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Treasure Hunting Business

Treasure hunting business

There’s a treasure hunting business featured in Shark Tank episode 525. So far the business is a bit of a mystery. There aren’t many treasure hunting business listings to be found anywhere, and a search usually turns up publicly traded Odyssey Marine. They been in the treasure hunting business for quite some time and they are embattled on several legal fronts with countries who want a piece of the take from their salvage projects.

To date, Odyssey has recovered hundreds of tons of gold and silver from shipwrecks all over the world. They search wrecks going back to the 17th century all the way up to modern times.

Challenges to the Treasure Hunting Business

The US Navy wants the US government to curtail treasure hunting activities, claiming treasure hunters disturb graves and could present a threat to national security. Scores of “preservation societies” want treasure hunters to leave historical wrecks alone. Add these woes to a growing list of nations who want a percentage or the entirety of all treasures reclaimed in their waters. Gone are the days of “finders keepers” in the treasure hunting business.

That’s not to say it still can’t be lucrative. When you find TONS of gold, there’s probably plenty to go around. Remember the Golden Rule: “he who has the gold makes the rules!”

This will certainly be an interesting pitch, I just wish I knew the name of the company! It always strikes me as odd when a business that’s appearing on Shark Tank does ZERO self promotion. After all, the exposure from Shark Tank can result in other investors getting involved, whether the business gets a deal or not. If a business is hard to find before their episode airs, it makes me suspicious.

If anyone knows the name of the treasure hunting business that’s appearing, please leave a comment! Once I find out their name, I’ll do a complete write-up.

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