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RescueReady – Fire Escape Ladder

rescuereadyEric Hartsfield and Brett Russel invented RescueReady, their fire escape ladder that’s built right into a window frame, to save lives. Even homes with safety fire escape ladders have risks. If a ladder is stored in a tough to get to spot, precious time can be lost getting it ready. A RescueReady ladder deploys in lees than thirty seconds and it’s already where you need it: at the point of egress.

Hartsfield and Russel are firefighters who specialize in rescuing people in burning buildings. They know that seconds save lives.A room can be completely engulfed in flames in as little as two minutes. That’s why over 2500 people die in house fires every year. They hope their product can bring that number down. The RescueReady ladder is permanently attached in a small compartment under a window. If the unthinkable happens, slide open the compartment door and put the ladder out the window.

The two men, in addition to being firefighters, own small businesses and attended the business school at James Madison University. This business venture is a true start-up. They haven’t produced product and they have a brand new website. They are announcing a Kickstarter – likely timed to launch when their episode airs. They’re hoping a Shark will help them too.

My Take on RescueReady

When I was a kid, we had a fire escape ladder in every bedroom. My brother and I used to practice using ours (which drove my mother nuts). I even used it to sneak out of the house once! Luckily, we never needed them for their real purpose.

Since I live in a one story home, I don’t really need one, so I’m not a customer. I can see how people would want this. It’s a safety thing and a lot of people are very safety conscious. The first design I saw seemed like the product was difficult to install, but they’ve revamped it for the Kickstarter campaign so anyone who can hang a big screen TV can set it up.

Will Sharks Rescue This Business?

The fact that they haven’t produced a product yet and that they are running a Kickstarter in conjunction with their appearance makes me think they don’t get a deal. It’s a rare thing for pure start-ups to get a deal in the Tank. Most of the time, no sales means no deal.

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  1. Great idea, why can’t it be mounted in the wall below the window
    Let me know if you need help

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