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Copa Di Vino Shark Tank Preview

James Martin, Copa Di VinoCopa Di Vino Entrepreneur,  James Martin, gets one more chance to put a deal together with the Shark Tank Investors. Will the Shark Tank investors eat him alive or are they going to step up and offer him another deal? Chances are, he gets offered a deal again.

The last time, Kevin O’Leary asked James Martin to separate the single serving wine glass concept from his product. This time, Entrepreneur James Martin has to be ready. He knows  the first question before he gets into the Shark Tank. The investors are going to want to license the glass.

ABC came out and filmed Copa Di Vino on location at The Dalles Oregon home of his wineries, so this is a huge night for Martin.

I believe that Copa Di Vino has made serious progress since the first show and may even cause a feeding frenzy with the Shark Tank Investors. Look for Kevin O’Leary to go after this deal again with Daymond John and Mark Cuban jumping in the mix.

The question is, will the Shark Investors fight for the deal, or are they going to fight with James Martin? I think after a bit of badgering at first, they are going to do what the fans love and the Shark Tank Investors will fight among themselves to land the Copa Di Vino Deal.

James Martin said that he received more than 300 Copa Di Vino investment offers after the show aired and has grown the business to over $5,000,000 in revenue. He didn’t take any of those investment deals either, which leads me to question if he will take one tonight.

There could be fireworks and what better to watch fireworks with than a great glass of wine?

I’m ready for James Martin to  bring Copa Di Vino into the Shark Tank tonight! Find out what Rob thinks



  1. Rob thinks it’s MY BLOG! LOL! If this guy doesn’t get a deal, then the producers are sadists.

  2. What kind of filter is there over the entrepreneurs who are presenting?  Is there any due diligence prior to airing, or who does one participate?  I’d like to know if there is any chance that this could be real?  The numbers didn’t sound that far off, but who knows if the technology works?  Did they?

    • kirktaylorcom says

       @HMR_in_SV The Sharks have not met or discussed the business  prior to the Entrepreneurs appearing on the show, with one exception. That is Copa di Vino.
      Due Dilligence is done after the show, which means that many entrepreneurs ultimately don’t get a deal, or the metrics of the deal change as a result of the due diligence.
      There are several of the entrepreneurs that do get the deal agreed upon in the show.

  3. I watched it – and in my opinion, Mr Martin is either very mean, or a PR disaster. He had the sweetest deal handed to him and he stood there soaking in the camera time, looking like he’d taken one too many Prozacs.
    I see his offerings in my local store, and have yet to buy one, when for the same price, I can get a really good half bottle and get two glasses of good wine for the same price. I hope his friend at Sam Adams told him that he really blew it.

  4. What Martin doesn’t tell the Sharks is that he didn’t actually create the technology for the wine-by-the-glass. He has a partner from France that created it and that’s why he can’t separate the patent from the manufacturing as the Sharks had wanted. Interesting…

    • The partnership issue could be part of the reason why he ended up with no deal, but I think he’s on the show for PR only.

      • M Stephens says

        Absolutely. He was there ONLY for more publicity, imo. I don’t like or trust this weasel. I’d go through alcohol withdrawals before I drank his wine.

  5. This guy was very arrogant.

  6. @ Rob…agreed on the PR. He said the first time he was on the show, he had sold something like 100K units. But after the airing of the show the first time, he’ll do close to 5 mil this year. I found it funny that he could sell 5 mil units and still not have the money to build a 2nd assembly line to meet the demand. He’ll do fine without the Sharks.

  7. The problem is that people aren’t going to buy your wine just because it is in a glass! People buy certain wine because they enjoy the drink. It makes sense to licence this technology out because many wine drinkers already have their wine preferences because of taste/reputation. People aren’t just going to start buying Copa DaVino wine because it is in a glass… They may try it once or twice to actually see if it is good wine, and once they find out it doesn’t taste good, they will never buy it again! It is going to be very hard to have repeat customers. Agree or Disagree?

    • Agree.

      • But as I mentioned before…Martin doesn’t own the technology to be able to open the flood gates on the licensing. And if the french partner that does own the patent opts to license it, Martin gets shut out in the cold because it’s his wineries that are producing the mediocre wine that’s going in the cool glasses.

  8. wow, he went on ST twice! That means that ABC now has either 10% of his company or is getting 10% royalty on every glass sold, I hope that it was worth the publicity,

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