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Cake Balls

cake ballsSweet Ballz cake balls is a business that cries out for some double entendre wise-cracking when the business appears on the Shark Tank season 5 première! When I first started researching this business, I couldn’t get the old Saturday Night Live sketch with Alec Baldwin out of my mind: Baldwin plays “Pete Schweddy” and he introduces his “Schweddy Balls” to the gals on the fictional “Delicious Dish” NPR show. It’s a classic SNL moment and the term “Schweddy Balls’ found its way into the pop-culture lexicon.

Are these Cake Balls “Schweddy?”

Sweet Ballz  entrepreneur James McDonald is serious about his cake balls business, but he does have a sense of humor about his product, albeit a philanthropic one. MacDonald and Sweet Ballz are big supporters of  the Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation, which is a good thing, but you’d have to be born under a rock if you didn’t catch the double entendre irony of the association. I have to believe MacDonald has endured countless jokes about his business over the years,  but regardless of the jocularity, he does appear to have his cake balls business moving in the right direction, with or without comparisons to Pete Schweddy’s offering.

A potential laugh riot could ensue if Barbara and Lori start fighting over MacDonald’s balls. Will the balls glisten in the Shark Tank? I’m not sure I’ll be able to contain myself during this segment, particularly if one of the ladies asks to taste the balls or says something to the effect of, “these balls are sweet!” I’m a little disappointed Daymond has the night off- he’d be devilish with the balls.

Will the Sharks have Balls- in their portfolio?

With any food business on Shark Tank, the real test is in the taste. If the Sharks bite the cake balls and like them, there could be some interest. Barbara certainly had success with food products in the past, but will she have the balls in her stable when the night is through? Lori tends to shy away from food businesses as her strength is products, but Sweet Ballz might get her excited enough to make a bid. Kevin will most likely bow out, since he already has some big, brass balls of his own and Mark Cuban has plenty of basketballs lying around. Robert might show some interest, because he could use some balls, cake or otherwise, in the Shark Tank anyway.

My guess is this business will provide some great entertainment and a few funny moments. I’m not sure any of the Sharks will be biting on cake balls, but I predict a very funny segment. I think the Sharks will be “out,” but I am “IN,” balls to the wall!

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