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Survival Pill – Life Caps

Survival pillLife Caps founder Daryl Stevenett hopes to get the Sharks biting on his survival pill on January 24. Stevenett, along with product formulator, Russ Bianchi, developed Life Caps as an emergency food substitute for people to keep handy in case access to food becomes an issue. He envisions its use in natural disasters or other catastrophes.

Life Caps must be taken with water to help the body sustain itself without food. Each survival pill contains all the USDA recommended daily doses of essential vitamins and minerals and the composition helps the body use stored fat for energy. Because the “delivery mechanism” in each survival pill is cane sugar, the balance of vitamins, sugar, and water curbs hunger while keeping the nutrients flowing.

Stevenett is quick to note Life Caps are a survival pill, not a diet pill. Stevenett says people could use Life Caps as a diet pill, but the website offers a lot of cautions about doing that and says there is no “magic pill” for weight loss.

My Take on the Survival Pill

This sounds like something straight out of the Jetsons: a pill as a substitute for a meal. As a survival pill, I think it’s a great idea. It’s intriguing as a diet pill too, which is how many will view it – despite any disclaimers.

There are many instances when there is a real need for survival pills. Campers stranded in the wilderness, people without power after a hurricane, and folks stranded in their car, could all benefit from keeping a bottle of Life Caps handy. There are testimonials of people who’ve survived for days in extreme situations with nothing but water and Life Caps.

The problem I see is potential abuse of the product. There are people out there who’ll use Life Caps as a diet pill, not a survival pill. While it can be done, it’s not what the product was designed for.

Will Life Caps survive the Sharks?

I can hear Mr. Wonderful making jokes about sugar pills already! I don’t think any of the Sharks will bite on this. Life Caps is a legit product, but the Sharks will think it’s too “snake-oily.” I am sure the Sharks will have concerns about the claims the product makes and they shy away from anything involved with the FDA. The supplement business is a big business, but the Sharks won’t want the regulatory or liability hassles.

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