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Beyond the Tank Season One Episodes

beyond the tank season oneBeyond the Tank Season One features three episodes. The premiere episode originally aired May 1, 2015 and featured in depth updates on three past Shark Tank companies. Future episodes include compelling stories from past entrepreneurs who appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank.

Beyond the Tank Season One Episodes

Each week, Shark Tank Blog will recap Beyond the Tank Season One Episodes. Links to those episodes will appear below. Each episode page will contain recaps, reviews, company updates and links to more resources.

Episode 101 – 5/1/2015

Episode 103 – 5/8/2015

Episode 102 – 5/15/2015

Producer Mark Burnett is respected in Hollywood for his ability to tell compelling stories through the reality television concept. If Shark Tank gave us good “short stories,” Beyond the Tank Season One gives a more “novel-like” glimpse at what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

Shark Tank’s success is largely due to its ability to express hope for entrepreneurs everywhere. It tells the story of the American Dream in a condensed format. Beyond the Tank Season One gives us a closer look at the dream. The picture painted in the new series is still hopeful, but viewers see success in business isn’t as easy as doing a deal with a Shark.

Beyond the Tank Season One Format

The updates presented in Beyond the Tank Season One show the trials and tribulations each individual faces after they leave the Shark Tank. We’ll see success stories and failures, but the overall message is it takes hard work to be a successful entrepreneur. The show features businesses that got deals and ones that didn’t; each business faces its own set of challenges and opportunities, but we’ll get to see those first-hand.

The Sharks play a role in Beyond the Tank, too. We’ll see another side of each Shark and get an idea of their individual business styles. Each Shark has their own on-air persona and Beyond the Tank will peel back the curtain a bit to reveal what they’re really like when working with their entrepreneurs. Shark Tank created a new business channel for each Shark and each Shark has a team dedicated to working with their Shark Tank investments.

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