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How to contact that Shark Tank Company who just aired on Shark Tank

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I communicate with A LOT of Shark Tank entrepreneurs, some on a near daily basis through social media. I’m always asking them to do guest posts because I think they provide a unique perspective on the show – plus I like not having to write stuff every day! I asked a bunch of Shark Tank entrepreneurs to do a post recently, and they gave me a “collaborative post.” Some of them, apparently, felt compelled to vent about some of the people who attempt to contact them after the show. This post is a group effort, and the contributors wish to remain anonymous.

You JUST saw a Shark Tank company on TV and you feel compelled to contact them

Here’s some tongue-in-cheek advice from those of us with a Shark Tank company who have already aired:

– Please call us immediately after the show, just to chat. Trust me, we would much rather spend 30 minutes hearing about your version of our business, than filling the hundreds or thousands of orders that are coming in.

– When you call and email and Facebook us, please forget about that fact that this was filmed a year ago or more. Surely nothing has changed over the course of at least a year. The business is likely in EXACTLY the same place it was when it filmed.

– Likewise, your twitter advice on our pitch is SO helpful. We love hearing what you think we left out. Especially since the show is edited and we likely didn’t leave it out.

– If you imagine calling us and starting your conversation with, “I’m sure you must be busy, but…” … then PLEASE DON’T CALL. SERIOUSLY. Wait 10 days after the airing. We’d love to hear from you then.

– Our favorite people are the “investors” or “venture capitalists” that watch the show and think this was a live taping, and tattle to the sharks on Twitter to point out our mistakes.

– If the Shark Tank company has a feature like LiveChat on their site, by all means please clog it up with questions like “was your company on Shark Tank? What was it like?” Because that company has hired people for customer service who would much rather chat with you about what it was like on Shark Tank than help actual customers while our site is being flooded.

– If our site is down, we love being criticized for not knowing better. Most of us have spent thousands of dollars on a server to make it stay up and its not always our fault – but go ahead and scold us on social media anyway.

– Please contact us to offer to invest in our company, get offended when we ask if you’re an accredited investor, then get really offended when we try to explain to you what that is because you had no idea.

– Absolutely email us while you’re watching on TV to sell us a service. Every Shark Tank contestant is an instant millionaire now and will buy whatever you want us to, because that’s what instant millionaires do.

– Be sure to pitch new, better product ideas that we should either fund, manufacture or sell on our sites.

– If you have a huge freight forwarding or shipping company with 10 ton minimums, call the night of our airing and ask if you can give a quote for better rates. Even if we are pitching turkey feathers.

– Thanks for all Tweets telling me to host my website on RackSpace or Go Daddy because it is down. Please don’t act intelligent and take a note to visit tomorrow with your credit card in hand.

– Thanks for yelling at me for having a stupid website that can’t handle 100,000 simultaneous users and call me a scammer who probably doesn’t really sell any products.

– I was just on TV asking for money. Of course I will send you as many free samples as you like! That’s the hallmark of a good business. Giving away free stuff to everyone that asks, especially when we need money.

And to answer everyone’s question on working with Sharks:

– Here’s the deal with the deal: once signed, those Sharks work for us. Better plan some space in your office, otherwise they are all up in your business. Give them their own desk and computer, and allow them to just wax poetic on a daily basis. After a couple of weeks, you’ll be worth millions more. It’s what they do and how they roll. Get the deal, then the work is done!


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  1. That is so funny. Even I had every single one of those things happen!

  2. I got scared by the product KETO,I payed $39.47 for 3 bottles of it,the sent me 6 bottles of I don’t know what it was.And charged me another $248.00. I’ve had the B.B.B look into it,but couldn’t find anything out.Could please HELP me out.Thank You

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