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Kevin O’Leary

Kevin O'Leary

Self-Professed, Mr. Wonderful is viciously entertaining with more “one-liners” than all other Sharks combined, minus Jeff Foxworthy (one-liners). Kevin O’Leary insults almost every Entrepreneur pitching on Shark Tank. No matter how rude he may get, he always remains unapologetic.

Say, “You’re Dead to Me!” and Shark Tank Fans immediately think of Kevin O’Leary. The quote rolls off his tongue when Entrepreneurs turn down his offers. He’s really saying, “I’m Out, but I really wanted to make this deal.”

Surprisingly, Kevin O’Leary wanted to become a Fashion Photographer before building a toy company he sold to Mattell for over 3 Billion Dollars.

O’Leary loves doing Television. He’s an original cast member of the Canadian version of Shark Tank, Dragons Den (the model for Shark Tank). He is still doing that show.

Quotes on Shark Tank

  • “You’re Dead To Me”

Books by Kevin O’Leary

  • Cold Hard Truth: On Business, Money & Life

Personal Information

  • Birthdate: July 9th, 1954
  • Birthplace: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  • Education
    • University of Waterloo
    • University of Western Ontario

O’Leary sold a software company to Mattell for over 3 Billion dollars after starting it in his basement. He not only appears on Shark Tank but, Dragon’s Den (the model for Shark Tank) and Lang & O’Leary Exchange. He spent a year and a half writing a book, “The Cold Hard Truth”, available on Amazon.

Winning in the war of business makes Kevin O’Leary happy. He claims he is willing to pour boiling oil over competitors to kill them as long as it is legal.

O’Leary loves licensing deals. He doesn’t get them often, but he is always pitching entrepreneurs who are not able to take their deal to the next level. James Mitchell of Pure Ayre is the perfect example. O’Leary first called him a cockroach, than proceeded to offer him $150,000 plus a 7% royalty resulting in a complete buyout. Mitchell blew the deal, letting his emotions get the best of him.

Money is everything in O’Leary’s life. He does tell the Cold, Hard Truth the way he sees it, and he claims he sleeps like a baby. Somehow, I can’t help thinking that deep down inside he regrets many statements he makes.

Imagine, Kevin O’Leary wanted to be a fashion photographer and ended up telling The Cold Hard Truth to entrepreneurs and fans everywhere.


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    I’m diggin’ on the licensing approach!

  4. Kevin,
    I have a billion-dollar software idea that I would like to privately discuss with you. Am willing to send you a NDA so we can talk openly.

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    Dr. Ethelle Lord
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  6. Jill Doetsch says

    Hello Kevin,
    We have a licensing issue. My husband did a federal trademark on a logo/quote..for use on clothing and one other category, he paid $2,000. Now people are on the internet selling items with his trademark logo, left and right. What is the next step we take to remedy this? Thank you so much for your time!

    Jill Doetsch

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  9. Hey Kevin , I heard you worked at Mattel , I have an idea about a football game , this would be easy money for you , they have showned interest in the past , looking for a licensing deal .

  10. Smart guy who acts like a weirdo at times who dismisses any startup or anyone who doesn’t make a success on their initial investment if it is not on his time line of one year because he thinks more like a company investor and then that of a venture capitalist or angel business startup investor. Kevin do you really want to be on the show not realizing most people pitching on the show are breaking new ground for themselves and many times starting new industries yet are not born with a trust fund and have jobs or families or other interests and responsibilities. setbacks, tragedies, that makes for a slower pace Kevin he loses out on opportunities because he is wound too tight. He thinks every business on Shark Tank should be issuing bonds before he considers an investment. Ok that’s an over exaggeration but you blew it Kevin on the coffee deal. Worse than that you really showed idiocy in your push a stone analogy belittling that mans accomplishments and position for the US market you made yourself look like damn fool. Fools on the Tank were all that night. Kevin you were so wrong and lost all credibility seriously.

  11. Michael Burch says

    I have a licensing deal of a lifetime for you Kevin! I invented and have a patent on the only urinal that either a man or a woman can use. It can retrofit most any existing bathroom and only requires a few inches of room to install My invention alone can save the state of California 984 million gallons of fresh water per day, how is that for eco friendly? In fact I named it the eco-nal multisex urinal. I am retired and do not wish to build and market it. I am looking for your help in getting a licensing deal. Check it out on my facebook page entitled eco-nal and let me know?

  12. Jeffrey Tenny says

    I’m have a million dollar idea I cannot afford to patent due to an unforgiving economy and raising a family. I am also not going to sugar coat it. Mr wonderful loves money and so do I. I will sell the idea for the right price. As soon as the patent clears let the bidding war begin with the large cellular device company’s. This idea is not only practical it actually saves lives. I really want Kevin and perhaps Robert to gain the profit from this as long as I get a cut or royalty. Yes just like that. No patent, no sales, no valuation. Does that mean your going to say no to an opportunity that will revolutionize the hand held devices which equals cash money. i will tell mr wonderful the idea, no strings attached, and he may claim all the fame. I would only ask for some chump change to help my family and also would like one of the first produced. My next move will be contacting the cell company’s. Better act soon. Thank you for your time.

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