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Shark Tank Episode 1117 Re-Run

Friday, May 29 there is an episode 1117 re-run. What makes this re-run interesting is it originally aired on March 20, 2020 – the date most of the USA shut down due to the Covid – 19 pandemic. While doing Shark Tank updates for the four businesses featured in the episode 117 re-run, I noticed […]

Dreamland Weighted Baby Blankets

Tara Williams created Dreamland Baby because she was sleep deprived. Her fourth child, Luke, would not sleep. When babies don’t sleep, parents don’t either. When you have four kids and aren’t sleeping, life can be a bit rough. Tara has a very positive attitude though and she kept plugging along. One night, little Luke was being […]

The Mad Optimist – Personalized Soaps and Skin Care

Mohammed M. Mahdi, Mohammed A. Mahdi and Anthony Duncan had a lot of help when they started The Mad Optimist. They incubated their business with grants valued at $300,000 at a Cincinnati area small business incubator called The Brandery. They also got free office space for a year and free consultations with executives from companies […]

Yellowleaf Hammocks and the Hammock Throne

Joe Demin and Rachel Connors discovered the first Yellowleaf Hammocks while motorcycling in the hills of Thailand. They were in the tribal lands of the Mlabri Tribe, known as “the people of the yellow leaf,” Now, some of those tribeswomen are employees of the business. Back in 2012, Demin did a Kickstarter that raised a […]

SharkTank Season 11 Finale

As we sit on the eve of the Shark Tank Season 11 Finale, the world has changed in in explicable ways since the season began. Little did we know back in September that an unseen virus would flip our realities on our collective heads. For me, not much changed. I work at home anyways, so […]

The Salted Restaurant Group

Jeff Appelbaum represents The Salted Restaurant Group in his appearance in episode 1124. He claims he has the future of restaurants in his business and he may have been more prophetic than even he thought in the era of Covid-19. Salted operates six different restaurants in four major metropolitan markets. Here’s the catch: they offer […]

RescueReady – Fire Escape Ladder

Eric Hartsfield and Brett Russel invented RescueReady, their fire escape ladder that’s built right into a window frame, to save lives. Even homes with safety fire escape ladders have risks. If a ladder is stored in a tough to get to spot, precious time can be lost getting it ready. A RescueReady ladder deploys in […]

MC Squares – Business Collaboration Tools

MC Squares founder Anthony Franco knows a lot about business. He’s built and sold five companies and won numerous awards for his business acumen. So it’s no surprise he finds himself heading his sixth company – a business that helps make collaboration easier. When you’ve been in the business world as long as Franco, you’ve […]

The Potty Safe – Locking Potty Trainer

Colt and Stacy Hall invented The Potty Safe to solve a problem. Back in 2013, they were potty training their first child. Their daughter liked playing with her potty trainer and frequently spilled the contents all over their bathroom. It was, to put it mildly, disgusting. The new parents went searching for a potty trainer […]

Tough Ties by Tough Apparel

Tough Ties creators Kevin Shoemaker and Skylar Bennett are snappy dressers. They always wore the best suits to their office where they were commercial real estate brokers. That was all fine and dandy until they became dads. Babies can be messy little buggers and the two snappy dressers were soon dealing with drool, spilled food […]

Lord Von Schmitt – Crochet Clothing

Schuyler Ellers, aka Lord Von Schmitt, learned to knit and crochet while working as an English teacher in Spain. Little did he know it would become his life’s work. Now, the quirky entrepreneur makes his living selling what he describes as “Recycled Upcycled Sustainable Cosmic Space Crochet for Radical Badass Mother Effers.” In short, he […]

DadWare – Bonding Shirts for Dads

The third time was the charm for DadWare creator Nick Baker. He applied to Shark Tank three times with his product – a kangaroo bonding shirts for dads with infants called the Bondaroo. The Bondaroo is named after his daughter Eva’s nickname: the little Bugaroo. Eva was instrumental in the creation of the Bondaroo too. […]

Unbuckle Me – Car Seat Unbuckler

Barbara Heilman invented Unbuckle Me to solve a problem. She wanted to take her new grand daughter out on excursions while she was caring for her, but her arthritis made it difficult to exert enough pressure on the buckle that secured the child seat. As an occupational therapist, she decided to create a splint to […]

Van Robotics Presents Abii

Van Robotics founder Laura Boccanfuso knows the role technology is increasingly taking in education. She also knows teachers and parents struggle with helping kids, especially slower learners, learn to be proficient in math. That’s why her company created Abii, the robot tutor for elementary math education. Abii is a desk top robot that teaches math […]

Tanoshi Computers for Kids

Tanoshi Computers wants to make fun, affordable computers for kids. The word Tanoshi means “fun” in Japanese and kids seem to embrace that. As for affordable, at $189 apiece with all the software kids need pre-installed, it is relatively affordable. The mission for Tanoshi Computers is that every kid has access to technology. With more […]

Proven Skincare – Custom Formulas

Proven Skincare founders Ming Zhao and Amy Yuan took a different approach when they founded their business. They didn’t want to sell a one-size-fits-all skincare product, they wanted to customize their products to each customers’ individual skincare needs. That’ not an easy task, unless you have a huge database. It turns out, they do. Yuan […]

The Little Burro and Burro Buddy

The Little Burro is one of those inventions that is born out of necessity and, when it comes to fruition, it really takes off. Bob Thorsen, a successful construction company operator, invented the Little Burro so his wife wouldn’t have to make a lot of trips to the gardening shed while gardening on their property. […]

Jig Aerobics – Dance Fitness

Ladonte Lotts was a dancer and entertainer long before he started Jig Aerobics, his dance/fitness program that he’s pitching in the Shark Tank. As a child, he took dance lessons from a very young age. When he got older and went off to college, he was a drum major at Southern University and A&M College […]

Mural Painter Inc – Murals for Any Occasion

Emily Strauss got her education in the fine arts, which certainly helped her with Mural Painter Inc. She’ll be pitching this unique business to the Sharks in episode 1121. She graduated and started her entrepreneurial career with Design Center NYC – the company that eventually became Mural Painter Inc.  She also runs Vandalize Apparel, a […]

Fried Green Tomatoes – Secret Sauce

Holly Cooper is a foodie and she brings her skills to the Shark Tank to pitch her “secret sauce” she serves on her food trailer called Fried Green Tomatoes. Her previous food businesses included running a place called the Blue Goose Café and managing and operating The Hermitage House Smorgasbord. In 2012, she joined the […]

Just the Cheese – Grilled Cheese Bars

David Scharfman decided to resurrect Just the Cheese, his family run cheese bar company, back in 2017. His family owns a cheese business and when David was younger, he came up with an idea for a new product. When making a grilled cheese sandwich, David always liked when the cheese burnt crispy. He literally wanted […]

Neuro Gum and Mints

Kent Yoshimura and Ryan Chen, the founders of Neuro Gum, are old college buddies who share a passion for fitness, wellness and athletics. Kent does Muay Thai boxing and Judo. Ryan is a Kendo black belt and trained with the US Paralympic team. Both men led busy college lives what with studies and athletics. They […]

Seriously Slime – Slime Party Store

Shannon Valko and Sarah McDermott know a mess when they see one, so they created Seriously Slime to have a neat way to play with the gooiest of kids’ crafts. Slime first came on the scene in 1978 when Mattel packed it in a can and sold it. Since then, it’s become an iconic rite […]

First Saturday Lime – Insect Repellent

Jana McDaniel and Jessica Jacobs are sisters who, along with Jana’s husband Zac, pitch the Sharks on First Saturday Lime, an all natural insect repellent. Jana and Jessica grew up on a farm and their father had a lime business too. They always knew lime was a good insect repellent. It dries out the insects’ […]

Prepwell Academy – College Admissions Guidance

Phil Black becomes one of only a handful of entrepreneurs to appear a second time in the Shark Tank when he pitches Prepwell Academy, his college admissions guidance “school.” We first saw Phil in season 5 when he pitched FitDeck. He sold that company in 2014 and began working on PrepWell shortly thereafter. The impetus […]