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Line Cutterz

line cutterzVance Zahorski hopes to hook a Shark when he pitches Line Cutterz, his fishing gear business, in Shark Tank episode 810. Vance is a life-long fisherman who got tired of biting fishing line and fumbling with knives and scissors while fishing. His first invention, the Line Cutters ring, is a ring that quickly and safely cuts fishing line without any other tools.

He also sells a hook puller ring that safely holds a hook while tying fishing knots. Both rings make it easier and safer to handle fishing line – especially when fishing from a kayak. Other items available on the Line Cutterz website include apparel, fish grips, lures, and fishing rods.

Zahorski is a 14 year sales veteran of the appliance and mortgage industries. He started the company in 2014 to merge his passion for fishing with a business. Each of his rings sell for $12-$20, depending on the style. In just two short years, Vance amassed a big following in the fishing community and his products sell internationally.

He likely needs a Shark’s help getting into big box retail. Will he catch one?

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Line Cutterz Shark Tank Recap

Vance enters the Tank seeking $120,000 for 20% of the business. He tells his story, demonstrates his product, then hands out samples to the Sharks.  He lets them know he’s done $280,000 in sales in a year. They cost him  $1.60 to make and he sells them for $12. He is currently in 100 locations and he sells on his website. He made inquires at Wal Mart, but they wanted him to sell them for $4.99, Vance declined. Kevin thinks that was foolish.

Robert says his grandfather had a similar ring and Vance would get knocked off, he’s out. Mark is next, stating he isn’t much of a fisherman. Daymond wants to know what he’ll do with the money. Vance says he needs to hire help to get the business where he wants it to go. Daymond offers $150,000 for 40%. Vance wants to hear from the other Sharks. Kevin starts hinting he wants to join Daymond, but Daymond says his offer could change if Vance delays further. After that, Kevin goes out. Lori does too, so Daymond’s offer is the only one on the table. Vance gets Daymond to go to 33% and they do the deal.

Line Cutterz Shark Tank Update

The Shark Tank Blog constantly provides updates and follow-ups about entrepreneurs who have appeared on the Shark Tank TV show. In the month after the original air date, Vance sold more product than the previous year. Vance thinks he can apply his patent to scuba diving, cutting guitar strings, bagpipe strings, cutting butcher’s string, balloon tying, crafting, sewing and more. Since airing, he’s introduced a flat mount and a pole mount version of the cutters.

But wait, there’s more! Now he has a line of fishing rods, reels, and dozens of fishing related apparel and accessories. In 2020, he opened a brick and mortar store in West Columbia, TX. He runs Line Cutterz out of the same building. As of April, 2024, he is doing about $1-$2 million in annual revenue.