Helmet Accessories – Fohawx

Toys R Us veterans and momtrepreneurs Jocelyn Fine and Kelly Dineen bring their line of helmet accessories called FoHawx into the Shark Tank on Friday, December 6. FoHawx were created by accident when Joelyn’s daughter made a makeshift “Mohawk” for her little brother’s bike helmet one day a few years ago. They thought it was […]

Spirit Hoods – Faux Fur Hats

Chase Hamilton, Alexander Mendeluk, Marley Marotta and Ashley Haber, four friends and business partners bring some spirit to the Shark Tank in the form of their line of faux fur hats called Spirit Hoods. They started their company with a conscience in 2010 and turned on LA hipsters to the “wild side” with animal themed […]

Boneless Ribs – Bubba’s Q

Former NFL defensive Rookie of the Year Al “Bubba” Baker took to the kitchen when he retired from football and he’s cooking up some of his famous “patented” boneless ribs in the Shark Tank in episode 513. Al’s been making award-winning barbecue in Cleveland since he retired from the Cleveland Browns. Barbecue is in his […]

Custom Lunch Boxes -Yubo

When I was a kid, there was no such thing as custom lunch boxes. In fact, unless you decorate your own, Yubo is the first company to make a business out of custom lunch boxes. Husband and wife entrepreneurs Paul and Cyndi Pedrazzi pitch their business to the Sharks in episode 511 and they hope […]

Custom Chocolate Bars – Chocomize

Nothing says “I Love You” like custom chocolate bars, at least that’s what Joe Dauenhauer, who’ll pitch Chocomize to the Sharks in episode 511, hopes people think. Dauenhauer and his partner Fabian Kaempfer (who doesn’t appear in the episode) started Chocomize when their dreams of making it big in the corporate world were tempered by […]

Cell Phone Purse – Purse Case

LA Publicists and entrepreneurs Jenn Deese and Kelley Coughlan hope to get the Sharks “stylin’ and dialin’” with their cell phone purse combo called Purse Case in Episode 511. The young women ran a successful Kickstarter campaign last spring (2013) and raised over $35K to fund the first production run. They’ve been using their mad […]

Knee High Boot Socks – Grace and Lace

Grace and Lace is a line of knee high boot socks that husband and wife entrepreneurs Melissa and Rick Hinnant introduce to the Sharks in episode 511. The back story on how this business got started is touching and heart breaking: Melissa learned to knit while on bed rest back in 2001; her premature daughter […]

New Condiment – Slawsa

I make no secret that condiment entrepreneur Julie Busha is the first entrant in the Shark Tank I knew before she appeared on the show. Julie and I became acquainted about two years ago when she approached me to sample her Slawsa, a condiment tha’s part salsa, part cole slaw, and 100% delicious. I do […]

Kids Gift Subscription Service – Surprise Ride

Surprise Ride is a kids gift subscription service created by sisters Donna and Rosy Khalife. They created the business, which sends boxes of educational activities to kids on a monthly basis, out of frustration: they were constantly challenged when shopping for gifts for their nieces and nephews. They harkened back to their own childhood when […]

Door Bot

Door Bot is a camera/doorbell/intercom that allows you to view who is at your front door and communicate with them from your smart phone. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the kitchen or half way around the world, if you have wifi at home and your phone is connected to any network, it will work. […]

Magic Moments App

The Magic Moments app is a new way to create and sell merchandise right from your iPhone. They are partnered with Cafe Press, the same people who host the ABC Shark Tank Store. Cafe Press has been in business for years allowing people to create tee shirts, hats, coffee mugs, and all kinds of other […]

Engagement Photography

James Ambler brings his engagement photography and proposal planning business called Paparazzi Proposals to the Shark Tank in episode 508 on November 8. Remember when you “popped the question” to your loved one? Wouldn’t it be nice to have beautiful photos of the moment you asked and the reaction on her face? That’s what Ambler […]

Belly Buds

Belly Buds are head phones for babies; the hook is the babies listen to music and voices through these headphones in the womb. Entrepreneur Curtis Williams got the idea for Belly Buds when his then pregnant wife read somewhere that audio stimulation for babies in utero helped develop sound and voice recognition patterns. She put her iPod […]

Bread Pudding

Sarah Schulz believes in doing things herself, which is what prompted her to start Schulzies Bread Pudding. She always liked bread pudding, but she couldn’t find any up to her discerning standards, so she started making her own. Before long, she had a list of over 100 recipes and she was selling bread pudding at […]

Pet Paint

Pet Paint inventor and “dogtrepreneur” Abe Geary loves dogs so much, he wants to decorate them! We’ve all seen people put on face paint and body paint to celebrate a special occasion or to root for the home team, Geary wants folks to paint their pooch with Pet Paint. Since dogs like to lick themselves, […]

Tree Tee Pee

Johnny Georges hopes the Sharks will ante up on his water conservation and tree sapling protector called Tree Tee Pee in episode 501. Mr Georges invented the Tree Tee Pee way back in 1986 as a way to conserve while watering citrus tree saplings in his native Florida. The Tree Tee Pee also protects against […]

Electric Body Board

The Kymera electric body board is the coolest new product to come to the Shark Tank since the SoloWheel. Entrepreneur Jason Woods has been develeoping this product for nearly ten years and he hopes to get some Sharks to invest in episode 501 on November 1. Kymera is billed as a personal watercraft, kind of […]


180Cup will bring Sharks and viewers back to the days of college and keg parties. It might just have some folks playing the Shark Tank Drinking Game too! Entrepreneur Soloman Falls hopes the Sharks see the utility of the “standard red drinking cup” with a shot glass embedded in the bottom. simply do a 180 with […]

Green Cleaning Products

A green cleaning products company hopes to clean up with an investment in episode 501 on Friday, November 1. Tim Barklage and Kevin Tibbs, founders of Better Life, hope the Sharks will come across with some green as they pitch their business. Green cleaning products aren’t new to the Shark Tank; James Mitchell unsuccessfully pitched Pure […]

Credit Card Processing and Factoring

Total Merchant Resources, a credit card processing and cash advance business out of New Jersey pitches their business in Shark Tank Episode 509. This is the first credit card processing business to appear in the Tank and I believe the first financial services business as well. Total Merchant Resources provides credit card processing services to […]

Haunted Hayrides

Halloween comes early to the Shark Tank this Friday in episode 509 as Ten Thirty One Productions brings its troupe of frighteners to pitch their haunted hayrides. Ten Thirty One Productions is the brainchild of former media executive Melissa Carbone who produces the haunted hayrides in Los Angeles. The seasonal attraction scared over 100,000 patrons since […]

The Elephant in the Room

Ever hear of “the elephant in the room?” It’s like a big cloud hanging over people, many times those who are closest to us. The elephant in the room is that topic of discussion nobody wants to bring up. Jason and Amanda Adams, founders of Elephant Chat, found a unique way to get that elephant […]

Fiber Fix

Fiber Fix is truly a home repair break through product. It’s one of those products that has an “As Seen on TV” feel to it, but it’s not your typical junky, fad product. Fiber Fix is basically duct tape on steroids; it’s a tape that can fix just about anything from a broken pipe to […]

From Hot Dog Stories to Shark Tank!

I got some SLAWESOME news last night! A woman I’ve known for a couple of years is going on Shark Tank on November 15. Julie Busha is going to pitch her Slawsa – a combination of cole slaw, mustard and salsa – on the show. Slawsa on Hot Dog Stories I first met Julie as […]


Anyone who has a little girl in their life can appreciate RuffleButts. It’s a little girl’s clothing and accessories line that husband and wife team, Mark and Amber Schaub, pitch in the Shark Tank in episode 506 on October 18. The Schaubs also own RuggedButts, a boy’s clothing line they started in 2010; RuffleButts started […]

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