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Bare Ease Bikini Bikini Wax Numbing Cream

bare ease bikini wax numbing cream

I’m not sure if  Dr.Edna Ma had any Bare Ease with her when she was on Survivor South Pacific, but bikini wax numbing cream was probably low on the list while braving the elements on Samoa. Ma is the first Survivor veteran to enter the Shark Tank as she pitches her business on October 18, 2013. Mark Burnett, who produces Shark Tank, also produces the great grand daddy of all reality TV shows – Survivor.

Dr. Ma, an anesthesiologist, created Bare Ease to numb the pain associated with bikini waxing. The Bare Ease system consists of a numbing cream coupled with special panties that helps concentrate the cream in the “sensitive areas.” The cream gets applied about 45 minutes to an hour before waxing and keeps the “ouch” out of that smooth, silky look women crave (and men adore).

She already has broad distribution for Bare Ease online and at bikini waxing clinics all over the USA. There’s even a men’s product called Numb Nuts (I kid you not) for the well-groomed gentleman who likes to do a little “manscaping” from time to time. She’s most likely looking to get “big box” distribution, with a little help from the Sharks.

Will Women use Bare Ease?

I’ve never had a bikini wax and I probably never will – no matter how in vogue manscaping becomes. My wife never had one either: she’s a “downy” little thing. To get an opinion on Ma’s creation, I asked a few women if they’d ever heard of Bare Ease. Nobody I asked ever heard of it, but a gal who coaches with my wife told me she gets waxed every 6-8 weeks; Mr. Miyagi would LOVE her!

After she read about Bare Ease, she wanted to know where she could get some. She told me getting a bikini wax hurts like hell and anything that would make it more bearable would be worth almost any price: vanity, thy name is woman! The woman I discussed this with is Ma’s target customer: she wears bikinis (looks good in them too), likes looking her best, and has a reasonable amount of disposable income. While my research was decidedly unscientific, I think Bare Ease will sell like gang busters once more women are made aware of it.

What hurts more: Shark Bites or Bikini Wax?

Dr. Ma may be the beneficiary of the 40% female panel. I can’t see Mark, Mr. Wonderful, or Robert getting overly excited about this product; it’s just not a guy thing. Lori and Barbara will get it though and we may see a bit of a Shark fight amongst the ladies. Lori could sell a ton of Bare Ease on QVC. I think women will really like this product.

Of course the numbers have to work and Dr. Ma has to present herself and her product well, but if she leaves the Shark Tank without a deal, I’ll be surprised. Heck, even if she does, she’s going to do some serious business with this product. I’m in, but without the Numb Nuts.

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