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3 Valuable Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn From the Sharks

Watching Shark Tank is like taking a course in business: every episode is jam packed with valuable insights that can help you become a successful entrepreneur. If you pay attention to every episode, you will see the Sharks emphasize key business factors such as knowing your numbers, scalability, tapping into a trending market, customer experience, […]

SleepStyler – Laser Focus Your Deal and Win

In a little over a year, Tara Brown of The SleepStyler took her idea from inception to production to sales. Most would assume she was solely focused on launching her new business. In fact, she was balancing a medical career, raising a family and learning a new industry concurrently. A modern take on sponge curlers, […]

Do Valuations Matter?

This guest post on valuations was written by Dan Casey of PurchaseOrderFinancing.Com During negotiations with the Sharks, no amount of experience and passion can bridge the gap when an entrepreneur can’t explain why the company is worth the valuation. Valuation tells prospective investors the potential worth of the company in the future. It’s the cost […]

Heart – Felt Greeting Cards

Talk about a slam dunk. Tomer Alpert’s heart-FELT presentation (I couldn’t resist!) really won over the Sharks. The FELT greeting cards app offers a way to mail cards with photos, write personal notes using your own handwriting and save all this information to personalize other cards. It even includes a marketplace for designers to sell […]

Gladiator Lacrosse – Soak Up the PR and Keep your Equity

Rachel Zietz, founder of Gladiator Lacrosse, rocked the Tank this week. This 15-year old entrepreneur was tired of practicing lacrosse on poor quality equipment and seized the opportunity to create something better. From concept to delivery, every detail was considered and the Sharks were very impressed. Why did Rachel walk away without a deal? It […]

“Ruff” Win for Petnostic

Petnostic owner Steve Chen received an enthusiastic reception from the Sharks. They eagerly snuggled up to his rescue pup Austin to learn how dog owners can check their pet’s health instantly. It’s an affordable home test kit that identifies any early warning signs before they become too serious. Despite a strong product, doubts started to […]

The Total Tie Keep: Totally Unprepared

Dwight Littlejohn, creator of The Total Tie Keep, had a commanding presence walking into the Shark Tank. As a federal agent, he exuded confidence when explaining the inspiration behind his clever tie-keep product. The Sharks loved his product and they were clearly impressed by Dwight. Why did he leave the tank without a Shark investment? […]

Tipsy Elves vs. The Beard Head

Why did Shark Robert Herjavec invest in Tipsy Elves but not The Beard Head? Both are novelty items riding a current trend: Tipsy Elves sells ugly Christmas sweaters and The Beard Head sells hats with built-in beards. You’d think Robert would want to replicate his Tipsy Elves success formula with The Beard Head. While there […]

Sharks Went Easy On Brazi Bites Cheese Bread

Guest post on the Brazi Bites cheese bread deal with Lori Grenier – by Dan Casey Bread that is cheesy AND gluten-free? What’s not to love? Introducing Brazilian cheese bread as a healthy snack option. Cameron MacMullin and Junea Rocha built Brazi Bites in 3 short years to $600,000 tripling sales each year. With only 50% equity […]

Will Saavy Naturals lather up?

Guest post on the Saavy Naturals deal with Barbara Corcoran – by Dan Casey The natural soap market is highly competitive. At every farmer’s market and natural food store, you see various soap brands in different shapes and colors with discernible specks of herbs. Saavy Naturals believes using food grade, chemical-free ingredients to nourish your body’s largest […]

Table 87 Pizza – FUGGETABOUTIT!

Guest post on the Table 87 Pizza deal with Lori Grenier – by Dan Casey QVC Queen Partners with Table 87 Pizza – Will It Work? Tom Cucco of Table 87 Pizza is the real deal. Born and raised in Brooklyn, he runs two successful pizza restaurants in a highly competitive market. He has begun to […]

ID Stronghold vs. SignalVault

Guest Post on how SignalVault can beat competitor ID Stronghold by Dan Casey We now live in an era of electronic pick-pocketing where thieves with scanners can steal our credit card information without ever touching our wallet. Chris Gilpin of SignalVault is on a mission to protect customers against these types of “crowd hackings” happening […]

Dark Moments for BottleBright

I was intrigued by the nimble cleaning power of BottleBright for reusable containers. I had a lot of issues, however, with the Shark Tank segment. From the odd critiques from the Sharks to the presentation by entrepreneurs Justin Koehneke and Seth Friedman, I thought this was a very unusual segment. Critique of the BottleBright critiques “Nobody gives […]

Wine in the Shark Tank

 ZIPZ  Wine vs. Copa Di Vino Wine Let’s take a quick stroll down memory lane with Copa Di Vino wine. Just typing the company name makes me cringe remembering the exchanges between Mr. Wonderful (Kevin O’Leary) and James Martin during Copa Di Vino’s two appearances in the Tank. This season we were introduced to a new player […]

Eco Nuts Spearheads Nepal Earthquake Relief

This guest post was written by Mona Weiss from Eco Nuts. Mona and her fiance, Scott Shields, pitched in the Shark Tank during season four. Their products are harvested and produced in Nepal, which recently suffered from devastating earthquakes. Mona is spearheading a fundraising effort to bring relief to the suffering citizens of Nepal. Eco […]

Shark Tank: My Response to a Common Question

  This guest post was written by Julie Busha, Food Marketing Pro extraordinaire at Nicole Foods, the makers of America’s hottest new condiment: Slawsa. If you are an entrepreneur with a food product you want to market, take my advice: look at what Julie has done with Slawsa in only one year with a limited […]

Melni Connectors: Key Ingredients of a Successful Pitch

Melni Connectors walked away with a coveted deal from Mark Cuban, but they came dangerously close to wasting this golden ticket in front of the Sharks. The Sharks unanimously bashed their presentation. As potential investors, the Sharks need to understand the product and its potential. Let’s look at the key ingredients in a successful pitch. […]

Storm Stoppers Update

This Storm Stoppers update was provided by John Smith, President of Storm Stoppers. John wanted to give readers with an update on his company’s progress since appearing on the show last fall. Since our original air date as part of Shark Tank’s special 100th Episode last November, things at Storm Stoppers have been CRAZY BUSY!!! Winter is […]

Patent Law 101

This guest post was written by Adam Bruno, a registered patent attorney practicing in Boston. Adam is associated with BayState IP, a law firm specializing in intellectual property law, including patents, trademarks and copyrights. Mr. Bruno is admitted to practice in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts and the U.S. Patent […]

Shopify eCommerce Solution for Shark Tank Businesses

The Shopify ecommerce solution is one of the most robust platforms available on the market. More than half the businesses appearing on Shark Tank use Shopify, which is a testimony to its quality. Recently, the folks at Shopify submitted this guest post to highlight some of the things that make the Shopify ecommerce platform THE CHOICE […]

Mission NOT Impossible – Words to the Wise for Sseko Sandals

It’s always hard to watch Ben and Liz from Sseko Sandals, passionate and smart entrepreneurs, leave the Tank without an offer. It’s especially hard when entrepreneurs with a charitable mission leave empty handed. Their heart is in the right place, but the investment isn’t profitable for the Sharks. SSEKO Sandals’ passion for helping women in Uganda is […]

Lumio Pitch – The Most Important 30-second Answer Ever

The Internet was glowing in January with articles about the LUMIO pitch – beautiful product, elegant branding, logical growth plan, and a driven entrepreneur, Max Gunawan. Five sharks, five offers…which offer would your business accept? It’s a question you need to carefully evaluate BEFORE swimming with the sharks or any investor. Every business is different […]

UpCity: SEO for Startups, Entrepreneurs & Sharks

If you’re a start-up, entrepreneur or a small business, SEO is on your radar, but you probably don’t have time to track, manage and maintain it – that’s where UpCity comes in.  There are a ton of tools out there, but many of them could end up getting you penalized with Google, are outdated, or […]

5 Tips: How to Get a Shark Tank Product on Store Shelves!

About the Author: Karen Waksman ( is a Manufacturer’s Rep turned Author, Speaker, and Consultant. She has sold millions of consumer products to the world’s largest retailers and now teaches her proven strategies on how to approach, pitch, and sell to major retail buyers to the ‘underdog’ supplier – the small to mid-size product company […]

An Unexpected Shark Tank Winner

When is a Shark Tank loser a Shark Tank winner? When the product has open purchase orders when taping, that’s when! Sales trumps all in the Shark Tank, but Soapsox left without a deal, even though their sales were good, because they stuck to their valuation. Heart Pup was a Shark Tank winner too, but […]