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Growing the Tower Brand

It’s been four and a half years since Stephan Aarstol stumbled into the Shark Tank and scored a deal with Mark Cuban for Tower Paddle Boards. He’s been quite busy since then, as I found out when I spoke to Alex Resnick, a new business director for Tower’s growing stable of products. The Shark Tank […]

Shark Tank Updates

Shark Tank Blog constantly does Shark Tank updates following a business’ original air date. Our staff diligently updates each business page as time goes on and new information becomes available. When a business airs for the first time, a business page gets created for that company. It highlights a bit of background information, recaps the […]

Breathometer Update with Mark Cuban

While patrolling the show floor at CES, I stopped to get a Breathometer update when I spied their booth. IPhone camera and notebook in hand, I approached the marketing director to check on their progress (Charles Michael Yim was not there). Some people may not be aware of their recent partnership with Uber, who provides discounts […]

Foot Cardigan Update

Foot Cardigan Update While still basking in the afterglow of their on-air deal with Troy Carter and Mark Cuban, the guys at Foot Cardigan found themselves SWAMPED with orders. I followed up with Bryan after last week’s interview to get a Foot Cardigan update. Bryan began our conversation by telling me how freaked out he […]

Luminoodle by Power Practical – Interview with Caleb Light

Luminoodle is the latest product from the brain trust at Power Practical, creators of the Power Pot. Power Pot got a deal with Mark Cuban back in season five. I spoke with Caleb Light today about what the company is up to now, and he gave me an update on their latest project. Power Pot’s […]

Frill Clothing Update Interview

I spoke with Sharon Bui and Kate Steadman via Skype recently to get a Frill Clothing update on their business’ progress since they aired on Shark Tank episode 618. The two young women accepted a $100,000 investment from Barbara and Mr. Wonderful for 30% of the business. Their deal is nearly complete with the two Sharks and, […]

Storm Stoppers Update

This Storm Stoppers update was provided by John Smith, President of Storm Stoppers. John wanted to give readers with an update on his company’s progress since appearing on the show last fall. Since our original air date as part of Shark Tank’s special 100th Episode last November, things at Storm Stoppers have been CRAZY BUSY!!! Winter is […]

Freaker Feet – Whoop!

Zach Crain pitched Freaker in season four and now HE’S BACK with Freaker Feet! Whoop! Freaker Feet are socks, done up in the wacky, sometimes irreverent, and colorful fashion of the original Freaker. You may recall Zach didn’t get a deal for his knit koozies, but he is a Kickstarter superstar. His 2011 campaign for […]

Corda Roys Update

Byron Young spoke with Shark Tank Blog for a CordaRoys update in the immediate aftermath of his original air date. He did a deal with Lori Grenier, who made a $200K investment for 58% of Corda Roys. It’s been about two years since Byron taped his segment and a year and a half since he did […]

Mark Cuban – the Anti Shark?

Mark Cuban isn’t afraid to mix it up on Twitter with anyone, but his Tweets last Friday have one Shark Tank Entrepreneur calling him the “Anti Shark.” Cuban, along with the other Sharks, was live Tweeting during the east coast broadcast. During the Cerebral Success pitch he and the other Sharks disparaged  the product calling […]

Power Pot Update

At the Shark Tank Blog, we like to give as many updates as we possibly can about business that appear on the show. In this Power Pot update below, Caleb Light – VP of sales at Power Practical writes about his experience pitching the PowerPot on Shark Tank.  Caleb – along with company founder David […]

The Shark Tank Hang

The Shark Tank Hang is coming! The Shark Tank Hang is coming! Now that CNBC is airing re-runs on Tuesday nights, there should be a lot more interest in Shark Tank updates. What better way to get an update than a live video feed right before the show airs?!? The Shark Tank Hang is a Google […]

PRO-NRG Product Launch

PRO-NRG, the protein energy drink that appeared in Episode 406 in Season 4 with NY Giants running back Brandon Jacobs as their celebrity endorser, is having a PRO-NRG Product launch party in New York City on Monday October 7. Tania and Eddie Patruno invited me to the soiree, held at a trendy New York City […]

Nardos Natural Update Segment Filmed

The Nardo Brothers, Season 3 Shark Tank entrepreneurs who scored a deal with Barbara Corcoran for their all-natural, organic, skin care products recently informed me a Nardos Natural Update Segment was filmed for broadcast sometime during season 5. Since I first visited with the Nardos during season 3, they’ve grown their business exponentially and are […]

Megan Gage Hot Tot Update Interview

Megan Gage got a deal for Hot Tot, her kids hair care products in Shark Tank episode 412. Mark Cuban offered $75K for 40% of the company. The deal went through as portrayed on the show and Megan has been hard at work building the Hot Tot brand. I caught up with Megan Gage to […]