First Saturday Lime – Insect Repellent

Jana McDaniel and Jessica Jacobs are sisters who, along with Jana’s husband Zac, pitch the Sharks on First Saturday Lime, an all natural insect repellent. Jana and Jessica grew up on a farm and their father had a lime business too. They always knew lime was a good insect repellent. It dries out the insects’ […]

Prepwell Academy – College Admissions Guidance

Phil Black becomes one of only a handful of entrepreneurs to appear a second time in the Shark Tank when he pitches Prepwell Academy, his college admissions guidance “school.” We first saw Phil in season 5 when he pitched FitDeck. He sold that company in 2014 and began working on PrepWell shortly thereafter. The impetus […]

3 AMs – Muvez Slipper Sneakers

Ryan Cruz, Eric Cruz and Kevin Zamora always knew they wanted to invent something, they just didn’t know Muvez 3 AMs would be what they ended up with. The guys literally sat around in their garage brainstorming ideas for new footwear. When they came up with the concept for their slipper/sneaker hybrid shoes, they made […]

Beddley Duvet Covers

If you have a duvet, duvet covers are a necessity. They keep the duvet from getting soiled. It’s just like a giant pillowcase, but for your comforter. Duvets are warm and snuggly on a chilly night, but Beddley inventor Lola Ogden wanted her duvet covers to be beautiful and easy to use. She’s even been […]

Bad Birdy Golf Shirts

Bad Birdy is not your grandpa’s golf shirt. The bold, bright colors and patterns are unlike any other golf shirt on the market. Entrepreneur Jason Richardson designed them that way. Jason’s been golfing since he was 12 when he worked as a caddy at his local country club. He’s been in love with the game […]

Fresh Pasta Restaurant – Pasta By Hudson

If anyone can make a fast casual, fresh pasta restaurant a success, it’s brandon Fay. He’s a well known New York City TV Chef and he ran The Trattoria Dell’Arte, one of NYC’s most successful Italian restaurants, for nearly 18 years. His latest venture, Pasta by Hudson, takes fine Italian cuisine and puts it in […]

The Frozen Farmer – Farm Fresh Ice Cream

Katey Evans started The Frozen Farmer, her line of “farm fresh” ice cream, to solve a problem. Her husband’s third generation family farm, Evans Farms, grows produce to sell at their own produce market and other markets and restaurants. The problem is roughly 20% of the produce they grow, they can’t sell because it isn’t […]

Goumi Kids – Baby Clothing

Linsey Fuller and Lili Yeo are the two moms behind Goumi Kids (pronounced GO ME), a ten year old kids clothing company that enters the Shark Tank in episode 1116. They named the company after the goumi berry, the fruit of a tree that’s “able to thrive in all kinds of conditions.” The two moms […]

The Critter Pricker Raccoon Deterrent

Joe Balistreri invented The Critter Pricker to protect people from the sneakiest break-in artists in the world: raccoons. He likes animals, but as a pest control professional, he knows they can pose threats and become a nuisance to people. Joe’s had his own pest control business in Florida since 2010 and he now has Critter […]

The Safety Nailer Protects Your Fingers

The Safety Nailer was invented by Navy Veteran Daniel Eifes in 2012 after he was medically discharged. If you’ve ever whacked your thumb with a hammer, you will want this product. It’s a small plastic “bumper” that holds a nail securely in position and protects you from painful “errant strikes.” It took Daniel, and his […]

Popped Water Lily Seeds by Bohana

Bohana is a word mash of botanical and makhana – the latter being the Hindi word for water lily seeds. When water lily seeds are put over high heat, they pop into a puff like popcorn. Unlike popcorn, Bohana has 67 percent less fat, 20 percent less calories and 50 percent more protein. The puffs […]

Group Hug Personal Solar Panels

Krystal Persaud started Group Hug, her company that makes “personal solar panels,” out of curiosity more than anything else. She was searching for a business to start, and the only criteria she had was it was a sustainable product. Persaud is a design engineer by profession and she used the processes she learned in that […]

Boho Camper Vans

David Sodemann and Brett Ellenson unknowingly started Boho Camper Vans when David returned from a trip to Maui with company co-founder Sarina Gomez. The couple rented a custom camper van to explore the island and they wanted one of their own, so they built one. To help pay for it, they offered it for rent […]

Bertello Pizza Oven

Brothers Andy and Eric Bert unveil their Bertello Pizza Oven with the hope a Shark will help them bring it to the masses. The Berts began designing portable, outdoor pizza ovens a couple of years ago. A pizza oven is supposed to get to a 900 degree temperature to give the crust that crispy exterior […]

Kids Luv – Vitamin Enriched Sugar Free Drinks for Kids

Like all great ideas, Ashi Jelinek came up with the idea for Kids Luv at a youth soccer game. She noticed parents watering down sugary juices to refresh their kids between quarters. That caused her to take a close look at the kinds of drinks she was giving her own kids. She didn’t like what […]

The Space Traveler – Personal Space for Kids

Krissy Pruske and Rachel Lincoln invented The Space Traveler to make traveling with kids easier. Picture a road trip with 2 (or 3 or 4…) kids in the back. Invariably, there will be bickering. This can be an aggravating time for parents who have to not only keep their eyes on the road, but also […]

Swimply – Swimming Pool Rental App

When Bunim Laskin saw his neighbor’s new swimming pool at age 14, little did he know it would become a business. He asked the neighbor if he could use her pool. She agreed if he’d help with 25% of the maintenance costs. He agreed, and he was impressed that the neighbor made the same deal […]

Pair Eye Wear – Customizable Kid’s Glasses

The inspiration for Pair Eye Wear came from co-founder Nathan Kondamuri’s experiences wearing eye glasses as a child. He was a little scared by the prospect and bored by the styles offered at the time. Nathan and Pair co-founder Sophia Edelstein met while attending Stanford. Nathan was a mechanical engineering student and Sophia studied biology. […]

The Coconut Girl – Paleo Ice Cream Sandwiches

Francheska “Frankie” Yamsuan is The Coconut Girl. It’s hard to separate her from her brand because she is so immersed in the making and marketing of her product which goes by the same name. Coconut Girl is the name of her Paleo Ice Cream sandwiches. She started making them as a snack for herself, then […]

Bite Toothpaste Bits

Lindsay McCormick first started making Bite Toothpaste Bits in her apartment for her own personal use. Lindsay is an environmentally conscious person who hated seeing the waste in her world travels as a TV producer. The thing that bothered her the most was toothpaste tubes. They’re plastic and not recyclable, plus most toothpastes contain some […]

Baby Quip – Baby Gear Rental Service

Baby Quip is kind of an Uber or AirBnB for baby gear. Think of the last time you traveled with a baby and try to envision all the stuff you needed to tote along. A travel crib, car seat, stroller and more can make it seem like you’re going on a safari rather than a […]

Shake-It-Pup – Dog Food Seasonings

Before creating Shake-It-Pup, AJ Crook and Brett Maiolfi were no strangers to the dog food business. In 2016, they launched Snap Wag, a successful craft dog food business. They make and sell high quality dog food in small batches. Shake It Pup morphed out of that business. Shake-It-Pup is a line of dog food seasonings […]

Bala Bangles – Fashion Wrist and Ankle Weights

Max Kislevitz and Natalie Holloway, husband and wife yoga enthusiasts and instructors, created Bala Bangles to put a better aesthetic on wrist and ankle weights. Adding weight to your wrists and ankles while doing yoga (or any exercise) has advantages: you get a little bit more muscle workout. Wrist and ankle weights are nothing new […]

Fur Oil – For Grooming Pubic Hair

Fur Oil is the creation of life long friends Laura Schubert and Lillian Tung. Laura initially came up with the idea in 2014 while chatting with her sister about grooming pubic hair. She sensed a need in the marketplace and, after doing some research, convinced herself there was. After a lot of phone calls, she […]

Pips & Bounce – Ping Pong Parlor

The Jung brothers – Eugene and Michael – started Pips & Bounce out of their life-long love of ping pong. They grew up playing in their basement with family and friends, but after they left home to start careers, their access to ping pong dwindled, but their love of the game was still strong. As […]

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