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Butt Slimming Pants – Hold Your Haunches

Hold Your Haunches Shark Tank fans, Erin Bickley and Jenny Greer pitch their butt slimming pants in Shark Tank episode 519, and their pitch is sure to have some fireworks! The two ladies are friends and walking partners. Back in 2010, they were commiserating about the shape of their posteriors and the lack of a quality […]

Sign Waving Machine – Velocity Signs

Josh Faherty and Scott Adams introduce the Sharks to Velocity Signs’ signature product, a sign waving machine, in Shark Tank episode 519. It’s an old cliché to say “a business without a sign is a sign of no business.” That’s why businesses have signs, to attract customers. Sign spinners have become a popular new method […]

Comfy Slippers – Happy Feet

Pat Yates hopes the Sharks slip into business with him when he shows them his brand of comfy slippers called Happy Feet in a special Thursday night Shark Tank on April 10. Happy Feet are oversized, sneaker themed slippers that make it feel like your feet are “walking on pillows.” If you’ve been in a […]

Seasoned Peanuts – Lord Nut Levington

Lord Nut Levington is a brand of seasoned peanuts that consumer snack food veteran Sanjiv Patel pitches to the Sharks in a special Thursday night Shark Tank on April 10. Patel, who made his bones in the food business working for Stacy’s Pita Chips, is a British born man of Indian descent. The fictitious Lord […]

Whole Grain Flapjacks – Kodiak Cakes

Cameron Smith and Joel Clark pitch Kodiak Cakes, a line of flapjacks and waffle mixes, in Shark Tank episode 528. Their whole grain flapjacks mix was what started it all. They’re made from a recipe Joel’s grandfather handed down. One day in 1982, then 8-year-old Joel canvassed the neighborhood with bags of the mix his […]

Portable Floor – Monkey Mat

“Momtrepreneurs” Courtney Turich and Christie Barany pitch Monkey Mat, what they call a “portable floor” in Shark Tank Episode 528 this Friday. The two became friends when they worked together at a Fortune 500 medical device company. Courtney spilled red wine all over Christie’s white shirt and the pair became friends. Courtney got the idea […]

Gourmet Food Delivery – Plated

 Nick Taranto and Josh Hix pitch Plated, the gourmet food delivery service, and hope the Sharks take a bite and invest in episode 528. Have you ever wanted to whip up a dazzling gourmet meal for dinner, but didn’t have the time or energy to go grab the ingredients? Plated wants to end that conundrum with […]

Paint Brush Cover

Sal DePaola, John DePaola, and Anthony Caputo are three “paintrepreneurs” who wanted their paint brushes to last longer, so they invented the Paint Brush Cover to do it. They’ll pitch their patented invention in Shark Tank episode 528 on April 4. The Paint Brush Cover basically protects paint brushes so they last longer. With its […]

ELockSys – Garage Door Lock

Entrepreneur Bryan White pitches ELockSys, his garage door lock company on March 21. White created a push button deadbolt, much like a remote garage door opener, back in 1999. He patented the product in 2002 and he’s been selling them since. The product makes a lot of sense. There were no real solutions for locking […]

Textbook Rental Service – PackBack

Two young entrepreneurs, Casey Gandham and Mike Shannon, have a solution for high textbook costs with their textbook rental service called PackBack. Textbooks cost BIG money: the average college student spends over $1,000 on text books and, when they go to sell them back at the end of the semester, they get pennies on the dollar. […]

Cricket Energy Bars – Chapul

Pat Crowley wants to introduce the world to Chapul, his Cricket Energy Bars, in Shark Tank episode 523 on March 21. Made from “cricket flour,” the cricket energy bars are a protein bar powered by crickets. Crowley, an avid water conservationist, thinks traditional sources of protein energy like pigs and cows are unsustainable. Traditional farming […]

Get Morning Head

When I first heard the name of this business, Morning Head, I was intrigued. Entrepreneur Max Valverde claims to have the cure for “morning head” in Shark Tank episode 523 on March 21. CURE? I didn’t know one was needed! All double entendre aside, MorningHead is a shower cap-like headpiece with super absorbent material inside. […]

Spicy Honey by Henry’s Humdingers

Henry Miller introduces America to his line of spicy honey called Henry’s Humdingers in Shark Tank episode 516 – the young entrepreneurs special – on March 14. Henry started keeping bees when he was 12 and before he knew it, he had more honey than he knew what to do with. According to his mother, […]

Fruit Infused Water Bottle – Define Bottle

Carter Kostler, the 15-year-old inventor of a fruit infused water bottle called Define Bottle, pitches his business in episode 516 – the young entrepreneurs special. Carter has a dual mission: he wants to sell water battles and he wants to educate other kids about the benefits of drinking from a fruit infused water bottle as […]

Boo Boo Goo – Paint On Bandages

Boo Boo Goo, a paint on bandage product, was “invented” by 6 year-old Kiowa Kavovit and she’ll pitch the Sharks on March 14 on a special “young entrepreneurs” episode. Kiowa is the daughter of actor Andrew Kavovit who best know for a long stint on the daytime soap opera As the World Turns. Other than […]

Recycle Electronics with IReTron

IReTron is a company that allows consumers to recycle electronics and get paid cash for old cell phones, tablets, even calculators. Company founder Jason Li, makes his pitch to the Sharks in episode 521 – the young entrepreneurs special – on March 14. As a high school senior, Li is the eldest of the entrepreneurs […]

Drill Bit Shoe Buffer – Buffer Bit

Inventor and entrepreneur Michal Quinn hopes his pitch shines in episode 521 when he introduces his drill powered shoe buffer called The Buffer Bit. If you’ve ever seen a mechanical shoe buffer, you’ll get a good idea of what Buffer Bit is all about. Quinn took the shoe buffer pad off the old style shoe […]

ULace Custom Shoe Laces

Tim Talley, a “shoetrepreneur” extraordinaire, introduces the Sharks to ULace, his custom shoelace system, in episode 521 on March 7.  Talley is no stranger to entrepreneurship, or business for that matter. He is a principle in Fraternal Golf, LLC, a company that sells personalized golf gear with Fraternal Greek lettering. He’s also done stints with […]

Revo Lights – Bike Lighting System

Kent Frankovich rolls into the Shark Tank in episode 521 on March 7 with his Revo Lights LED bike lighting system. Once installed on bike wheels, Revo Lights act like a headlight in the front and a brake light in the back. The secret is a set of lighting rings that clip onto the front […]

Squeaky Knees -Toddler Clothes

Squeaky Knees isn’t a new joint problem, it’s the business Ivan Barnes and Lisa Evans pitch in Shark Tank episode 521 on March 7. Evans created Squeaky Knees, a line of toddler wear, in 2010 when she wanted to protect her toddler son’s knees and bum for the inevitable tumbles. The hook is, the knees and […]

Zip It Bedding – Zip On Sheets

If making your bed with hospital corners every day isn’t your thing, zip on sheets from ZipIt  Bedding could be just what you’re looking for. Entrepreneurs Hayley Carr and Jennifer MacDonald  hope the Sharks snuggle up with an investment in episode 517 when they pitch their concept on February 28. The two friends and business partners want […]

Dating Cards by Cheek’d

Cheek’d dating cards creator Lori Cheek just might have created the next eHarmony or Match. That’s the kind of buzz Cheek’d is getting prior to appearing on Shark Tank on February 28, imagine what people will be saying after the business jumps in with the Sharks. Lori Cheek claims she was “tortured” with her last […]

Buzzy for Shots

Buzzy for Shots is a vibrating, bee shaped band that houses a small ice pack to numb the site of an injection and distract those people who don’t like getting shots. Kids are probably the biggest group of people who hate shots, hence the cartoonish appearance of Buzzy for Shots, but inventor Dr. Amy Baxter sees […]

Bamboo Paper Towels – Bambooee

The idea for creating bamboo paper towels came to Irene and Noam Krasniansky in 2011 when Irene decided she wanted to live a more sustainable lifestyle. She knew how wasteful paper towels are, so she and Noam set out to find and make a “green” substitute. That’s how Bambooee – the bamboo paper towels – were born! Bamboo […]

Short Stack Pancakes – Southern Culture Foods

Erica Barrett dishes out her short stack pancakes to the Sharks in episode 520 on February 21. She started making artisan breakfast foods a little over a year ago under her brand name, Southern Culture Foods, when she couldn’t find quality pancake mixes in her local grocery store. She calls her mix “Short Stack Pancakes,” […]

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