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Ice Cream Canteen – Ice Cream Anywhere

ice cream canteenJordan Stern invented his Ice Cream Canteen because he likes ice cream. What he didn’t like was how ice cream doesn’t travel well. Stick a pint in your cooler for an hour or two and you’ll see why. You’ll end up with ice cream soup. Jordan had the same experience on a nationwide camper van trip when he came up with the idea.

He thought if a thermos could keep things hot, maybe he could design something that would keep a pint of ice cream cold. You can place a pint of your favorite flavor in the container or just scoop some in from the ice cream shop or home and bring it on the road with you

You won’t have soup, either. The Ice Cream Canteen keeps your favorite treat cold for 4 hours on its own, 8 hours if it’s in an icy cooler. The entire unit can be placed in the freezer for a half hour to prolong the frigidity too. Jordan sold over $120,000 worth of product in a Kicksatrter. Now, he sells on his website and Amazon. He’s likely looking for a Shark to help with inventory and marketing.

My Take on The Ice Cream Canteen

I love ice cream, but I don’t eat it often. Back in the day when I didn’t have to count calories, my favorite was Ben and Jerry’s New York Super Fudge Chunk. In college, I’d eat a pint for breakfast! Sadly, those days are gone.

I am going to buy one though – as a gift. My oldest and her husband are ice cream FREAKS. My son in law proposed at their favorite ice cream parlor. They also do a lot of outdoor activities and I’m sure they’d love tobring some ice cream along. I see his and hers Ice Cream Canteens as an anniversary present!

Do Sharks Like Ice Cream?

Of the four businesses in episode 1415, this is the only one selling on Amazon. This tells me they’ve reached a respectable level of sales and are selling regularly. The Sharks will like that. I’m willing to bet they have good margins, too. I predict multiple offers for this one.

Expect a royalty offer from Kevin, he makes at least one per episode it seems. Lori will like this too as it’s moderately priced, appeals to a mass audience and is demonstrable; she’ll make an offer. I don’t think Mark will, but Daymond and Daniel might. I expect at least two offers and maybe even a “Shark fight” over this one.

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