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3 Valuable Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn From the Sharks

Watching Shark Tank is like taking a course in business: every episode is jam packed with valuable insights that can help you become a successful entrepreneur. If you pay attention to every episode, you will see the Sharks emphasize key business factors such as knowing your numbers, scalability, tapping into a trending market, customer experience, […]

Tipsy Elves vs. The Beard Head

Why did Shark Robert Herjavec invest in Tipsy Elves but not The Beard Head? Both are novelty items riding a current trend: Tipsy Elves sells ugly Christmas sweaters and The Beard Head sells hats with built-in beards. You’d think Robert would want to replicate his Tipsy Elves success formula with The Beard Head. While there […]

Dress for Success: What to Learn from the Sharks

This Guest Post is written by Dave Landry Jr. Dave is an entrepreneur and online journalist living in Southern California. When he’s not busy catching up with his favorite TV shows, he often covers business communications, globalization, media marketing, and virtual technology in his writing. You can connect with him on Twitter here. Part reality […]

An Unexpected Shark Tank Winner

When is a Shark Tank loser a Shark Tank winner? When the product has open purchase orders when taping, that’s when! Sales trumps all in the Shark Tank, but Soapsox left without a deal, even though their sales were good, because they stuck to their valuation. Heart Pup was a Shark Tank winner too, but […]

Start Up on Shark Tank

This Guest Post is written by Dave Landry Jr. He also created the info-graphic, The Shark Tank Formula for Shark Tank Success, appearing at the end of this article. Dave is an entrepreneur and online journalist living in Southern California. When he’s not busy catching up with his favorite TV shows, he often covers business communications, globalization, […]

Royalty in Perpetuity stands for R.I.P.

This guest post was written by Julie Busha, Food Marketing Pro extraordinaire at Nicole Foods, the makers of America’s hottest new condiment: Slawsa. If you are an entrepreneur with a food product you want to market, take my advice: look at what Julie has done with Slawsa in only one year with a limited marketing […]

NFL Bag Ban Game-changers

It’s almost fall and the start of an exciting new season on Shark Tank …and with that…are you ready for some FOOTBALL!?   By now you’ve likely heard a LOT about the controversial new NFL bag ban policy that bans many purses and bags from stadiums. The NFL bag ban only allows clear, see-through bags into […]

Fashion Anchor

The Fashion Anchor came to my attention through a Shark Tank networking group. Entrepreneur Jon Yeazel applied for Shark Tank, but he’s not telling whether he made the cut or not! I like to showcase “Shark Tank worthy” businesses and products when time allows, so I had Jon send me some info on his unique […]

Synergist: Occupy Wall Street, Shark Tank, and Social Good

This is a guest post written by Jared Kleinert. Jared is passionate about business development and using business as a vector to improve society. He is about to launch Synergist, a crowdsourcing platform for social entrepreneurs. As a teenager observing the “Occupy Wall Street” movement a few years back, I realized that I wanted to help […]

What I Did To Get on Shark Tank

 Shelley Ehler appeared in Shark Tank season 3, episode 304 and got an on air deal with Lori Greiner for her ShowNo Towels. Shelley was featured in an update segment in episode 313. Since appearing on Shark Tank, Shelley has started a new business, continued to produce ShowNo Towels and been an active participant and […]

Top 3 HBO Series Not to Be Missed

HBO is a great cable channel that is well known for its cutting edge original series. Whether you are interested in touching dramas, laugh aloud comedy, or the intense world of vampires, HBO has something for everyone. Here are three choices that should definitely be set on everyone’s DVR for the upcoming seasons. Enlightened Enlightened […]

Idea for Restaurant Entertainment

Veronica M. answered the call for guest posts and she wanted to get people’s opinions on an idea for restaurant entertainment she has been thinking about. She forwarded a brief “About me” statement for inclusion: I am a scientist by trade with interest in impactful entrepreneur ideas, not just another ‘me-too’ product. Veronica’s Idea Dear Shark […]

Questions Entrepreneurs Should Ask Themselves

Jeff Larson has some questions for you, the entrepreneur. He  is the CEO of Glass Shiners, LLC. The “Glass Shiner” is an innovative bar or home wine glass polishing system designed to improve the users’ ability to have a spot free wine glass. Jeff sent in this Guest Post. The process of taking an idea to production and seeing […]

Pay it Forward

When you’re down and out, what do you need more than a pep talk, advice, or money?  You need HOPE. I started an organization called to give people facing tough times hope by offering a hand-up and not a hand-out. I’ve had my share of ups and downs. I was laid off from three […]

EcoTrio Recycling Containers

Like many good ideas, the concept of designing a recycling container came about during a candid conversation with my co-worker while I was working at SOM LLP, an architectural firm in Chicago. The YAF co-chair (Young Architects Forum) affiliated with the AIA (American Institute of Architects) was spearheading the ‘reThink/reDesign/recycle’ design competition which evolved from […]

Engaging the Tween Entrepreneur

I got this email from Joan M: I teach an entrepreneurship class to 7th and 8th graders.  The students have to create a business plan and present their idea to a group of potential investers.  They watch Shark Tank to earn extra credit for the class.  I would love to share my experiences.  This is […]

7 things I wish I knew about being an Entrepreneur FIRST!

So you think you have the next big thing, ‘eh?  Maybe you had a little “situation” like I did and went out and solved your own problem. And maybe you decided to follow your heart to help people solve those same problems, too.  Maybe you’ve been thinking about starting a business to sell a product. […]