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Bike Powered Smoothies – Moberi

Ryan Carpenter, a self-professed Portland “hipster,” hopes the Sharks drink in his bike powered smoothies business in episode 520 on February 21. The name “Moberi” is a mash-up of “mobile food” and Oregon’s native “berries.” Carpenter started making bike powered smoothies in 2011 after he saw videos of Guatemalan tribes powering all kinds of appliances […]

DDP Yoga – Diamond Dallas Page

Former professional wrestler and three-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion Diamond Dallas Page hopes to wrestle an investment for his DDP Yoga fitness program from the Sharks in episode 520 on February 21. After rupturing his L4 and L5 discs, Page set out to create a low-impact fitness plan “for athletes like himself who had suffered years […]

Spy Escape and Evasion – Concealed Carry Academy

Former CIA Agent Jason Hanson pitches his Spy Escape and Evasion course in Shark Tank episode 520 on February 21. Hanson has an entire information product empire built around a concealed carry permit course he markets online. The course gives students the educational credentials to apply for a concealed carry gun permit in Virginia and […]

Royalty in Perpetuity stands for R.I.P.

This guest post was written by Julie Busha, Food Marketing Pro extraordinaire at Nicole Foods, the makers of America’s hottest new condiment: Slawsa. If you are an entrepreneur with a food product you want to market, take my advice: look at what Julie has done with Slawsa in only one year with a limited marketing […]

Cardio Boxing – Nexersys

Terry Jones enlists the help of Olympic boxer Marlen Esparza to demonstrate his cardio boxing apparatus called Nexersys in episode 502 on January 31. The Nexersys uses technology to give fast, four-minute circuit training circuits. Jones had much success selling his “exergaming equipment” to commercial gyms – Gold’s Gym is a big customer – and […]

Cereal Milk – Cow Wow

Cereal lovers will love Cow Wow’s pitch in episode 502 as they introduce “cereal milk” to guest Shark Steve Tisch and the rest of the investor panel. What is cereal milk you ask? It’s single serving, organic milk boxes, flavored like the milk left at the bottom of a cereal bowl. With flavors like Fruity […]

Edible Cookie Dough

If you ever licked the cookie bowl after mom made cookies or you enjoy cookie dough ice cream, you’ll love the Cookie Dough Cafe‘s edible cookie dough desserts. Sisters Joan Pacetti and Julia Schmid hope the Sharks like their egg-free edible cookie dough when they pitch the business in episode 502. They make their edible […]

Panoramic Photo App – Cycloramic

When I first saw Cycloramic on the list of businesses for episode 502, I thought it was a bicycle product, not a panoramic photo app. The second thing I thought was “Oh crikey, not another photo app in the Tank!” After I did a little reading up on Cycloramic, I changed my tune. Entrepreneur Bruno Francois […]

Survival Pill – Life Caps

Life Caps founder Daryl Stevenett hopes to get the Sharks biting on his survival pill on January 24. Stevenett, along with product formulator, Russ Bianchi, developed Life Caps as an emergency food substitute for people to keep handy in case access to food becomes an issue. He envisions its use in natural disasters or other catastrophes. […]

UV Protective Swimwear – Swim Zip

UV Protective swimwear isn’t a new thing, but entrepreneur and skin cancer survivor Betsy Johnson, her brother, Berry Wanless, and their kids want to show the Sharks their spin on this type of apparel in episode 518 on January 24. At the tender, young age of 26, Betsy found out she had skin cancer. She re-evaluated […]

Exercise Playing Cards – Fit Deck

Phil Black brings his exercise playing cards to the Shark Tank in episode 518 on January 24. Mr. Black has quite an impressive background: Yale undergrad, Harvard MBA, Navy Seal, Firefighter, Investment Banker, Certified Personal Trainer, Motivational Speaker, and entrepreneur. He may not be a Shark, but he could probably whip a real shark’s butt! Phil Black, […]

Baby Moccasins – Freshly Picked

Susan Petersen started Freshly Picked, her baby moccasins business, on a shoestring – or should I say a moccasin string. The first prototype baby moccasins were stitched together from scraps of leather she got for next to nothing and she funded the start-up with $200 she earned from selling scrap aluminum from discarded window frames […]

Locker Organizer – Locker Bones

When Greg Cronin’s daughter, Ashley, got to middle school, she didn’t know how to keep her locker neat, so he invented a locker organizer for her. With some plywood and a few cuts with a circular saw, he built a prototype shelf system to fit inside school lockers. Cronin tinkered and perfected the idea over […]

Wood Power Strips – Invisiplug

Michael Barzman and Bryan O’Connell pitch their wood power strips, called Invisiplug, in Shark Tank episode 514 on January 17. Power strips, or surge protectors, are common in most homes and offices. The unfortunate thing is they’re ugly. Most power strips are white or metallic grey and clash with any decor. That’s why O’Connell and […]

Mud Mask – Alaska Glacial Mud Company

Lauren Padawer wasn’t looking to get into the mud mask business when she first “discovered” the mud that would become the raw materials for the Alaska Glacial Mud Company, she was just trying to clean up after a camping trip. Padawer is the latest “greentrepreneur” to enter the Shark Tank; she pitches her business in […]

Balloon Business – Balloon Distractions

Ben Alexander enters the Shark Tank in episode 514 on January 17 with his balloon business opportunity called Balloon Distractions. On the surface, Balloon Distractions looks like an entertainment company, but it’s much more than that. Alexander started “twisting” balloons while still in college in 1997 and officially started his business in 2003 as a […]

Webcam Blocker – Eyebloc

Whether you call it a webcam blocker or a webcam privacy shield, CJ Isakow’s Eyebloc is sure to raise some eyebrows when he pitches in the Shark Tank in episode 515 on January 10. Isakow created the webcam blocker when he began hearing more and more horror stories about people being spied on through the […]

Drywall Repair Kit – Wall Rx

Dr. Jim Lewis is famous for being the the DNA specialist for NBC during the O.J. Simpson murder trial and on “America’s Most Wanted;” after appearing on Shark Tank with his Wall Rx, he’ll be known as the “drywall repair kit guy.” Lewis, unlike many entrepreneurs with home repair products, enters the Shark Tank with distribution in […]

Groove Book – Photo Book App

Groove Book founders Julie and Brian Whiteman are taking new school technology and putting it in an old school package with their popular photo book app. They hope the Sharks will get in the groove in episode 515 on January 10. The Groove Book photo book app is a free app, available on the Apple iStore, […]

Mobile Fitness – Bounce Boot Camp

Mobile fitness businesses have existed for quite some time, whether it’s a fitness instructor conducting exercise classes “on the road” or a personal trainer traveling to a client’s home or gym. On Shark Tank’s January 10 episode, we’ll see a whole new take on the mobile fitness business when former Green Bay Packer Thomas Hill […]

Tree Star – Hanukkah Tree Topper

If you want to put some Mazel Tov in your Christmas decor, the Hanukkah Tree Topper is just the ticket. Created by the interfaith husband and wife team of Morri and Marina Chowalki for the one million or so Jewish/Christian families in the USA, the Hanukkah Tree Topper brings the faiths together with its shmaltzy yet functional […]

Magnetic Christmas Lights – Litenetics

Entrepreneur Shawn Genenbacher hopes the Sharks agree that Litenetics magnetic Christmas lights promise to be “the first major improvement in Christmas light strands in years.” Genenbacher pitches his product on the Shark Tank Holiday Special on Friday, December 13. Litenetics is the latest “magnetic” solution to an old problem that appears on Shark Tank. ReadeRest and Wurkin […]

Hair Extensions – Cashmere Hair

Melissa Barone and Rachel Bernstein are bringing their luxurious hair extensions called Cashmere Hair to the Shark Tank Holiday Show on December 13, 2013. Melissa, is a brunette and celebrity hair stylist and Rachel is a blond make-up artist and model who owns Sunset Blonde – a make-up accessories business. The two met while Melissa […]

Ugly Christmas Sweaters – Tipsy Elves

Tipsy Elves brings a bunch of ugly Christmas sweaters to the Shark Tank on Friday, December 13th. The Tipsy Elves guys, Evan Mendelsohn and Nicklaus Morton have the world’s largest online store that deals in ugly Christmas sweaters. Their designs are loud, tacky, ugly, and, in some cases, wildly inappropriate. They’re also loads of fun and […]

Virtual Reality Game Interface – Virtuix Omni

Virtual reality comes to the Shark Tank as entrepreneur Jan Goetgeluk pitches Virtuix Omni, his gaming interface that allows gamers to immerse themselves in their favorite PC games. The Virtuix Omni is an omnidirectional treadmill that lets you walk through game environments when coupled with virtual reality glasses. The game accessory was a huge Kickstarter hit: […]

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