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PRO-NRG Product Launch

PRO-NRG product launchPRO-NRG, the protein energy drink that appeared in Episode 406 in Season 4 with NY Giants running back Brandon Jacobs as their celebrity endorser, is having a PRO-NRG Product launch party in New York City on Monday October 7. Tania and Eddie Patruno invited me to the soiree, held at a trendy New York City night club, to check out the flip side of a Shark Tank business that continues to move forward a year after getting a deal with Daymond John.

According to the Patruno’s, Brandon Jacobs will be at the PRO-NRG Product Launch Party; so will other “celebrity guests.” They didn’t say whether Daymond will be in attendance or not, but my guess is he’ll make an appearance if he’s still involved with the business.

PRO-NRG Product Launch Party

The party will serve as a “re-launch” of the PRO-NRG brand. From the looks of the invitations and associated materials, they’ve redesigned their packaging and the label features the saying “Flavored Protein Water.” In a competitive market like energy supplement drinks, I’d imagine it is very important to distinguish a brand as unique.

PRO-NRG is NOT a typical energy supplement drink with caffeine and other “wake-up” boosting additives. This drink gives you slow release energy through protein, an important distinction. Tania told me in an interview last year she wanted “something protein based, because protein curbs appetite, builds muscle and gives you energy, just not in a quick burst like a sugary or caffeinated  energy drink.”

While details about the “new” PRO-NRG are not available at this writing, I’ll be sure to follow-up on the PRO-NRG Product launch party later this week. The event offers a rare opportunity to see the inner workings of a Shark Tank product launch and get a glimpse into life after Shark Tank through the eyes of a funded business.

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