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Veggie Mama Garden Pops

Veggie Mama entrepreneurs Theresa and Robert Fraijo are like a lot of parents: they’re always trying to get their kids to eat their veggies and they’ll do just about anything to do it, including turning veggies into frozen treats. That’s where Theresa got the idea for Veggie Mama Garden Pops. She just couldn’t get her […]

Bare Ease Bikini Bikini Wax Numbing Cream

I’m not sure if  Dr.Edna Ma had any Bare Ease with her when she was on Survivor South Pacific, but bikini wax numbing cream was probably low on the list while braving the elements on Samoa. Ma is the first Survivor veteran to enter the Shark Tank as she pitches her business on October 18, 2013. […]

Goat Rental Service

When I first saw the press release that said a goat rental service is a featured business in Shark Tank episode 506 on October 18, I thought, “that’s not a B-AA-AAA-D idea!” Rent a Goat is a goat rental service out of North Carolina that rents goats, not for petting zoos or kiddie parties, they […]

Screen Mend Screen Repair Kit

Screen Mend is a family business pitched by Brian, Lily, and Emma Hooks in episode 507. Lily claims to be the brains of the operation since she’s credited with inventing ScreenMend. One day while cleaning up their screen porch in their home, Brian noticed a screen patch had failed; the glue had given up – […]

Love Song Dedications

DJ R Dub brings his syndicated radio show featuring love song dedications to the Shark Tank in episode 507. R Dub started his themed program 20 years ago at a “small radio station in the desert” and has brought the concept with him as he’s moved from station to station. In 2003, he began broadcasting […]

Really Big Skateboard

Hamboards says they’re “the little company that makes the really big skateboard.” The Hamborg family created their really big skateboard to get  a real surfing experience on land. The boards look almost as big as real surfboards and the many photos on the Hamboards website depict riders doing surfing moves, like “hanging ten,” while coasting […]

QR Code App

Garrett Gee introduces the Sharks to Scan, his QR Code App, in episode 507. Gee created the app with friends Kirk Ouimet and Ben Turley while they were students at BYU. Scan has offices in San Francisco and Provo, UT and the QR code app boasts over 40,000 downloads world-wide. The app allows users to quickly […]

Monster Repellent

I’ve heard of mosquito repellent, even Shark repellent, but until now, I didn’t know there was such a thing as Monster Repellent. You read that correctly: Monster Repellent. It’s one of 5 Fairytale Wishes sprays created by entrepreneur Debbie Glickman to combat her kids’ fears and anxieties in a fun, stress-free way. Debbie pitches her […]

Chef Hat Chic

Mr. Wonderful will don a new style, chic chef hat in episode 503 as entrepreneurs Juli Deveau and Ozma Khan pitch their Kookn Kap to the Shark Tank panel. The two hotties, food buffs,  and self admitted “cheesy” marketers didn’t like their coiffures getting smelly from cooking fumes when they were entertaining , so they created […]

Child Carrier and Day Pack

Erick Jansen and Nathan Jones invented a light weight child carrier and day pack out of necessity, they just got tired of their kids losing steam when they went on day trips and other adventures. The pair worked on a few other consumer products together before they created the Freeloader, but those never got beyond the […]

Rapid Ramen Noodle Cooker

Chris Johnson’s Rapid Ramen Noodle cooker gets introduced to the Sharks in episode 503. This is the first big consumer product in season 5 and Johnson has already hit the ball out of the park with his Ramen noodle cooker. He launched the business in late 2012 and as of this writing, he’s in EVERY […]

Doggy Style Dog Fashion

Amber Lee Forrester hopes to bring some doggy style to the Tank in episode 505 with her business that puts on the dog called Kane and Couture. Dog fashion is a new business type in the Shark Tank. We’ve seen other pet related products on the show before, but never high fashion dog apparel for […]

Breathalyzer App

Episode 504 brings Charles Michael Yim and his breathalyzer app into the Shark Tank.  Every once in a while, the Shark Tank sees a business that can really benefit society and this could be it. The breathalyzer app, called Breathometer, allows any smart phone user to calculate their own blood alcohol level and, hopefully, make an […]

Man Medal

Now guys everywhere can get the recognition they deserve from the gals in their life when they earn themselves a Man Medal. If your’e a married man, your wife has undoubtedly said to you after you boldly announce the completion of some mundane household task, “do you want a medal?” Now, when she says that […]

Postcard App

Entrepreneur and ex MySpace executive Josh Brooks introduces the Shark Tank public to his postcard app called Postcard on the Run in the season 5 premier. There’s a potential celebrity connection too: Brooks has Selena Gomez as an investor, avid user, and promoter. What the postcard app does is turn smart phone pictures into standard […]

Gourmet Pickles

Gourmet pickles make their way into the Shark Tank during the season 5 premier on Friday, September 20. A pair of young Washington State food entrepreneurs, Lynnae Schneller and Aly Cullinane, pitch Lynnae’s great grandmother’s secret recipe pickles to the panel of Sharks. The pair remind me of the Wild Squirrel Nut Butter gals from season […]

Cake Balls

Sweet Ballz cake balls is a business that cries out for some double entendre wise-cracking when the business appears on the Shark Tank season 5 première! When I first started researching this business, I couldn’t get the old Saturday Night Live sketch with Alec Baldwin out of my mind: Baldwin plays “Pete Schweddy” and he […]

Shark Tank Boot Camp

Shark Tank Boot Camp is the brainchild of Shelly Ehler and other entrepreneurs who appeared on the popular ABC hit series Shark Tank. The idea is simple: it’s an intensive, one day event that will teach would-be Shark Tank entrepreneurs  how to pitch to any size Shark, what do you do IF and AFTER you get […]

Shark Tank Season 5 Casting Calls

ABC has announced Shark Tank season 5 casting calls! If you want to apply to be on Shark Tank, one way to do it is to attend a season five casting call. Many Shark Tank entrepreneurs are “discovered” at these open casting calls and over 40,000 people applied to be picked for season 4! Shark […]

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