles up in the cup, the Dr. Oz endorsement… it all looks so promising. I never bought anything, but I kept it in the back of my mind abs told myself, that product is for me. However, all the ads seem questionable, and there’s too many ads popping up when you Google it. That tiped me off. I am glad for all the feedback on here, it actually makes sense to hear people say they got ripped off. It’s refreshing to hear that, because I read too many fake reviews about how great the product worked. I can’t stand fake reviews. Thanks for helping me see the truth.

  13. Rob, just want to say THANK YOU, for exposing these frauds and scams. I enjoy, every minute and word, when you post your articles, about scammers. Keep doing a great job, brother

  14. Martha Reed says

    I foolishly ordered 6 bottles of Keto Blast after seeing the endorsement by Oprah and Shark Tank. Along with them I received 2 bottles of a cleanse . After gaining 1 pound the first month I asked for my money back . They gave me an address and promised me the return of my money. I returned them in July and have heard nothing since. I should have kept them because they tasted great!!

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