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Shark Tank Week 2014

  Shark Tank Week was such a big hit last year, ABC is airing Shark Tank Week 2014 as a teaser to the Shark Tank season six premier on Friday, September 26. Shark Tank Week, airing September 6-12,  features favorite episodes from all six Sharks from Season five. Each Shark picks an episode they made […]

Baking Pans – Baker’s Edge

Matt and Emily Griffin pitch their innovative baking pans to the Sharks in the Shark Tank season 5 finale on May 16. The couple been making their baking pans and cooking up profits for more than ten years with their brownie and lasagna pans. They’ll be showcasing their past successes and introducing their newest product, […]

Tie-Not – Water Balloon Tying and Filling Toys

Wayne Sikorcin and Scott Smith pitch their water balloon tying device, called Tie-Not, in the Shark Tank season 5 finale on May 16. Sikorcin created the Tie-Not in 2011. It’s basically a plastic device that does the stretching and tying for you when you want to fill up a bunch of water balloons. This instructional video explains […]

Foot Measurement App – Foot Fairy

Dr. Sylvie Shapiro and Nicole Brooks size up the Sharks with their kids foot measurement app for iPads in the Shark Tank Season 5 Finale. Their company, Foot Fairy, was started by the two friends and “momtrepreneurs” to make life easier on busy mothers when shopping for kids shoes. the foot measurement app measures feet […]

BZ Box – Fold Up Box

College Junior Kaeya Majmundar pitches her  product called BZ Box to the Sharks in the Shark Tank Season 5 Finale on May 16. BZ Box is a “patent pending, innovative, space-saving, and unique storage solution” that Kaeya created while still a student at Emory College. She hasn’t come to market yet, but she’s won lots […]

Cinnamon Rolls – Cinnaholic

Florian and Shannon Radke didn’t know they’d be cinnamon rolls tycoons when they first met, but this Friday, they’ll pitch Cinnaholic to the Sharks in Shark Tank episode 525. Cinnaholic is a little shop the Radkes opened out in Berkeley, CA back in 2010. Their hook is they make sinfully delicious vegan cinnamon rolls. While […]

Treasure Hunting Business

There’s a treasure hunting business featured in Shark Tank episode 525. So far the business is a bit of a mystery. There aren’t many treasure hunting business listings to be found anywhere, and a search usually turns up publicly traded Odyssey Marine. They been in the treasure hunting business for quite some time and they […]

Wine Spritzer – Bon Affair

“Winetrepreneur” Jayla Siciliano hopes the Sharks drink in her pitch for her unique wine spritzer, called Bon Affair, in Shark Tank episode 525 on May 9. Jayla is health conscious, but  she likes a cocktail too; that’s why she created a wine spritzer – so she’d have something lighter and healthier to drink when she […]

Fold Up Kayak – Oru Kayak

“Paddletrepreneurs” Anton Willis, Roberto Gutierrez, and Ardavan Sobhani hope to launch a new era in their fold up kayak business, Oru Kayak, with an appearance in Shark Tank episode 525 on May 9, 2013. Oru Kayak is the latest Kickstarter sensation to pitch the Sharks. The three San Francisco area men raised nearly half a million […]

Bouqs Volcanic Flowers – The Bouqs Company

John Tabis isn’t your typical florist and his business, The Bouqs Company, isn’t your typical online flower supplier. When you order flowers from Bouqs (short for “bouquets”), you aren’t getting a product that sat in a cooler for a week, you’re getting fresh-cut flowers – cut the day you order them – from an Ecuadorian […]

Angel Lift Fusione

Kelly and Aaron Bruce pitch Angel Lift, a “home face lift” kit, in Shark tank episode 526 on May 2. Angel Lift uses reusable Dermastrips that fit inside your mouth, like teeth whitening strips. Combined with their low pH Fusione nutrients, the Angel Lift system smooths out laugh lines, smoker lines, and other wrinkles around the mouth. […]

Sustainable Party Supplies – Susty Party

Jessica Holsy and Emily Doubilet pitch their sustainable party supplies company, Susty Party, in Shark Tank episode 526 on May 2. Based in Brooklyn, NY, Susty Party provides folks with party supplies – paper plates, cups, napkins, etc. – that are made from recycled or sustainably harvested materials. Even the cutlery is sustainable – it’s […]

Break Away Hanger – Hang Ease

Ryan Landis was only 8 years old when he invented Hang Ease, a break away hanger that lets you yank a shirt right of a the hanger without breaking it or wrinkling and stretching the shirt. He hopes one of the Sharks will hang with him when he pitches Hang Ease in episode 526 on […]

Fresh Brewed Cocoa – Crio Bru

Jon Fortheringham and Dr. Eric Durtschi are brewing up some cocoa in Shark Tank episode 522 when they pitch their raw, fresh brewed cocoa called Crio Bru. Billed as a coffee substitute, they roast cocoa beans to brew just like coffee. The result is a chocolatey, steaming cup of goodness that’s high in antioxidants and minerals. Crio […]

Brain Supplement – Cerebral Success

You don’t have to be Einstein to know a healthy brain is a good thing, that’s why Trevor Hiltbrand created Cerebral Success – a brain supplement that helps you “improve memory, increase focus and concentration, and energize your brain.” Hiltbrand hopes the Sharks wise up and invest in his business in episode 522 on April 25. Essentially, the […]

Mud Run Extreme Obstacle Course -Rugged Maniac

Bradford Scudder and Rob Dickens, a couple of self-professed maniacs and “mudtrepreneurs” from Boston, pitch their incarnation of the “mud run,” an extreme obstacle course business called Rugged Maniac. A mud run is a 5K race with lots of mud and other obstacles. They’ve become very popular in the past few years with dozens of companies […]

Hand Crafted Bow Ties – Mo’s Bows

12-year-old Moziah Bridges created his business when he was just nine years old when he started making bow ties from scraps of his grandmother’s sewing fabric. For a kid, Mo is a snappy dresser and he likes the look of bow ties in his personal fashion repertoire. When he realized other folks might like his […]

High Tech Cork – Wine Doctor

“Winetrepreneur” Chase Hoyt and his father pitch a high tech cork, called the Wine Doctor, in Shark Tank episode 529 on April 18. The Wine Doctor is much more than a high tech cork, it’s a vacuum pump system that pumps air out of an open bottle of wine then seals it with an “intelli-stopper,” […]

Fort Building Kit – Fort Magic

Erika Pope unveils her fort building kit, called Fort Magic, to the Sharks in episode 529. Pope, a “momtrepreneur,” got the idea for the fort building kit when her son was playing in a dryer box. She wanted to create a toy that taught kids about construction while allowing them to create what every kids […]

Smart Light Bulb – Ilumi

It seems smart phones can control just about anything these days and entrepreneurs Swapnil Bora and Corey Egan figured out a way for smart phones to control a smart light bulb. Ilumi, the world’s first smart light bulb, was created by the pair back in 2010 when they met in business school. After winning the University of […]

Curated Kid’s Books – Zoobean

Felix Brandon Lloyd and Jordan Lloyd Bookey have a new way to keep up with the best educational books and apps with their curated kid’s books service called Zoobean. They’ll pitch their business in Shark Tank episode 529 on April 18. They call the service a “Pandora for children’s apps and books.” Felix, a former teacher […]

Thermoelectric Generator – Power Pot

Caleb Light and David Toledo introduce the Shark Tank panel to their portable thermoelectric generator called the Power Pot in episode 524. The Power Pot is just one of the products their company, Power Practical, sells; they have other power-related products in development. David, the inventor of Power Pot, found a way to use the […]

Trackless Train Ride – Fun Time Express

Stan Krozel and Kevin Ullery are two guys from Chicago who like to ride their train while running their business called the Fun Time Express. They’ll be pitching the company in Shark Tank episode 524 on April 11. Fun Time Express is a trackless train amusement ride the business partners operate in 7 malls in Indiana, […]

Quick Stop Tool

Matt Scarpuzzi pitches his Quick Stop Tool to the Sharks in episode 524. Matt is an engineer and a paramedic who developed the tool to stop fire sprinklers that have malfunctioned or been damaged from spraying water all over homes and businesses. Fire sprinklers are supposed to put out fires, but when they go off […]

Music Lessons – Taylor Robinson Music

Say you want to learn an instrument and you’re looking for music lessons – who do you call? Taylor Robinson hopes you call him, or one of his hundreds of nationwide instructors who give music lessons in your own home. Mr. Robinson hopes the Sharks like his music lessons business enough to further his nationwide […]

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