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Storm Stoppers Update

storm stoppers update

This Storm Stoppers update was provided by John Smith, President of Storm Stoppers. John wanted to give readers with an update on his company’s progress since appearing on the show last fall.

Since our original air date as part of Shark Tank’s special 100th Episode last November, things at Storm Stoppers have been CRAZY BUSY!!! Winter is normally a slow time in the storm protection business because there are no hurricanes or tornadoes. However, thanks to Shark Tank, Storm Stoppers has closed many, many sales that we would not have otherwise had.

Storm Stoppers Update Website

The huge demand for Storm Stoppers has inspired us to redesign our website, and focus more on a “Call to Action” on the site. Our previous website featured a lot of information for visitors to absorb. Now, there is a short paragraph about Storm Stoppers, a few photos and videos and our “Request a DIY Quote” smack dab in the middle of the homepage. We have also added the Storm Stoppers 143 mph “Wall of Wind” test. The Wall of Wind is a unique testing facility in Miami, Florida which replicated a Category 4 Major Hurricane and an EF03 Tornado winds. This wind testing was so powerful that it blew the testing structure off of its bolted-on base and rolled it 50 feet away. The Storm Stoppers panels stayed on both during the test and during the roll! You can watch this wind test on the homepage of our website.

In addition to gearing up for the re-airing of the Shark Tank 100th Episode this Friday, April 3, the Storm Stoppers company has been heavily marketing in tornado-affected states like Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma. After exhibiting in Oklahoma’s largest home show this past January, the Oklahoman did a front page story about Storm Stoppers and one of its first customers in Oklahoma. Read it here.

We hope people tune in to Friday’s 100th Episode of Shark Tank to learn about Storm Stoppers and learn once and for all if Mr. Wonderful is a mind reader!

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